How To Display Macarons At A Party

How To Display Macarons At A Party: Full Guide

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Macarons are delicious treats perfect for occasions and exclusive gatherings. They are a favored dessert selection, able to enrich any festive event.

However, to ensure that your macarons look their best, you must know how to display them properly. 

Hence, we will share the best ways how to display macarons at a party to impress your guests.

How To Put Macarons On Display At A Party?

macarons tower french twist

One of the most eye-catching and elegant ways to serve macarons at a party is to set them up in an impressive display. Firstly, place all the macarons in a single, shallow tray.

To make this presentation enchanting, nestle some fresh flowers into the tray among the macarons before placing them on the table. 

These blooms will bring incredible pops of color, making your macaron display come alive with beauty and allure. 

For added flair, add a strip of lace or ribbon down each side of the tray as decoration. 

Finally, when all your guests are milling around, they will surely be drawn toward this delightful centerpiece. But how should ice be served at a party?

How Do You Build A Stand For Macarons?

Before assembling, gather materials such as wooden skewers, foam core boards, and hot glue. 

Start by lightly marking where the skewers are placed on your foam core board with the pencil. 

Then use hot glue to attach the skewers to the base. Once you have secured your skewers, place the macarons onto them evenly. 

To complete the look, add decorative ribbons or twine around the base of your stand, and voilà – you have a lovely display to show off your delicious creations.

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What’s The Best Tray For Macarons?

For a practical baking experience and professional results, look for a tray with evenly-spaced indents that hold enough batter for each macaron. 

Dark steel trays can also help with quicker cooking times, while nonstick silicone works great if you don’t have much experience yet. 

Whichever tray you decide on, using it alongside parchment paper is essential – not only will this prevent the macarons from sticking, but it will make them easier to scoop out too. Know how to display pictures at a party here.

How Do You Serve Macarons?

Plate them in small clusters on a charming tray if your occasion calls for it, or scatter them across a platter to create a natural and inviting look. 

Next, store macarons [1] in a container in the fridge until ready to eat to extend their freshness and keep their delicate texture. 

For extra fanfare, use cupcake wrappers or turn one side of the tray into an arrangement of colors and flavors. 

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When eating them, gently bite into the cookie shells, which should give slightly; this is how you can taste all the delightful flavors combined in each bite. 

Love the gourmet combination of flavors that macarons bring but are short on time? Pre-made macarons make it easy to treat your guests to something special. 

Enjoyed chilled from the fridge or at room temperature – whichever you prefer – either way, these delights are sure to please.

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What Is Served Alongside Macarons?

While these treats can be enjoyed alone, they often come in packages or accompany other foods such as sweet jams or tea [2]. 

Dark chocolate ganache is a popular accompaniment for macarons, which adds a deeper sweetness and complexity to the traditional treat. 

Some people pair their macarons with coffee or cappuccino, while others prefer adding a scoop of lightly flavored ice cream to each cookie. 

If you’re feeling especially indulgent, you can make s’mores out of your macarons by melting marshmallows between two and topping them with graham crackers. 

Whatever you choose to serve alongside your macarons, you’ll surely find a tasty way to enjoy these delightful desserts.

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Are Macarons Better Served Warm Or Cold?

pink french macarons

It’s a debate among Francophiles and dessert lovers as to whether macarons are better served warm or cold. 

While some argue that serving them cold brings out the true flavor of their tendency to melt in your mouth, others believe that heating them slightly creates an irresistible warm gooey, divine texture. 

Ultimately, it is up to personal preference, and there is no wrong answer – serving macarons warm or cold will not impact their deliciousness.

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How do you make sure macarons don’t get soggy?

First, ensure your macarons are completely cooled before filling them with ganache or any other type of filling. 

Second, make sure the ganache or filling is not too wet. If it is, set the macarons in the fridge for a while so the filling will firm up. 

Finally, keep your macarons fresh by storing them in the fridge or freezer in a sealed jar.

Do macarons go bad if left out for too long?

Yes, they can go bad if left out for too long. The sugar in the meringue will start crystallizing, and the cookies will become soft and chewy. They might not be safe to eat after a few days.

How long should macarons rest before serving?

Macarons should rest for at least 20-40 minutes before serving. It will let the flavors blend and soften the pastries.

How many macarons does each person get?

If the macarons are small, then you might get three or four. On the other hand, if they’re medium, then you might get four or five. 

And if they’re large, then you might only get two or three. But how do you display brownies at a party?

Final Thoughts

No matter how you display your macarons, leave some out for the guests who were too busy chatting and didn’t get a chance to grab one. 

And don’t forget, the most important part of any party is enjoying yourself – so make sure you do. 


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