How To Decorate With Streamers And Balloons

How To Decorate With Streamers & Balloons: 6 Easy Ways

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Incorporating streamers and balloons into your celebration can elevate the event, making it an unforgettable experience.

But how to decorate with streamers and balloons?

Through my experience, I’ve discovered that the key to success lies in keeping things simple.

So, I’ll share the straightforward techniques I’ve learned, so you can effortlessly elevate any event with the delightful combination of streamers and balloons.

6 Creative Ways To Decorate Using Streamers & Balloons 

1. Create A Balloon Arch

Balloon Garland with Streamers

Gather a bunch of balloons and streamers and wrap them around a doorway or window [1] to create a colorful, festive arch. 

But first, to create the arch, begin by blowing up the balloons with helium and attaching them to the streamers. 

Secure the streamers in a curved shape, with the balloons centered on the streamers. Once the arch is shaped, use a fishing line or clear tape to attach the balloons. 

It creates a strong structure for the arch. Once the balloons are attached, you can add more decorations, such as ribbons or glitter. 

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2. Create A Ceiling Canopy

Hang streamers from the ceiling in a canopy-style pattern to create a unique ambiance. 

Once the streamers are hung, you can add balloons to the canopy by tying the balloons to the streamers. 

Then, add other decorations to help enhance the look of the canopy. For example, you can put small fabric or ribbons from the canopy to add further texture and color. 

You can also add lights to the canopy to create a beautiful and illuminated effect. Check out these basic steps to cover your garage walls for a party here.

3. Build A Balloon Wall

The first step of creating a balloon wall is to build a frame for the wall. You can do this using pipes, rope, string, or any other material that can be used to create a supportive structure. 

Once the frame is in place, start by stringing the streamers from the top of the frame to the bottom in a pattern or design of your choice. 

Then add the balloons, which can be tied onto the frame or the streamers, to create a wall of color and texture. 

But how can you stick the balloons to the wall?

4. Create A Balloon Bouquet

The first step in making a balloon bouquet is to choose a selection of balloons in different sizes and colors. 

To make the bouquet more festive, you can attach streamers in coordinating colors. 

Once you have your supplies, you can begin creating the bouquet by tying the balloons to the streamers. 

Make sure to evenly spread out the balloons so that the bouquet looks balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

But how can you make a balloon bouquet without helium?

5. Make A Balloon Centerpiece

Teddy Bear Balloon Centerpiece

A balloon centerpiece is a colorful and playful decoration and can be easily customized to match your event’s theme or color scheme. 

Start by selecting several coordinating colors of streamers and balloons. 

You can choose to use a variety of shapes and sizes or stick with a single style for a more uniform look. 

“The soul, light as a feather, fluid as water, innocent as a child, responds to every movement of grace like a floating balloon.” 

Jean-Pierre de Caussade, French Priest

Once you’ve chosen your materials, begin using streamers to form a base for your centerpiece. 

Use tape to securely attach the ends of the streamers to a wall or table, creating a wide loop. 

Next, use a large bowl, then fill it with colorful balloons and streamers for a festive centerpiece.

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6. Drape Streamers Over Furniture

Streamers can be used to decorate chairs, couches, tables [2], and even walls. 

They come in various colors to create a bright, cheerful atmosphere with the right combination of colors. 

Attach the streamers to the furniture’s legs and arms with adhesive tape or other fixings. 

Besides, adding balloons to your streamer decorations will make your party pop with colors.

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What Tape Is Used For Streamers?

Masking tape is the most common type used to hang crepe paper streamers. Masking tape is an inexpensive, non-permanent adhesive tape that is easy to use and remove. 

It has various widths to suit different needs and is the best choice for hanging streamers. 

Masking tape is also known for its strong adhesive properties and can secure streamers to various surfaces such as walls, windows, or furniture. 

“Streamers and balloons are the perfect accomplices in creating a visual symphony that celebrates life’s precious moments.”

Howkapow Gift Site

But besides masking tapes, you can also use scotch, electrical, or strapping tape. 

How Can You Hang Streamers Without Tape?

tying streamers on the net

One way to hang streamers without tape is to use a combination of string, push pins, and tacks. 

To hang the streamers, you can use string and tacks to secure them to the wall. Start by measuring the length of the streamer and then cut the string accordingly. 

At the end of the string, create a loop by tying a knot, then attach the loop to the wall using a push pin or a tack. 

Then carefully thread the string through the streamer’s top and tie the other end to the wall. 

It keeps the streamers in place and can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning or if you want to rearrange them.

How Do You Attach Streamers To Balloons?

To attach streamers to balloons, tie the end of the streamer to one end of the balloon. 

Depending on the material of the streamer, this can be done with a knot, tape, or a dab of glue. Ensure the streamer is securely attached so it won’t come undone during the celebration. 

The next step is to twist the streamer around the balloon a few times, creating a spiral pattern. It ensures that the streamer is evenly distributed around the balloon and won’t slip off. 

Once the streamer is tightly wound around the balloon, the ends can be tucked in or taped in place. 

The streamer can be decorated with ribbons, confetti, or other decorations if desired.


Can you use a Sharpie on a balloon?

Yes, you can use a Sharpie on a balloon but make sure to draw on the outside, so the ink doesn’t rub off when you inflate it.

What can you make out of streamers?

With just a few rolls of streamers, you can make streamer arches, garlands, curtains, and many other creative crafts to brighten up any space.

But how can you make a turkey out of balloons?

Bottom Line

With these newfound techniques, you can transform any space into a captivating wonderland using streamers and balloons.

From crafting a beautiful balloon arch that welcomes guests with open arms to fashioning a ceiling canopy that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience and even constructing a striking balloon wall that becomes the centerpiece of your event, the possibilities are limitless.

By embracing simplicity and employing my shared strategies, you can effortlessly infuse any occasion with elegance and charm.


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