How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Wedding Dress

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Wedding Dress: Expert Guide

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As the evening approaches and your wedding day draws near, feelings of anticipation and excitement permeate the atmosphere. Despite the happiness surrounding you, one minor issue can dampen the perfection of your special moment—the wrinkles on your wedding dress.

So, how to get wrinkles out of a wedding dress?

From personal experience and research, I’ll share effective techniques to remove those pesky creases. Read on.

5 Care Tips To Remove Wrinkles Out Of Your Wedding Dress

1. The Bathroom Method

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Hang your dress in your bathroom but away from any splashing water. Then close all the windows and doors to create a steamy environment inside. 

Start a hot shower [1] and keep it running for around twenty minutes. It will fill the bathroom with steam, relaxing the dress and removing all the wrinkles. 

To help the process along, give the fabric a gentle tug here and there. Once you’re done, let your dress hang until the fabric is completely dry.

2. Use a Steamer

Grab a steamer and let the steamy magic do its job. Hang your dress on a strong hanger and start the steamer. Move it from the top of the dress to the bottom. 

Keep a safe distance, ensuring the hot steam penetrates the fabric and releases all the creases. Help it along by gently tugging the fabric as you work the steamer around the dress. 

“If a guy can’t handle you in sweatpants, he doesn’t deserve you in a wedding dress.” 

Drake, Canadian Rapper

In no time, you’ll have a smooth, unwrinkled dress that will make you look your absolute best.

3. Steam Iron

A steam iron can do the trick if you can’t get your hands on a steamer. Start by making sure the fabric of your dress can handle some heat and steam. 

Then, use your steam iron – set on the appropriate temperature for your fabric – to remove the creases. Protect your dress by placing a white cloth over the areas needing treatment. 

Drag the steam iron lightly over the cloth, letting the heat work magic and relax those wrinkles. 

However, you should always iron [2] on the reverse side of the fabric and use the lowest heat setting possible. Avoid using the iron directly on delicate fabrics or decorations.

4. Use Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus

This fast-acting solution will have your garment looking picture-perfect in no time. Hang the dress up and mist the wrinkled areas with the spray. 

Let it penetrate the fabric for a few minutes, then use your hands or lightly tug it to smooth out the wrinkles.

If you still see creases, gently massage the fabric with your fingertips or a brush.

5. Use A Damp Towel

If the fabric is safe for this method, gently press the wrinkles out with a damp towel and a warm iron. 

First, to remove wrinkles from a dress spread out a damp white towel and place the garment on it, ensuring the wrinkled areas are touching the towel. 

“Wrinkles are fleeting guests on the fabric of your dress; treat them with care, and they shall depart, leaving a masterpiece of elegance.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Gently push the fabric down with your hands, applying light pressure. Cover the wrinkled area with the damp cloth and press with the iron set to a low setting.

After a few hours (or even overnight), take off the dress and hang it on a hanger to air dry. 

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Which Is Better: Ironing Or Steaming?

Woman Wearing Wedding Dress

The most reliable tactic to remove those pesky wrinkles is to iron it – the heat from the iron helps to relax the fabric fibers, which reduces the surface wrinkles and gives it an overall refreshed look. 

Steaming is also a gentle way to remove wrinkles without damaging the dress fabric. Still, with that, you’ll want to hang your dress first to ensure the material relaxes properly. 

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be left with a wrinkle-free dress. Check out these ways to do with a wedding dress after a divorce here.


What fabrics are not suitable for steaming?

Fabrics unsuitable for steaming generally include materials that are very delicate or prone to water damage; these include materials like suede and waxed jackets. 

Find out how you can add sleeves to a wedding dress here.

How long will it take for a dress to dry after it has been steamed?

A dress typically takes 10 minutes and one hour to dry completely after being steamed. 

What’s the cost of having a bridal gown steamed?

Generally, a steaming service costs $65, and a wedding dress costs $105-$165. But how can you store the wedding dress before the wedding?

In Summary

In my experience, smoothing out wrinkles from a wedding dress isn’t rocket science, but it does need care. The bathroom method—steam from a hot shower—is a life-saver. 

Simply hanging your dress in the steam can work wonders. My personal favorite? A good steamer. It’s an investment, not just for your big day but for clothing care in general. 

And the steam iron comes in handy, too, especially for stubborn creases. These tips have saved me more than once, but remember, each dress is unique. 

Treat yours with care, and it’ll look stunning when it matters.


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