How To Get McDonald's Halloween Buckets

How To Get McDonald’s Halloween Buckets: Full Guide

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As Halloween draws near, a lot of us are looking forward to grabbing the entertaining Halloween-themed buckets available at McDonald’s.

So, I’m here to share my experience and some easy tips on how to get McDonald’s Halloween buckets.

Let’s make this spooky season extra fun with some tasty treats from McDonald’s

How Can You Get The McDonald’s Halloween Buckets?

Halloween Pail

To get the McDonald’s Halloween buckets, visit the restaurant or use the McDonald’s app to place an order. 

The Halloween bucket meals include options like Chicken McNuggets with four or six pieces, a hamburger [1], a cheeseburger, and fries, apple slices or extra fries, and a drink. 

Remember that each restaurant may have only one bucket color available. 

“For an adult, eating alone at McDonald’s is admitting a kind of defeat.” 

– Jonathan Carroll, Illinois State Representative

So, if you want to collect all three varieties (green, white, and orange), you might need multiple visits over a few days or weeks. 

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What Are Halloween Boo Buckets From McDonald’s?

Halloween Boo Buckets from McDonald’s [2] are plastic trick-or-treat pails in three designs. 

These pails replace the usual paper Happy Meal containers for serving kids’ meals. 

McDonald’s introduced these pails in 1986 and has periodically offered them various changes. 

Besides, these Halloween Boo Buckets are a fun and festive way for kids and families to enjoy their meals during the Halloween season, adding a touch of spooky delight to the dining experience.

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How Many Halloween Buckets Does McDonald’s Have?

McDonald’s offers three Halloween buckets, each with a unique design. These pails are named the white McBoo, orange McPunk’n, and green McGoblin.

Each bucket design has three versions with different faces, making nine unique pail covers available for collectors. 

With that, during the Halloween season, you can choose from these three spooky varieties and add a touch of nostalgia and excitement to your dining experience at McDonald’s.

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How Much Are McDonald’s Halloween Buckets?

The cost of McDonald’s Halloween buckets varies by restaurant, but typically, Happy Meals with the Halloween bucket and sticker sheet included are priced between $5 and $7. 

It’s worth noting that the bucket and sticker sheet replaces the traditional toy that comes with the Happy Meal, so there’s no additional charge for them. 

This means you can enjoy the spooky Halloween-themed bucket and collect stickers without extra cost, making it a delightful and affordable treat for kids and families during the Halloween season at McDonald’s.

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Do McDonald’s Still Sell Halloween Buckets?

McDonalds Halloween Buckets

McDonald’s has occasionally offered Halloween buckets as part of their seasonal promotions. 

These buckets were typically released during Halloween and often designed with festive themes.  

“The Halloween season is upon us, and with it comes a chance to savor not just the flavors but the essence of the festivities with McDonald’s Halloween buckets – a ghoulishly delightful addition to your dining experience.”

Howkapow Gift Site

But the availability and design may vary by location and year, so it is advisable to check with local McDonald’s restaurants to confirm if they offer Halloween buckets in the current season.

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When Did McDonald’s Discontinue Selling Halloween Buckets?

McDonald’s stopped selling Halloween buckets in the U.S. after October 2016, but it was not officially discontinued as it resurfaced last year. 

The release of these buckets was typically a seasonal event occurring around Halloween. So, there were some years when the buckets were not offered, and the decision to offer them was often made on a regional or store-by-store basis. 

Whether McDonald’s has discontinued Halloween buckets in your location since then would require up-to-date information from local sources.

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Did the old Halloween buckets from McDonald’s have lids?

Yes, the old Halloween buckets from McDonald’s did have lids. 

During 1986, 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1999, these vintage pails featured a handle and a functional lid, making them convenient for carrying and storing Halloween treats. However, the design of the buckets has evolved over the years.

Are Boo Buckets now available at McDonald’s?

Indeed, after a hiatus of six years, McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meals, affectionately referred to as Boo Buckets, made their triumphant return to restaurants nationwide in October 2022. 

However, as of this year, there is no information yet regarding the availability of Boo buckets for the upcoming Halloween season. 

Are McDonald’s Halloween buckets smaller than regular buckets?

Yes, indeed. The McDonald’s Halloween buckets are designed to be plastic treat pails but are relatively smaller than regular buckets. 

They may only be able to hold a typical kid’s Halloween candy haul if the child is very young or a toddler. 

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Final Words

Getting your hands on those coveted McDonald’s Halloween buckets can be thrilling. 

To obtain these spooky delights, utilize the power of the McDonald’s app and stay vigilant for seasonal promotions. 

Remember to act fast when limited-time deals pop up and visit participating McDonald’s outlets to increase your chances. 

Following McDonald’s on social media and engaging with friendly staff can also provide valuable insights. 

These three Halloween-themed buckets each feature their distinctive design, giving your meal an enchanted touch.

So, embrace the Halloween spirit, grab your favorite meal, and collect these delightful Boo Buckets for a hauntingly delightful celebration.


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