How To Get Bath And Body Works Birthday Gift

How To Get A Bath & Body Works Birthday Gift In 5 Steps

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If you happen to be a fan of Bath and Body Works, then you are probably aware of the excitement surrounding their birthday gifts. But are you wondering how to receive one of these amazing birthday gifts from Bath and Body Works?

As someone who has successfully claimed these gifts multiple times, I’m here to share my firsthand experience and show you how you can get your hands on these delightful treats.

5 Simple Steps To Get Bath & Body Works Birthday Gift

Bath And Body Works Website

1. Sign Up for My Bath & Body Works Rewards Program

You must be part of their rewards program to receive rewards and offers from Bath & Body Works [1]. Sign up through their website or the Bath & Body Works app.

2. Provide Your Birthday Details

During the sign-up process, ensure you provide your correct birthday details. This will enable Bath & Body Works to send you birthday-related offers.

3. Check Your Email

If you have signed up for the rewards program, you will receive email notifications for various deals and offers. 

Check your inbox (including the spam/junk folder) to ensure you get all birthday deals.

4. Download the Bath & Body Works App

If you haven’t already, download the Bath & Body Works app. You can find it on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

If there’s a birthday reward or coupon, it will usually show up in your account.

5. Redeem Your Offer

Once you receive the birthday gift notification, it’s time to claim it. You can redeem it in-store or online, depending on your preference. 

If you choose the in-store option, visit a Bath & Body Works location and present the coupon or email at the checkout. 

For online redemption, follow the instructions in the email or coupon code.

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How Do Bath & Body Works’ Birthday Rewards Work?

Bath & Body Works sends special deals, offers, or discounts of around $7.50 to members of their Rewards Program around their birthdays and are valid for 30 days after the actual birthday and usually require a purchase to be redeemed. 

The specific offers can vary, but they often include a discount on a purchase or a coupon for a specific item. 

To use these rewards, follow the instructions in the email or app where you received the offer. 

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This might involve showing the offer at the store or entering a code when shopping online. 

Remember that Bath & Body Works’ birthday rewards can change and may not always offer a birthday reward. But how can you get free eBay gift cards quickly?

Can You Get Something For Free From Bath & Body Works?

Absolutely. Bath & Body Works does offer freebies. Apart from the birthday gift, you can get free items through promotions and special offers and send them directly to your mailbox.

These can include samples, small-sized products, or even full-sized items with qualifying purchases. 

Watch their website [2], social media, and mailbox or email newsletters to stay in the loop for the latest free goodies. 

It’s a great way to try new scents or expand your collection without spending a dime. 

Bath & Body Works wants you to enjoy its products, and these freebies are a fantastic opportunity to enhance your self-care routine at no cost.

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How Much To Spend At Bath & Body Works To Get Free Shipping?

Bath And Body Works Body Creams

Yes, Bath & Body Works offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, usually around $25. However, this may vary depending on ongoing promotions. 

You must enter a special code at checkout to qualify for free shipping. It’s important to note that the free shipping offer usually cannot be combined with other promotional codes.

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Remember that these policies can change, so it’s best to check the Bath & Body Works website for the most up-to-date information on shipping promotions. 

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What Do You Get From Bath & Body Works As A Reward?

At Bath & Body Works, you can earn points when you shop, which can be used to get free full-sized products. Normally, for every $100 you spend, you’ll earn 1,000 points. 

Once you’ve reached a certain number of points, you can choose a free product with a retail value of up to $16.95. 

If you’re a member of their reward program, you’ll also get access to exclusive deals, events, and sneak peeks of new items. 

Sometimes, you may also receive birthday rewards like discounts or coupons for free items. 

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How can one become a Bath and Body Works product tester?

To have a chance at becoming a tester, visit the Bath & Body Works Fragrance Insider Facebook App. You must answer a few basic questions on the app before it is authorized. 

Once you have the app, you can request samples when opportunities arise. 

Can two free coupons be used at Bath & Body Works?

Using two free coupons at Bath & Body Works is impossible, as their coupon policy states that only one coupon can be used per transaction. 

Are expired coupons still accepted at Bath & Body Works?

Bath & Body Works does not accept expired coupons, as they strictly adhere to the expiration dates mentioned. 

But they used to offer a 3-day grace period that allowed customers to use expired coupons, but it ended in early 2020. 

Final Remarks

Claiming your Bath and Body Works birthday gift has simple methods that anyone can follow. 

By signing up for their rewards program, providing your birthday information, and keeping an eye on your email or mailbox, you’ll receive a notification or coupon for your special gift. 

Remember, the offer is typically valid 30 days after your birthday, giving you plenty of time to redeem it. 

These gifts usually require a purchase to be redeemed, so be prepared to indulge in some delightful Bath and Body Works products. 

With these steps, you can confidently celebrate your birthday with extra pampering courtesy of Bath and Body Works. 


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