How To Close A Gift Bag Without Tape

How To Close A Gift Bag Without Tape: Full Guide

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Presenting gifts as a sign of love and appreciation is a touching gesture, however, the act of gift wrapping can sometimes present unique challenges.

A gift bag is a perfect option if you’re looking for a simple and easy way to present your gift. 

But what happens when you don’t have any tape to close it? 

Don’t worry; if you don’t want to have tape, there’s an easy and ingenious way to seal a gift bag.

With that, we’ll show you how to close a gift bag without tape so you can give your presents in style.

8 Handy Ways To Close A Gift Bag Without Tape

hand holding paper bag

1. Use The Paper Bag’s Handle

Using the paper bag handle to close a gift bag without tape is an easy and cost-effective way to wrap a gift. 

To close the bag, fold the top over the present and tuck it inside; pull the handle through the bag’s opening.

If you use a gift bag with a fancy handle, this method is convenient and elevates the presentation of your present.

2. Decorative Ribbon Or String 

Making a bow or a knot on the top of a bag or box may be done quickly and easily with the help of some pretty ribbon or string. 

It can be used to keep the gift securely closed and prevent any unopened surprises. 

“People give one another things that can’t be gift wrapped.” 

Nadine Gordimer, South African Writer

For an extra festive touch, a decorative bow can be added to the ribbon or string to add a special touch to the gift. 

As such, it’s an easy and affordable way to make any gift look more unique and personalized. 

But how can you decorate a bag for Valentine’s day?

3. Use A Decorative Sticker Or Label 

Stickers and labels are decorative and provide a secure seal that keeps the bag’s contents safe from falling out. 

It’s handy for gifts that contain delicate items that may be easily damaged by tape [1]. 

A decorative sticker or label can also add a touch of personalization to the gift, as it can be customized with the recipient’s name or an inspirational message. 

Plus, stickers and labels are usually cheaper than tape and are much easier to use.

4. Twist Tie Gift Wire

twist tie on a white table

Twist tie gift wire is a versatile and easy-to-use option for closing gift bags without tape. 

This wire typically comes in a metallic or plastic-coated wire that is flexible and strong, making it ideal for securing packages and gift bags. 

And it is available in a range of colors to match the color of your gift bag or add a pop of color. 

To add a decorative touch, wrap the wire over the top of the gift bag, twist the ends together to secure it, and then form it into a bow or spiral.

5. Use A Drawstring 

Using a drawstring is a method of closure that does not require any adhesive and is a quick and easy way to ensure the gift bag stays secure. 

Not just that, but it adds an extra bit of charm to the gift bag itself. The drawstring is placed around the gift bag’s top and then pulled tight to keep the bag securely closed. 

It’s a great alternative to tape since it is much easier to open and close the bag.

6. Stapler 

A stapler is a popular tool for closing gift bags without tape. It is an easy solution to keep your gift bags closed and can be used in various ways.

To use a stapler to close a gift bag, first make sure the edge of the bag is folded over neatly. 

Then, place the staple along the bag’s edge, ensuring it is secure. Lastly, use the stapler to punch the staple through the bag, and you’re done.

7. Glue Dab Or Double-Sided

Glue dab and double-sided is a method of sealing a bag by applying a small amount of adhesive to the inside of the bag’s opening and then pressing the edges together to form a tight seal. 

This method is quick, easy, and mess-free. It is also solid and will keep the contents of the bag secure.

8. Use Paper Or Binder Clips 

3 binder clips

Closing a gift bag with paper or binder clips is a simple alternative to using tape. 

Paper clips are a great option for gift bags as they are affordable, easy to find, and come in various sizes and colors. 

On the other hand, binder clips are sturdier and provide a more secure closure than paper clips. 

And both clips can easily be used to close the top of the gift bag, creating an attractive, secure closure that will keep the contents safe inside.

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What would be an alternative way to wrap a gift?

An alternative way to wrap a gift could be to use a fabric or cloth bag instead of paper. Or use elegant baskets and boxes that can be included in the presentation of the gift itself.

What is the final step in making a gift bag?

The final step in making a gift bag is to decorate it with ribbon, bows, and other embellishments to give it a finished look. 

Once the decorations are complete, the gift bag will be filled with the desired gifts.

Find out what things you put in a beach bag gift here.

How do you start wrapping a gift bag? 

Start by laying the gift bag on a flat surface and folding it over the top edges of the bag to create the shape of the bag you want.

Bottom Line

There are many creative alternatives to using tape to close a gift bag. With imagination and a few simple supplies, you can make your gift bags look even more special and unique. 

Whether you use staples [2], ribbon, baker’s twine, or something else, you can easily and quickly close a gift bag without needing tape. 

So get creative, and make your gift bags stand out.


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