How To Dress For Cinco de Mayo

How To Dress For Cinco de Mayo: 8 Outfits (Updated)

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Kimberlee Johnson

After personally participating in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations and immersing myself in the rich Mexican culture, I’ve realized the significance of dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Whether you’re attending a festive parade, hosting a backyard fiesta, or simply joining friends for a margarita-filled soirée, the right outfit can make all the difference in embracing the lively atmosphere and honoring the rich traditions of this joyous holiday.

Now, I’ll share my insights on how to dress for Cinco de Mayo, blending comfort, style, and a dash of Mexican flair.

8 Glamorous Outfits To Wear At A Cinco de Mayo

1. Floral Romper With A Fringed Shawl 

woman wearing floral romper

Wearing a flowery romper with a fringed shawl [1] is a fantastic way to display your sense of style on Cinco de Mayo. 

The romper has a dazzling floral print that will stand out in a crowd and is perfect for a warm summer night. 

And it’s comfortable and light, making it easy to dance the night away. While the fringed shawl adds a layer of style and texture, making it a fun and eye-catching piece. 

It provides some coverage for the arms, which is great for those who are self-conscious about showing too much skin. 

2. Bright Yellow Sundress With Bandana 

The bright color of the dress perfectly captures the festive spirit of the day, while the bandana adds a hint of Mexican culture to the look. 

The dress is made of lightweight fabric, making it perfect for an outdoor event. 

And its spaghetti straps and scalloped hemline give the dress a flirty and fun look, while the knee-length cut keeps it appropriate for the occasion. 

On one side, the bandana can be worn around the head for a traditional style or wrapped around the neck for a more modern look. 

Plus, if you pair it with sandals or wedges, this outfit will turn heads at the party.

3. Floral Embroidered Blouse With White Jeans & Wedges 

The blouse gives off a boho-chic vibe with its intricate floral embroidery pattern, and the white jeans contrast the bright colors in the blouse, giving the outfit a crisp and clean look. 

You can choose white or black wedges to complement the outfit and add a bit of height for more confidence. 

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”

Sophia Loren, Italian Actress

Surely, the combination of the bright colors and the elegant silhouette of the blouse, jeans, and shoes all come together to create a beautiful and festive outfit that is sure to draw attention and compliments. 

4. Turquoise One-Shoulder Top With Distressed Jeans & Silver Jewelry 

A bright turquoise one-shoulder top adds a vibrant touch. The one-shoulder look is flattering and modern, allowing you to show off some stylish jewelry. 

At the same time, distressed jeans [2] provide a casual, relaxed look. On top of that, it adds a stylish edge while remaining comfortable and easy to move in. 

Silver jewelry is the perfect choice for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, as it adds a subtle sparkle to the look. 

It can be as simple as a statement necklace or elaborate as layered bracelets and earrings. 

But what should you wear to a casual summer party?

5. White Eyelet Peasant Blouse With Maxi Ruffled Skirt 

The white eyelet peasant blouse features billowy sleeves and a lace-up neckline that adds a feminine touch to your look. 

The maxi skirt features a ruffled hemline for a flirty and playful look. 

Plus, the white fabric and the delicate details will stand out against the vibrant colors of a typical Cinco de Mayo celebration. 

For an extra touch of style, pair the outfit with a brightly colored belt or a statement necklace. Finish off the look with strappy heels or sandals for a more casual look. 

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6. Bright Pink Ruffled Top With White Shorts & Espadrilles 

Combining the bright pink ruffled top with white shorts and espadrilles will make you look stylish and feel comfortable throughout the party. 

The bright pink adds a pop of color to the look and helps to make the outfit look more festive. 

“Dress for Cinco de Mayo like you’re stepping onto the streets of Mexico. Flowing skirts, embroidered tops, and sombreros can transport you to the heart of the celebration.”

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And the white shorts help to keep the look light and breezy, while the espadrilles add a touch of casual elegance. 

Besides, the espadrilles keep you comfortable throughout the night. 

7. Striped Maxi Dress With A Denim Vest & Cowboy Boots

woman wearing green striped maxi dress

A striped maxi dress is a great way to bring a festive vibe to the party. 

The denim vest gives the outfit a more casual and laid-back feel, while the cowboy boots add a classic and timeless touch. 

The versatility of this outfit will also come in handy if you decide to stay out after the party. 

Adding simple accessories can easily transition this look into something more appropriate for a night out. 

A bold statement necklace, a pair of hoop earrings, and a clutch bag will take this outfit from day to night in no time.

8. Lace Blouse With Colorful Capri Pants & Woven Sandals

Lace blouses are a great way to add texture and femininity to the look. 

The capri pants come in a wide range of colors and prints, allowing you to pick something that will suit your style. 

The woven sandals add a boho-inspired touch that is perfect for the party atmosphere. You can wear it no matter the weather. 

And the lace blouse is airy and lightweight, perfect for a hot summer day. While the capri pants can be paired with a lightweight cardigan if the temperature drops at night. 

Lastly, woven sandals are easy to slip on and off for a quick dance break or if you need to run out for a few errands.

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Quick Dressing Tips On What to Wear On Cinco de Mayo

1. Wear bright colors and festive prints. Traditional Mexican clothing like guayaberas and ruffled skirts are popular choices. 

2. Accessorize with festive items like Mexican-style jewelry, a colorful scarf, or a hand-beaded belt. 

3. Put together a look with a comfy but stylish pair of sandals, wedges, or heels. 

4. Add a pop of color with a statement headpiece like a flower crown, sombrero, or bandana. 

5. Finishing touches like metallic tattoos, bright lipsticks, and floral hair clips will round out the look.

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What shouldn’t you wear on Cinco de Mayo? 

Avoid wearing any clothing with offensive or derogatory imagery or messages. 

Traditional Mexican attire, such as sombreros or ponchos, should also be avoided unless you are part of a cultural performance.

What colors do individuals wear in Cinco de Mayo?

Individuals often wear bright colors such as red, green, and white on Cinco de Mayo to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture.

What should you bring to a Cinco de Mayo celebration?

It’s a great idea to bring a festive dish to share with your friends and family at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, such as tacos, quesadillas, or guacamole. 

Wrapping Up

When dressing for Cinco de Mayo, don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant colors, playful patterns, and a touch of Mexican-inspired flair.

From the classic floral romper paired with a fringed shawl to the eye-catching bright yellow sundress, these outfit choices are sure to make a statement and capture the festive spirit of the holiday.

Remember, comfort is key, so opt for breathable fabrics and footwear that allow you to dance the night away.

By incorporating these elements into your attire, you’ll look the part and honor Cinco de Mayo’s cultural significance.


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