How to Check Balance on Publix Gift Card

How to Check Balance on Publix Gift Card: Solved

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Across the country, Publix provides a variety of locations where customers can easily visit pharmacies, shop for groceries, and enjoy a quick meal.

If you have a Publix gift card, it is wise to check the balance before using it because it helps you cut down your spending without lowering the quality of your purchases. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to check the balance on a Publix gift card. Read on. 

4 Ways To Check Balance On Publix Gift Card 

1. Visit the Store

One of the best ways to check the balance of your Publix gift card is by visiting the store. It can be inconvenient for some because you have to go to the physical store and have it checked, but there are some advantages to it. 

Publix offers special discounts and deals when you check your balance in person. In addition, if you lose internet connection, you can still manage to check the balance of your Publix gift card. There is a store finder on the Publix website, so feel free to check it out. 

2. Call the Toll-Free Number

If you want a more convenient way to check the balance on a Publix gift card, you can call the Toll free number for assistance. 

Based on Publix’s official website, you can call their Toll Free number, 1-877-773-7865, and have your gift card balance checked. There is a virtual assistant that will ask for your gift card number, and after that, you can have your balance checked. 

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3. Use Their Website

Publix website

Another way to check the balance on Publix gift cards is by using their check balance on their website. 

Check the back of the card; you can find the 19-digit gift card number and the four-digit number. You will need to scratch off the PIN area to reveal the PIN. Encode the numbers needed, and they will flash the balance of your Publix gift card on the screen.

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4. Check Your Receipt

You can always see the remaining balance if you have your recent receipt from Publix, where you used the gift card. Your balance is printed on the receipt, and you will know how much money is left to use. 

However, it can be a problem if you left the receipt somewhere, you lost it, or forgot to take the receipt. 

What is a Publix Gift Card? 

A Publix Gift Card is a type of card that is good as cash in any Publix store [1] in the United States. It is a perfect gift for any celebration and can be used on groceries, sweet treats, medicines, and foods at Publix. 

Publix Gift Cards are available in their stores’ checkout lanes and greeting card sections for between $5 to $500. It does not charge any fees on the transaction but cannot be replaced when lost or stolen. 

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Do Publix Gift Cards Expire? 

Publix Gift Card

Based on Publix’s official website, all gift cards do not have an expiration date. If you have received a gift card, you can use it anytime you want, and you don’t need to spend it in one transaction. 

If there is a remaining balance on the gift card, you are free to use it. Unlike other gift cards, you are not obliged to use up the Publix gift card balance for a whole year or months after its activation. 

Can I Reload It? 

Yes, you can reload the Publix gift card. Another good thing about the Publix gift cards is that if you use up the balance of your card, you are free to reload the gift card for future transactions. 

If you prefer shopping cashless, you can reload your gift card and present it to the counter as a payment. There is no minimum limit on how much to reload; however, the maximum reload of a gift card is $500. 

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Where can I find the PIN of my Publix gift card?

You can find the PIN of your Publix gift card on the back of the card. It is located at the right part, and you will need to scratch the area with a coin to reveal the PIN.

How do I redeem my Publix gift card?

To redeem your Publix gift card, make a transaction in the stores, or order online for delivery and curbside pick-up. You can treat it as good as cash in any of the Publix stores in the US. 

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Key Takeaways

Checking the balance of a Publix gift card is a wise step before doing any transaction. The gift card is good as cash; you can use it to shop, eat food and buy medicines in Publix. 

There are different ways to check the balance of the Publix gift card. You can go to the store, call their hotline, check your last receipt, or use their website. 


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