How To Do A Virtual Baby Shower

How To Do A Virtual Baby Shower? Explained!

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Setting up a digital baby shower is not as complicated as many might think. Utilizing the web, all the planning can be done from a single location. This enables pals in different time zones to partake in the celebration of the to-be mom’s joy online.

Learn how to do a virtual baby shower with this step-by-step guide.    

10 Steps To Follow When Hosting A Virtual Baby Shower

10 Steps To Host A Virtual Baby Shower

1. Identify Mom-To-Be’s Expectations

You should ask the mom-to-be if she wants a themed party, what games she wants, and how she wants to do it. The party is for her to celebrate her pregnancy so ensure that she’ll enjoy the party. 

Some moms-to-be don’t want anything big or fancy like a traditional baby shower, but others are more into it. 

2. Select A Theme

Select A Theme

When selecting a theme for a virtual shower, it is best to ask the parents-to-be. For sure, expectant parents have something in mind for the virtual party.

For example, if you are expecting twins, you may want to choose a theme related to something double. This way, you will know you can plan and set expectations, not for the online party itself but starting from the preparations like designing the digital invitations.

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3. Choose & Test An Online Meeting Platform


Using Zoom is a great option if you’re hosting an online baby shower and want to include everyone who couldn’t make it in person. This app has many features in one place, like zoom background, high definition of video, and audio collaboration.

It’s an easy-to-use video conferencing platform that lets you host free virtual events with up to 100 participants. However, Zoom calls are capped at 40 minutes unless you have a premium plan.



Facetime is a good option to throw a baby shower in a small group if you only like inviting close friends and family. For example, you can accommodate guests more than 20 attendees because the app can handle it.

However, 32 participants are allowed to video chat at a time. So, wanting an online baby shower with more guests won’t be ideal for this app.


Skype is another online platform to consider when hosting virtual showers. Unlike the Zoom platform, the free plan of Skype has a longer time limit per call at 4 hours. It can also change backgrounds like Zoom’s virtual backgrounds during a call and handle high definition of video and audio collaboration.

So, if you have more virtual baby shower guests that you want to invite, this is an app to consider!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts will probably be enough if you plan a small and short online event like a shower. This app can accommodate up to 25 participants for a live video call and is limited to 60 minutes each use. 

It would encourage guests not to be late as it seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar for a reminder. However, if you have too many guests to accommodate, you should use a different online platform.

Facebook Messenger

If there’s one online app with no time limit and is free, it would be Facebook Messenger. It could be the ideal online platform for an expectant mother to host the perfect virtual baby shower. 

But the app itself is not perfect depending on how many guests you invite. Facebook Messenger is capped at a maximum of 50 participants to video chat at a time. Nonetheless, moms-to-be should consider it in their baby shower plans.

4. Send Out Virtual Invitations & Thank You’s

Send Out Virtual Invitations & Thank You’s

When you send invitations and thank you notes for online baby showers, you should keep them simple to convey sincerity. It’s best to keep the message short and sweet and not go overboard with the invitation design [1] so the guests would appreciate your thoughts better.

It is best if expecting parents are already sure of the shower date as your family members and friends will find time to block the date for the virtual event.

5. Send Online Baby Registries To Guests

The parents-to-be will appreciate any gifts, but you can prepare an online baby registry to make things easier for the guest. Creating an online baby registry will help the gift giver look for the gifts because you have given them ideas about what baby items you still need and prefers. 

You can list down a baby gear or any items you wish to receive that you think are essential for the new baby and then link that list to the online store. It’s just like holding an in-person baby shower but with the convenience of gifting. 

6. Prepare Decorations & Food

Prepare Decorations & Food

The decorations and food are important if you’re planning a virtual shower. Decorations can be simple or elaborate; it’s up to you! Make sure you display them as your backdrop so everyone can see and appreciate them.

For the food, you can mention it to the guests beforehand or include it on the digital invitation so they can prepare them on their end. But what are good places to throw a baby shower party

7. Plan Virtual Games

Traditional Games

Guests can play traditional games during virtual baby showers, like in an in-person party—for example, the price is right, guess the song, quiz be about the baby, trivia games, etc.

The main goal is to play games that will keep everyone entertained. It is important to make it interactive, just like the participants are present in person while playing games.

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Virtual Games

For virtual games, there are many to choose from, such as “guess the celebrity baby name,” “guess the baby song,” “guessing games,” etc. 

The games require participants to play them in an online format, on-screen, or by using gaming apps together. Always remember that when playing virtual games is that they’re meant to be enjoyable!

8. Prepare Prizes & Party Favors

You should prepare prizes and party favors for the virtual baby shower games. They can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like them. Consider your budget, time constraints, and creativity [2]. 

It’s best if the prizes and favors for the baby shower games are relevant to the theme of the virtual shower. These can be sent to the guests after the event as a token of appreciation for their attendance.

9. Have An “Opening Of Gifts” Moment

One of the best parts of your own shower is opening gifts. The mom-to-be should have the moment to open gifts and say a few words about each gift as a form of appreciation. 

In addition, you can also give the friends and family a chance to say something during or after the gift opening. But it’s not necessary when the parents-to-be open presents, just something to consider.

10. Decide Who’s Gonna Host

Deciding who will host the virtual shower is important because the host will set the mood for the rest of the event. If you decide to have a host, they should take charge of the game plan and lead the conversation. The host can be your good friend, relative, or someone you know well that would be comfortable relying on.

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How long is a virtual baby shower?

Virtual baby showers usually last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. The length of time will depend on the interaction between guests. Sometimes, there can be additional happenings, such as a sudden virtual nursery tour or an impromptu story sharing, in the middle of the shower, extending the duration.

How many games should you play at a virtual baby shower?

You should prepare at least two to four games at a virtual baby shower. While there is no required number for games, a single game can consume more time. Playing more games could make guests feel overwhelmed and lose interest. Also, too many games can further prolong a virtual shower.

Key Takeaways

A virtual baby shower is a celebration of the incoming baby without having to leave home. So whether you’re looking forward to welcoming a newborn into your life or want to share the joy with others, the online event can be a wonderful experience.

All the tips mentioned above are good ideas to consider when planning a party to celebrate your pregnancy. Also, send baby virtual baby shower invitations to guests ahead of time as it will give them enough time to prepare themselves and be available to attend the event.



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