How To Decorate A Brown Paper Bag For Valentine's Day

How To Decorate A Brown Paper Bag For Valentine’s Day

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On special occasions, it is customary to exchange gifts, and Valentine’s Day is certainly not an exception.

Instead of buying a store-bought gift, why not make something special and unique for them using a brown paper bag? But how can you decorate a brown paper bag for Valentine’s Day? 

Don’t fret because we will show some simple steps and provide materials for decorating a brown paper bag. Read on.

5 Simple Steps To Decorate A Brown Paper Bag For Valentine’s Day

1. Paint The Bag With A Red Background & White Hearts

woman paints brown paper bag

Start using a ruler to draw a straight line down the center of the bag, from top to bottom. 

Next, use masking tape to keep the paint from bleeding outside the line. Third, paint a red background on the bag [1]. 

Finally, use a white paintbrush to paint white hearts on the red background. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the masking tape.

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2. Use Washi Tape To Create A Pattern

Cut out a piece of washi tape to fit the size of the bag, and then stick the tape in place to form the base of the pattern. 

Add more tape in a design of your choice, such as stripes, hearts, or even a checkerboard effect. 

Cut out small heart shapes from colored washi tape to add a festive touch to the bag. 

Place the hearts in a pattern of your creation, or use a heart stencil to help guide you. 

Once the pattern is complete, use a marker to write a personal message or draw a picture on the bag to make it extra special for Valentine’s Day.

3. Create A Collage Of Hearts

Start by cutting out different shapes and sizes of hearts from colorful construction paper. 

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 

William Wordsworth, English Poet

Arrange the hearts in a fun pattern on the brown paper bag. Then, draw a small heart in the center of the larger heart and write your Valentine’s name on it. 

4. Add Lace Trim

Begin by cutting a length of lace trim to fit around the top of the bag. Then, use a glue gun or fabric glue to adhere the lace to the bag. 

Once the trim is in place, add a bow, stickers, or other decorations to give the bag a festive, romantic look

To finish off the bag, use a hole-punch to create two holes near the top of the bag and thread through a length of ribbon or twine to create handles.

5. Embellish The Bag With Sequins

scoop of sequins

There are two ways of putting sequins in the brown paper bag. 

If you put a cushion inside the bag, then start by drawing a pattern with a pencil on the bag. 

After that, you will need a needle and thread to sew the sequins onto the bag in your chosen design. 

On the other hand, you can use craft glue to attach the sequins if sewing is not an option. 

And for an extra touch, add a few sparkly ribbons or jewels to the bag. 

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What Materials Do You Need? 

A few basic materials include:

  • Scissors.
  • Some red, pink, and white construction paper.
  • A glue stick.
  • A pen or marker.

Additionally, you may have decorative stickers, glitter, and ribbon to add a special touch to your bag. 

With these items, you can cut out and draw hearts, flowers, and other Valentine’s Day symbols, glue or tape them to the paper bag or use stickers and ribbon to enhance the design.

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What’s The Best Color To Use On A Brown Paper Bag?

brown paper bag on top of table

The best color to use on a brown paper bag complements the existing color of the bag. 

Bright, vivid colors like yellow, orange, and pink can help the bag attract attention. 

But for Valentine’s day, the best color to use is red [2]. It is a bright, bold color that will stand against the brown paper and create a festive atmosphere. 

Red is also a versatile color that can be used in many ways to create beautiful and unique decorations. 

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What can I make out of a brown paper bag?

A brown paper bag can make various crafts, from paper mache to origami. It can also make gift bags, decorations, and even simple toys like puppets and dolls.

What does the brown paper bag represent?

The brown paper bag is often used as a symbol of poverty. It represents a lack of resources and has to do with what little one has.

Can you reuse a brown paper bag?

Yes, you can reuse a brown paper bag. Fold it flat and store it away for future use.

Key Takeaways

You’ve just read a step-by-step guide on decorating a brown paper bag, which you can use as Valentine’s present. 

The possibilities are endless, from painting, drawing, and gluing to folding and cutting. 

With some imagination and effort, you can turn any plain brown bag into a festive Valentine’s Day masterpiece.


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