How To Find Out Someone's Age Without Asking

How To Find Out Someone’s Age Without Asking: 3 Ways

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Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to know someone’s age but didn’t feel comfortable asking directly?

It can be tricky to figure out someone’s age without directly asking them, but it is possible. 

Today, we’ll explore these methods so you can learn how to find out someone’s age without asking them directly. 

So if you’ve been looking for a way to uncover someone’s age without being too intrusive, read on to find out how. 

3 Ways You Can Find Out Someone’s Age Without Asking

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1. Check Social Media Profiles

Most social media profiles have the user’s age in their bio and settings. 

For example, on Facebook, users are asked to enter their date of birth when setting up their profile. 

This information is then visible to anyone who views the user’s profile. 

Users may list their age in their bio or profile settings on other social media sites, such as Instagram, although this is not required. 

2. Check Their LinkedIn Profile Or Other Professional Networking Sites 

LinkedIn, or a networking site [1], provides a wealth of information about a person, including their current or past job titles and experience, which can be used to infer their age. 

For example, if a person has been employed in a particular field for over 15 years, they are likely over 40. 

But if a person has recently graduated, they are likely in their early twenties. 

“Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator.”

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

In addition to providing information about a person’s professional experience, LinkedIn can also provide information about their education, which can also be used to infer their age. 

For example, a person who has recently completed graduate school is probably in their mid to late twenties.

3. Use Online People Search Tools Or Public Records Database

Finding out someone’s age without directly asking for it can be accomplished with the help of an online people search tool. 

These tools are databases of public records and personal information, such as age, that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Plus, they provide a comprehensive list of information about any individual, including their birth and age. 

This information is usually collected from public records [2] and other sources, such as government databases, social media profiles, and other sources. 

But how will you ask someone what they want for their birthday?

Is It Okay To Ask A Person How Old They Are?

It is generally okay to ask a person how old they are, but how you ask the question matters. 

When asking someone their age, it’s essential to consider the context and why you are asking. 

For instance, if you’re trying to decide if you can take someone out for a drink, it’s inappropriate to ask them how old they are. 

Instead, you should ask them if they are of legal drinking age. 

But, in a professional setting, you should do it more politely, such as inquiring about their level of experience in a particular field.

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Why Is It Impolite To Ask A Person’s Age?

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As a basic rule, you shouldn’t inquire about someone’s age if there is even the slightest chance that you might offend them. 

Besides, it can be seen as intrusive and disrespectful. It implies that the person being asked does not control how they look, feel, or act based on their age. 

This can be seen as an invasion of privacy and make the person uncomfortable. 

Another thing is it can be seen as an attempt to judge them or make assumptions about them based on their age. 

It can be hurtful since people of all ages have different experiences, abilities, and perspectives. 

Most importantly, many people are sensitive about their age, so asking them can make them self-conscious.

Is It Considered Flirty To Ask Someone’s Age?

Generally, if the question is lighthearted and friendly, it is usually not considered flirty. 

In most cases, it is seen as a polite inquiry, especially when asked in the form of a joke, such as asking if they are old enough to remember certain events. 

However, if the person asking the question has a flirtatious tone or a suggestive look, it could be seen as flirty. 

As such, it is best to keep the conversation light and non-committal.

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What age do we start to look old?

Generally, people start to look old from age 40 onwards, as the outward signs of aging become more prominent.

Can DNA tell how old a person is?

No, DNA cannot tell how old a person is as it does not contain information about their age.

Can you tell how old someone is by hearing their voice?

Technically, you cannot tell how old someone is by hearing their voice. 

But you can make an educated guess based on the way the person talks or the type of language they use.

Key Takeaways

Finding out someone’s age without directly asking them is possible, but it should be done cautiously. 

You should respect the person’s privacy and only use the methods suggested here if necessary. 

Plus, it’s important to remember that if the person feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable with your investigation, it’s best to back off and respect their wishes. 


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