How To Explain Easter To A 5 Year Old

How To Explain Easter To A 5 Year Old? Explained

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The holiday of Easter is widely celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm around the world as a time to create lasting memories.

But, for a 5-year-old, it may be challenging to understand what this holiday is all about. 

So, how to explain Easter to a 5-year-old that is easy for them to understand? 

From the story of Easter to the fun activities associated with the holiday, we’ll cover all the basics to help you create meaningful memories with your child this Easter season. 

Let’s get started and help your child discover the magic of this memorable holiday. 

5 Simple Ways To Teach A 5-Year-Old About Easter

Boy Opening Easter Egg

1. Read Easter-Themed Books To The Child

Books can be a great way to explain the Easter story and traditions in a way that is easy to understand. 

Many books feature characters that children can relate to and will explain the meaning behind Easter in a way that a child can comprehend. 

They can also help children understand Easter’s importance and why it is celebrated. 

For example, books may explain how Jesus rose from the dead, Easter eggs and bunnies represent new life, and Easter is a time for families to come together.

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2. Tell The Story Of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection

The story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection is one of the most important aspects of Easter [1]. 

To explain it to a five-year-old, you can start by telling them that Jesus was a very special man who was kind and loving to everyone. 

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”

– Kate McGahan, Author

He taught people about God’s love and how to lead a good life. Then you can tell them that one day, some bad people decided to kill Jesus by nailing him to the cross. 

It was a sad day for everyone. But then, three days later, something unique happened – Jesus rose from the dead. 

Now, on Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and remember that despite bad things, there is always hope.

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3. Watch Movies That Have Easter-Themed Storylines

Explaining Easter to a 5-year-old can be difficult. One way to help them understand the holiday is to watch movies with an Easter-themed storyline. 

Many movies feature the Easter story or a fun adventure involving Easter eggs. 

Watching these movies can provide a visual representation of the holiday, allowing the child to understand the celebration and its significance better.

But how will you explain Easter to a child if you’re not religious?

4. Visit A Church To Learn About The Easter Story

Visiting a church will introduce the 5-year-old to the Christian faith and provide the opportunity to learn more about Christianity and the Easter story. 

They will be able to observe the activities going on in the church, such as praying, singing hymns, and listening to a sermon. 

Plus, they can participate in activities such as coloring pictures or making Easter decorations. 

Most churches will also provide a children’s program that will explain the Easter story in a way that is appropriate for a 5-year-old.

5. Create Activities For Easter

When you are trying to teach a child who is five years old about the real significance of Easter, you should try to do so in a way that is both entertaining and imaginative. 

Making Easter baskets and decorating them with a 5-year-old is a fun way to teach children about the holiday. Plus, they can do an Easter egg hunt. 

You can do this indoors or outdoors, and make sure to hide eggs in different colors and fill them with things like chocolate, stickers, or other small treats. 

Then, you can talk to them about the symbolism of the eggs and the meaning of Easter. 

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What Are Some Of The Facts About Easter?

One of the most widely celebrated Christian holidays is Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is typically observed in late March or early April. 

The holiday is a time of reflection, renewal, and celebration. It is a time of feasting, with traditional dishes such as hot cross buns, roast lamb, and chocolate eggs [2]. 

Symbols associated with Easter include eggs, bunnies, and the Easter lily. Other activities associated with Easter are egg hunts, Easter parades, and church services. 

The Easter season also includes Lent, 40 days of fasting, and prayer leading up to Easter Sunday. 

Plus, this period is traditionally celebrated by giving up something meaningful, such as a bad habit, to mark the season of repentance.

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What Do Eggs Represent During Easter?

pink easter eggs

In Christianity, the egg symbolizes new life and rebirth, which is related to the resurrection of Jesus. 

This is why eggs are often used to decorate churches and homes during Easter. Also, it is often seen as a sign of renewal and spring. 

The egg is also a symbol of fertility, which is why it is often associated with the Easter Bunny, who is said to lay eggs for children during Easter. 

Lastly, Easter eggs are often given as gifts to represent a wish for a prosperous and happy life. All these symbols come together to create the more significant meaning of Easter.

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Why Is The Bunny Associated With Easter?

The exact origin of why the bunny’s association with Easter isn’t known, but there are a few theories. 

One of the most common ideas is that the bunny represents fertility, which fits the Easter season. 

Rabbits are known for their prolific reproductive habits, so that rabbits may have been seen as a sign of hope and new beginnings.

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At what age do youngsters stop believing in Easter?

Most children stop believing in the Easter Bunny by the time they reach 8-10 years old. As children get older, they realize that the Easter Bunny is inaccurate.

When do you start telling your child about the Easter Bunny?

You can start introducing the concept of the Easter Bunny to your child as early as two years old. 

Here are simple ways to explain to your child that the Easter bunny is not true.

Final Words

Easter is a particular time of year that can be lots of fun for kids. It is a time to celebrate new life and to share love and joy with family and friends. 

With a little explanation, a five-year-old can understand the basic ideas of Easter and have a great time celebrating. 

So, don’t forget to get the Easter eggs, dress up for the Easter parade, and enjoy the special day. 


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