How To Explain Pride Month To A Child

How To Explain Pride Month To A Child: Beginner’s Guide

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During Pride Month, individuals from the LGBTQ+ community have the chance to come together and celebrate while expressing their support for one another.

It’s an opportunity for everyone to unite around the belief that love is love regardless of who you are. But how to explain Pride Month to a child? 

As someone who has shared this message with young minds, I’d like to offer you some insights on approaching this conversation easily and clearly. Read on. 

8 Simple Tips To Explain Pride Month To Your Child

1. Keep it Simple & Use A Casual Tone

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Explaining Pride Month to a kid should be simple and conversational. Tell them it’s a time to recognize and appreciate people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual [1], transgender, or queer. 

The main focus should be that everyone should show kindness and respect to individuals who are part of this community.

2. Use Age-Appropriate Language

When talking to a child about Pride Month, it is important to use age-appropriate language. 

Instead of using adult terms such as “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” [2] use concepts like “respect for all people” and “loving people of all genders.” 

Explain that Pride Month is about celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and their positive influence on society. 

3. Celebrate Together

Pride Month is a great chance to bring children together and show them the importance of respecting and understanding the LGBTQ+ community. 

Having children participate in activities like making rainbow cupcakes or viewing a Pride-themed movie might help kids become more accepting and confident in social situations involving individuals different from themselves. 

4. Explain The History

Person Looking at a Pride Flag

One helpful tip for explaining Pride Month to kids is to share a simplified version of its history. 

“What I liked about the rainbow is that it fits all of us. It’s all the colors. It represents all the genders. It represents all the races. It’s the rainbow of humanity.”

– Gilbert Baker, American Artist

You can tell them that Pride Month began as a movement long ago when people fought for equal rights and respect for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Find out the importance of celebrating Pride Month here.

5. Relate It to Basic Values

Another helpful tip for explaining Pride Month to kids is connecting it with basic values they already understand. 

You can explain that Pride Month is all about treating others with kindness, respect, and fairness, just like we teach them to do. 

It’s a time when we celebrate and appreciate what makes each person special and unique. 

6. Highlight Diversity

One important thing to remember when talking to kids about Pride Month is that it’s all about celebrating the beautiful diversity of people. 

People are unique and special, like flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

“Explaining Pride Month to a child is like planting a seed of compassion and understanding in their hearts. It’s an opportunity to nurture their ability to love and accept others, regardless of differences.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

Pride Month is like a big party that reminds us to appreciate and respect people’s differences and celebrate our uniqueness. But how do you celebrate Pride Month at home?  

7. Be The One To Initiate A Discussion

When talking to a kid about Pride Month, remember that you can start the conversation. You can ask them questions to see what they think or know about it. 

By starting the talk, you make a safe space for them to share their thoughts. Sharing stories and examples of kindness and including others can help them understand why Pride Month matters.

8. Discuss Different Family Structures 

Woman Sitting with a Two Kids

Pride Month is a wonderful time to talk to kids about family types. 

We can help them understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, not just mom and dad, but two moms, two dads, and single-parent or guardian homes. 

Every family is filled with love and care, just like any other. It’s a great chance to show children that love is what makes a family rather than who is in it. 


Why Is It Essential For Kids To Know About Pride Month?

Teaching children about Pride Month is important because it can shape their perspectives on the community or teach them acceptance and compassion.

When children learn about Pride Month, they can respect and appreciate people for who they are, regardless of their identity, which is a valuable life lesson. 

This knowledge helps kids develop a wider perspective on the world and encourages them to treat everyone with kindness. But how can you show support for Pride Month


What to do in the classroom to celebrate Pride Month?

During Pride Month, classrooms can celebrate by engaging in activities such as creating rainbow art projects and reading and discussing age-appropriate books about diverse families and identities.

Check out these things to do to celebrate Pride Month at work here.

When did June become officially “Pride Month”?

June has been designated Pride Month since June 1999, when President Bill Clinton issued the first presidential proclamation to recognize it. 

Find out how long Pride Month has been happening here.

On A Final Note

Explaining Pride Month to a child can be a beautiful opportunity to nurture empathy, understanding, and acceptance. 

By keeping it simple and using age-appropriate language, we can help our little ones grasp the essence of this celebration. 

Remember, it’s about love, diversity, and embracing everyone for who they are. Celebrate together by engaging in colorful activities and sharing relatable stories. 

As a parent, you can instill these values in your child, creating a foundation of kindness and inclusivity that will last a lifetime. 


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