How To Convert Amazon Gift Card To PayPal

How To Convert An Amazon Gift Card To PayPal: Full Guide

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Are you annoyed by the collection of unused Amazon gift cards you possess? Maybe you’re thinking about trading them for money so you can use those funds in other places.

Well, we’ve got the solution for you. Today, our team will show you how to convert an Amazon gift card to PayPal in a few simple steps. 

Plus, you don’t need any technical skills or special tools to get started. So, keep reading. 

3 Methods To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal

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1. Add Your Amazon Gift Card To PayPal Money

  • You will require two separate PayPal accounts [1] to complete the transaction. Sign into your main account and navigate to the Invoiced section to make an invoice.
  • When finalizing the invoice, remember to include your second PayPal email address. 
  • The next step is to go to the price tab and enter the balance on your gift card there.
  • After finishing your invoice, it’s time to click the “Send” button.

2. Trade Or Sell Gift Cards On Gift Card Exchange Websites

  • Visit a reputable gift card exchange website, CardCash, Raise, or Gift Card Granny.
  • Create an account and verify your identity if required.
  • List your Amazon gift card for sale or trade, specifying the card’s value and your desired return.
  • Wait for a buyer or trader who is interested in your gift card.
  • Once the transaction is complete, receive the funds in your PayPal account.

3. Buy & Sell Items On Marketplaces

  • Buy things with high resale value with your Amazon gift card balance.
  • List the items for sale on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or other online platforms that allow payments through PayPal.
  • After a buyer purchases your item, ship it to them and receive payment in your PayPal account.

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Is It Possible To Convert An Amazon Gift Card To Cash?

It’s impossible to directly exchange an Amazon gift card for cash, as the platform does not offer a cash redemption option.

“Even when life challenges us, it’s a gift beyond all measure.” 

Parker Palmer, American Author

Although other methods can be used to monetize the gift card, these come with certain risks and limitations. 

For example, some people sell their cards to third-party websites or exchange them with others for money via online forums, but scammers may take advantage of these transactions. 

Can You Transfer The Gift Card Amount To Your Bank Account?

You cannot directly transfer the amount from an Amazon gift card to your bank account, as these are created specifically for use on the Amazon website. 

“Turning an Amazon gift card into PayPal funds is like transforming a gift into gold – it may take some effort, but the value you unlock can be truly invaluable.”

Howkapow Gift Site

The balance on the gift card is meant to be exclusively used within the Amazon environment, and no option exists for transferring the cash value directly to a bank.

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Can You Spend Your Amazon Gift Card Balance At Walmart?

Walmart Store

Amazon gift cards are specifically tailored for use on the Amazon website and cannot be used to spend at Walmart or other retail establishments.

Besides, although both Amazon and Walmart offer a wide range of products, these two retail powerhouses function independently, and their respective gift cards cannot be used interchangeably. 

You must shop through the Amazon website or affiliated services to use your Amazon gift card balance. Know how to redeem your PayPal gift cards here.

Where Can You Not Use An Amazon Gift Card?

You cannot use an Amazon Pay gift card to purchase things or services from websites or marketplaces that are not Amazon or at physical stores. 

Additionally, these gift cards cannot be used for subscriptions or recurring payment services, such as Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited. 

Lastly, remember that these cards cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, or used for any other account.


How to transfer your Amazon gift card to Venmo?

To transfer your Amazon gift card to Venmo [2], login to your Amazon account and enter the amount of the gift card you wish to transfer. 

Once you have entered the amount, select the Venmo payment option and enter your Venmo login credentials.

Find out how to remove a gift card from your Target account here.

Can I pay bills with an Amazon gift card?

Amazon gift cards can be used for the platform’s products and bill payments. 

Can you buy a Visa gift card with an Amazon gift card?

Purchasing a Visa gift card using an Amazon gift card on the Amazon platform is impossible. But why won’t your Amazon gift card work?

Can an Amazon gift card be used in Amazon Pay?

Unfortunately, you can’t use an Amazon gift card to buy things through Amazon Pay. The gift card is only eligible for goods and services on Amazon.  

Find out if you can cash out your Amazon gift card balance here.

Final Thoughts

That’s it. There are several methods to transfer your Amazon gift card balance directly or indirectly to your PayPal account with just a few simple steps. 

Whether using an online exchange service, a third-party site, or the official PayPal app, you can quickly and easily convert your Amazon gift card to PayPal.


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