How To Gift Apps On Google Play

How To Gift Apps On Google Play: Explained

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Google Play is an essential platform for finding and downloading Android apps. But what should you do if you want to give an app as a gift to someone else?

We will walk you through the steps necessary for how to gift apps on Google Play. It’s a thoughtful gesture and a quick and easy way to share apps with loved ones. Let’s get started.

5 Easy Steps On How To Give Apps As Gifts On Google Play

1. Buy a Google Play Gift Card 

google play gift card and a mobile phone

This versatile card provides access to millions of products on the Google Play store [1], including books, songs, apps, and more. You can purchase the gift card at any participating store.

2. Wrap The Gift Card

Don’t just leave the gift card in its plain white envelope – take some time to make it even more special. 

Wrapping paper doesn’t have to be expensive to look nice. Decorate a standard-sized paper bag or envelope with coloring markers and stamps, or get creative with craft glue and glitter. 

The important thing is that whatever wrapping you choose is personal and meaningful.

3. Visit Google Play

Next is to visit Google Play, select the app you want to give, tap on “Send,” choose your gifting method (email or messaging) and enter the recipient’s details.

Once completed, your friend or family member will receive a gift card containing the app and redemption instructions.

4. Look For The Promo Code

Be sure to look for promotional codes to help you save on your purchase. Here are some of the steps to locate and use the code successfully. 

First, you must enter your recipient’s email address with that app’s specific product details for them to redeem it on their device. 

Once that is done, an email message will be sent from Google Play containing a code that includes instructions on how to purchase the item. 

They can easily redeem the code in their account before downloading the app or game from Google Play. But how can you get a free code from an Apple gift card?

5. Redeem The Google Play Gift Card

Redeeming Google Play Gift Card

Open the Google Play store, select ‘Redeem’ from the menu, and enter your code. Then the value of your card will be added to your account, and you can gift an app or game easily with this balance.

Can Digital Games Be Sent As Gifts?

Yes, digital games can be sent as gifts, and it is a great idea for those who often struggle with finding the perfect present. 

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

Pierre Corneille, French Tragedian

Moreover, online stores are becoming increasingly popular for offering digital game gifts, often in the form of gift cards or codes that can be redeemed on the desired platform. 

This makes it quite simple as you don’t have to wrap the present or worry about shipping – buy the gift and send it right away. 

A bonus is that digital game gifts are often cheaper than physical items.

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How Does Google Pay Differ From Google Wallet?

google pay app on a mobile phone

With Google Pay, you can make in-store and online purchases with your Android or iOS device without entering your payment information every time. 

On the other hand, Google Wallet is primarily used to send and receive money, focusing on peer-to-peer payments like splitting bills or reimbursing friends. 

Both services provide secure and fast payment methods but cater to different needs. 

With Google Pay, you can link bank accounts and cards as a direct payment source, while Wallet limits you to sending and receiving money only from an existing balance. 

Additionally, like most digital payment platforms, Wallet requires two-factor authentication before sending or receiving money; however, this isn’t needed on most transactions through Pay.


Can you send money from Google Play to someone else?

Yes, you can send money from Google Play to someone else. Note that you’ll need a debit or credit card connected to your Google account to send money. 

Also, be aware that fees may be associated with sending money via Google Play.

How can you transfer Google Play credit to a different account?

It’s impossible to transfer Google Play credit directly from one account to another. 

However, you can use the Google Play credit on one account to purchase items on the other account. 

Besides, you can ask a friend or family member with a Google Play credit to buy you an app or game and then give it to you.

Can I move apps from Google Play to a different account?

Yes, you can easily move any app from one Google Play account to another. 
Nevertheless, if you’re transferring apps from one device to another, you must first check that both devices are logged into the same Google Play account.

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Key Takeaways

Now that you know how to gift apps on Google Play, you can take advantage of this great feature to give your friends and family the perfect digital present. 

Whether it’s a new game to help them pass the time or a productivity app to make their lives easier, there’s an app for everyone on Google Play – and with this guide, you can make sure they get it.


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