How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day At Work

How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Work: Full Guide

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Commemorating St. Patrick’s Day in the workplace can be an enjoyable occasion for all participants. The prior year, my coworkers and I transformed our typical workday into a lively tribute to Irish traditions.

Instead of just wearing green, we decorated our workspace with shamrocks and leprechauns.

But other than that, how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at work?

As such, I’ll share some easy and exciting ideas to bring the luck of the Irish to your workplace.

8 Exciting Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At The Office

1. Decorate The Office With Green Decorations

Bringing positive vibes to the workplace by putting up some St. Patrick’s Day decorations is a beautiful move. 

Using green decorations is the perfect way to bring the positive energy of St. Patrick’s Day into the workplace. 

You can start by putting up green banners and streamers in the office or hanging shamrocks and other green symbols from the ceiling. 

“St. Patrick’s Day is a reminder that even in the busiest of workdays, a little Irish charm can go a long way.”

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Second, you can add potted plants and flowers in shades of green to spruce up the office. 

Small accents such as green cups, plates, and napkins can help to create a cohesive, festive atmosphere. 

And remember the desk decorations. Add some green to the desks with small St. Patrick’s Day decorations such as shamrock magnets, green tape, and green paper clips.

2. Host A “Best Dressed in Green” Contest

The easiest approach to get your entire workforce into the holiday mood is to let everyone dress up in their greenest apparel.

Employees can be encouraged to wear their most festive green clothes, accessories, and decorations to enter the contest. 

Also, they can be judged on their creative use of green, how festive they look, and any other criteria the company chooses. 

The winner could receive a gift card or basket filled with St. Patrick’s Day-themed items.

3. Have A Green-Themed Potluck Lunch

green smoothies on a glass

Of course, food and drinks will be remembered at every party. So to get everyone involved, each employee can bring in a green-themed dish or drink. 

Some suggestions include salads with green vegetables, pesto pasta [1], spinach quiche, green smoothies, and green tea. 

“St. Patrick had only got rid of the land snakes according to Nolan’s mother, but he had no power over the huge snakes calling themselves eels which came in on beaches all over the country.” 

Maeve Binchy, Irish Novelist

For a sweet treat, cupcakes or cookies with green icing can be brought in. 


4. Have A “Leprechaun Hunt” Competition

It’s always a good idea to have some activities at the party, and one of the most popular is a scavenger hunt with a leprechaun theme, perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. 

By setting up a treasure hunt with a few prizes, employees can get into the festive spirit and have some light-hearted fun. 

The competition can be set up in various ways and tailored to suit the size and needs of an office environment, like within a single office or building. 

And the leprechauns can be hidden in cubicles, behind desks, in the cafeteria, or even in the bathrooms. 

Employees will be given clues, hints, or riddles to solve to locate the leprechauns around the office. 

Prizes can be awarded to the first few people to find the leprechauns, such as gift cards, chocolate coins, or tickets to a local movie theater.

But what activities you can do in Tampa, Florida for St. Patrick’s day?

5. Create A “Pin the Shamrock on the Leprechaun” Game

A “Pin the Shamrock on the Leprechaun” game is fun and interactive to celebrate St. Patrick’s day at work. 

This game is simple and can be enjoyed by all ages. Draw a giant leprechaun on a poster board to set up the game. 

Cut out several shamrocks from green construction paper and write each participant’s name on a shamrock. 

Blindfold each person and give them a shamrock with their name on it. 

Gently spin each person around and have them try to pin their shamrock in the right spot on the leprechaun. 

Whoever pins the shamrock closest to the right spot wins the game. Check out some A-words associated with St. Patrick’s Day here.

6. Play Some Upbeat Irish Music

Playing lively Irish music is a great way to get people in a celebratory mood and into the event’s spirit.

Not only will the music bring a smile to everyone’s face, but it will also make their day a bit more cheerful. 

Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone up and to move. You can even have a mini dance party while you listen to music.

Whether you choose traditional Irish folk songs [2] or upbeat pop tunes with a Celtic-inspired twist, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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7. Have A St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Game

A St. Patrick’s Day trivia game is not only fun but can also be educational, teaching participants about the history and culture of Ireland. 

Trivia questions can range from the more serious, such as the year of the Irish Rebellion, to the more silly, such as the name of the leprechaun’s wife. 

Participants can be divided into teams, competing against each other to answer the most questions. 

Prizes can be given to the winning team, and everyone can enjoy learning about St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland.

But what are some easy St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers?

8. Set Up An Irish-Themed Photo Booth

An Irish-themed photo booth is easy to set up and can provide hours of fun for your coworkers. 

First, you will need to find some props that represent Irish culture.

You can use items such as four-leaf clovers, green hats, Irish flags, and other things commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day. 

Second, you will need to create a backdrop for the photo booth. You can either use green paper or fabric to cover a wall or a green curtain to hang from the ceiling. 

Finally, you will need to set up a camera or smartphone to take the photos, then print them out or share them online.


What should I bring to the office to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Bring a pot of lucky golden coins, leprechaun hats, green beads, or a bowl of green-dyed candy to the office. 

Is St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday?

St. Patrick’s Day is not a nationally recognized holiday. It is widely celebrated, however, as a day dedicated to Irish culture and tradition.

Final Words

We hope you have read our guide and found some great ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at work. 

Remember, it’s all about having fun and celebrating the holiday spirit with your coworkers. So, don some green, grab a shillelagh and get ready to party.


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