How To Decorate A Wedding Tent On A Budget

How To Decorate A Wedding Tent On A Budget: Quick Guide

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Through my years of service as a wedding planner, I’ve discovered that crafting a beautiful tent is possible even on a tight budget.

By getting a little crafty and making the most of what you have, you can transform an ordinary tent into a magical space that leaves everyone breathless. 

So, how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget? Don’t worry; I’ll share some clever tips so that you can create an unforgettable atmosphere. Read on. 

10 Tips To Decorate A Wedding Tent When You’re On A Budget

1. Choose An Open Tent

Installing Tent

An open tent is an economical option because it has a sturdy roof and no side curtains, which is what makes up the bulk of rental costs. 

Once the tent is installed, it’s easy to decorate to create the desired atmosphere. Plus, with the open-roof design, natural light [1] will cast a warm and soft glow throughout the area.

2. Focus On Lighting

Lighting can dramatically transform the mood of any space. Use string, fairy, or paper lanterns to create a magical atmosphere inside the tent. 

Experiment with different lighting placements to achieve the desired effect. But how much does uplighting cost for a wedding?

3. Make A Creative Entryway

Creating an impressive entranceway can be done quickly and easily – use some fabric, string lights, or a welcome sign to get you started. 

Then add a decorative arch with materials like paper flowers or colored fabric, or branches to top it off.

4. Opt for Affordable Fabrics

Utilize affordable fabrics like tulle, organza, or inexpensive drapes to add elegance and transform the tent’s interior. 

“Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful.”

Albert Hadley, American Interior Designer

Drape the fabric strategically to create stunning backdrops or canopy effects.

5. Simple Table Settings

Wedding Table Set Up

Opt for minimalist yet elegant options instead of splurging on elaborate table settings. 

Consider using plain white or neutral-colored tablecloths and adding a pop of color with inexpensive napkins, fresh flowers, or DIY table runners.

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6. Set Up Drapes On The Ceiling 

Transform the look of your wedding tent on a budget by draping lightweight fabric over the ceiling. Polyester or linen fabric works great and is easy on the wallet but still looks elegant. 

Add twinkle lights and hang the fabric with command hooks and string to the tent’s frame. Then, decorate it with candles, ribbons, flowers, or other items to complete the scene.

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7. Sash Your Chairs

Adding chair sashes is an excellent way to give your wedding tent a classy touch without destroying your budget.

Opt for linen sashes to save extra money – the different materials, colors, and styles will match your wedding theme perfectly. 

Plus, create an eye-catching design with varying lengths and overlapping the sashes at the front of each chair. 

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8. DIY Centerpieces 

Create eye-catching centerpieces without breaking the bank. 

Use affordable elements such as mason jars, wine bottles, or thrifted vases, and fill them with inexpensive flowers, greenery, or candles. 

“Decorating a wedding tent on a budget is a dance between practicality and imagination, where limited resources become the catalyst for extraordinary creativity.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Arrange them creatively to add charm and elegance to each table.

9. Purchase A Few Bean Bags

The bean bag [2] is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can serve as a seat or a decorative accent. 

Also, they are cozy, inexpensive, and available in various forms, dimensions, and hues that can be coordinated with the event’s overall theme. 

You can even fill them with stuffing that complements the wedding hues for a bold and beautiful effect.

10. Borrow or DIY Ceremony Backdrop

Floral Backdrop

Instead of investing in a pricey ceremony backdrop, explore borrowing options or create your own. 

Utilize fabric, macrame hangings, or repurposed doors to design a stunning backdrop that frames the couple beautifully.

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How should the ceiling of a wedding tent be decorated?

Decorating the ceiling of a wedding tent with white tulle, fabric drapes, and paper lanterns can create a stunning and elegant atmosphere.

Or you can put lights wrapped around the poles and draped along the tent’s ceiling to create beautiful, romantic illumination for a wedding tent.

But how much does it cost to have fireworks at a wedding?

How much does it typically cost to drape a tent?

Prices generally range from around $15 to $20 per foot based on size and type of tent. 

For instance, the cost of draping the perimeter of a tent that is 200 feet long ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

Find out how much it typically costs to rent a party tent here.

How many individuals are necessary to set up a tent for a wedding?

If the tent is enormous, you will need around 1-6 people to help put it up for a wedding. 

Let’s Sum It Up

When decorating a wedding tent on a budget, I’ve learned from personal experience that a few key strategies can make all the difference. 

First, consider choosing an open tent that allows natural light to fill the space, saving on lighting costs. Next, prioritize the lighting as it sets the mood and creates a magical atmosphere. 

String lights and creative placements can work wonders. Remember to make a memorable entryway that welcomes guests with flair. 

Lastly, choose affordable fabrics like tulle or organza to transform the tent’s interior. 

With my tips, you can create a breathtaking wedding tent that leaves a lasting impression without breaking the bank.


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