How To Entertain Adults At A First Birthday Party

How To Entertain Adults At A First Birthday Party

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A baby’s first birthday holds great significance for families, symbolizing a key milestone in their growth. Nevertheless, keeping the adult guests entertained during the celebration can be a difficult task.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This blog post will discuss some fun and creative ways to keep adults entertained.

11 Creative Ideas To Make A First Birthday Party Fun For Adults

1. Pick A Fun Theme

Pick a fun theme, like a Hawaiian luau or circus-themed party, and decorate accordingly. Serve some delicious food and drinks, and don’t forget the cake! And instead of traditional party games, opt for activities that will get everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. 

2. Offer Food For The Adults

The kids may be happy with pizza or hot dogs, but the grown-ups will appreciate a more sophisticated menu. Consider hiring a caterer or preparing some gourmet appetizers ahead of time.

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3. Mini Photo Shoots

Setting up mini photo shoots is one way to strike the perfect balance. This can be done by hiring a professional photographer or setting up a DIY photo booth with props and backdrops.

Guests can take turns posing for photos, and everyone will have a memento to take home from the party. 

Mini photo shoots are a great way to add some festive flair to the event without getting in the way of celebrating the birthday boy or girl.

4. Make A Banging Playlist

vinyl player

You might think you don’t need a playlist for a first birthday party but trust us, you do.

Adults need something to help get the party started and keep it going, and what better way to do that than with some tunes?

Ensure to include a mix of old and new hits to appeal to everyone at the party. But how can you be the life of the party?

5. Create A Parent Lounge

Just because the party is for kids doesn’t mean the adults have to miss out on the fun. Create a special space for grown-ups, with comfortable seating, snacks, and drinks.

This way, they can relax and catch up with each other while keeping an eye on the little ones.

6. Make It A Karaoke Party

There’s no need to hire a professional entertainer when you can get your guests up and moving with a karaoke [1] party.

Make sure to have various song options to appeal to all tastes, and consider setting up a dance floor to get everyone moving. 

If you’re worried about noise levels, consider renting a professional karaoke setup with sound-dampening equipment.

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7. Don’t Forget The Beer

a guy refilling beer glass

It sounds simple, but if you want to ensure that your guests are happy at a first birthday party, you must ensure plenty of beer. 

Of course, you also need to provide some non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink or are driving, but beer should be a top priority. In addition to beer, you should also consider serving wine and champagne. 

If you want to go all out, you can hire a bartender to make signature cocktails for your guests. Whatever you do, make sure that there is plenty of alcohol for your guests to enjoy.

8. Double the Piñatas

Double the Piñatas is a new and exciting way to entertain adults at a first birthday party. The concept is simple: two piñatas are hung from the ceiling, and guests take turns trying to hit them with a stick.

The piñatas are filled with candy and other treats, and the guests compete to see who can collect the most loot. 

Double the Piñatas is a great way to add excitement to an otherwise tame party, and it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

So if you’re looking for a new and unique way to entertain your guests, Double the Piñatas is the way to go.

9. Keep Them Caffeinated

This can be as simple as setting out a few different flavors of coffee and some light snacks. Alternatively, you could hire a local barista to make fresh espresso drinks for guests.

Coffee stations are a great way to entertain adults at first birthday parties. 

Not only do they provide a much-needed caffeine fix, but they also give guests a chance to socialize with each other.


10. Hire A Sitter

Hiring a sitter to entertain the adults at your first birthday party is a great way to ensure everyone has a good time. Sitters can provide entertainment for the guests, as well as help with food and drink.

They can also keep an eye on the kids so they don’t get too rowdy. 

11. Dessert Buffet For Adults

dessert buffet

Dessert buffets are a popular way to entertain adults at first birthday parties. By offering a variety of sweet treats, guests can indulge their sweet tooth while enjoying the company of other adults. 

Dessert buffets include food such as cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cake pops. To make the buffet more interesting, consider adding a few savory items, such as cheese straws or fruit tarts. 

For guests with dietary restrictions, be sure to offer a selection of gluten-free and vegan options. Learn more about displaying macarons at a party here.


When do you send invites for a first birthday party?

It’s typically recommended to send out the first birthday invites about six weeks before the party. That will give your guests plenty of time to mark their calendars and make arrangements to attend.

What are examples of gifts for a first birthday party?

You could give them a toy, a book, or clothes. You could also give them a gift certificate to a store or restaurant. Whatever you choose to give the child, make sure it is something that they will enjoy, and that is appropriate for their age.

What games to play at a first birthday party?

There are lots of great games to play at a first birthday party! Some favorites include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, and Sack Race. But really, any game that gets kids up and moving is bound to be a hit. So get creative and have some fun.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ideas on making a first birthday party fun for kids and adults, try some of the suggestions on this list. With extra planning, you can throw a memorable party that everyone will enjoy. 

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures – the first year goes by quickly.


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