How To Celebrate Pride Month At Home

How To Celebrate Pride Month At Home: Expert Guide

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As Pride Month approaches, it’s essential to come together and honor the LGBTQ+ community. However, what if you are unable to participate in the outdoor parades and celebrations?

Don’t worry; I’ll share my experiences and ideas on how to celebrate Pride Month at home so you can create a special and meaningful experience right from the four cozy corners of your house. 

So, let’s embark on this colorful journey of love, acceptance, and Pride right where you are.

8 Things To Do To Celebrate Pride Month At Home

1. Decorate Your Home

Woman Decorating Wall with Rainbow

Celebrating Pride Month with decorations at home effectively shows your support for the LGBTQ+ community [1].

You could paint a rainbow mural on your living room wall, find fun and festive decorations for the windowsill or porch, or purchase flowers to spruce up the interior. 

Use your old decorations and creativity, or find new and exciting items to make your place unique. 

2. Watch LGBTQIA+ Films & Series

Take some time this Pride Month to enjoy the stories and important representation of the LGBTQIA+ community by watching a few films and series. 

Celebrate the talents of queer and trans creatives, and appreciate the rollercoaster of emotions of joy, sadness, love, and pain that come with their experiences. 

Going on such a journey will deepen your understanding of Pride Month and help in the movement for social justice for all orientations.  

3. Support LGBTQIA+ Artists & Authors

As part of celebrating Pride Month, why not support LGBTQIA+ artists and authors? 

Even if you can’t make it to a pride parade in person, you can show your support for the community and the people who contribute by purchasing and reading their books, attending their events, streaming their services, and sharing their work on social media [2]. 

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4. Cook & Bake Pride-themed Foods

Rainbow Pride Cake

Cooking and baking pride-themed foods can bring the joy of acceptance and inclusion into your home. 

“When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.” 

Barack Obama, 44th U.S President

Whether rainbow bagels or heart-shaped cookies decorated in pride colors, anyone, even a kitchen rookie, can make them with a few essential ingredients and some imaginative thought. 

It is an ideal excuse for family and friends to have fun and a great idea for kids. But how can you explain to the kids about Pride Month?

5. Host A Virtual Pride Party

Hosting a virtual pride party is a great way to get involved, even if you’re far away. Use a Zoom or Google Meet platform to connect with friends and family. 

Have fun activities like a costume contest for the most creative rainbow-themed costumes or an interactive trivia game with pride-related topics. 

Let everyone join in and make the celebration full of joy, laughter, interesting conversations, and meaningful moments.

6. Participate In Online Pride Events

Get involved and stay connected by participating in virtual Pride events: virtual Pride parades, drag shows, workshops, walks and more. 

These events are global – a chance to spread positivity and learn more about the history and significance of Pride. Find out how you can show support for Pride Month here.

7. Follow & Engage With LGBTQIA+ Online Communities

This Pride month, use technology to connect with those who identify as LGBTQIA+. 

Join or follow online communities built and maintained on conversations, inclusivity, and connection with other members. 

“When the walls of our homes become adorned with rainbows, the spirit of Pride dances freely within, reminding us that love knows no boundaries. Celebrating Pride Month at home is an act of defiance against discrimination and a celebration of authentic self-expression.”

Howkapow Gift Site

These discussion boards and social media groups can provide education on the LGBTQIA+ experience and a sense of community and connection.

8. Support LGBTQ+ Causes

Pride Flag on a Pole

Supporting LGBTQ+ causes is an easy and meaningful way to recognize and celebrate Pride Month from the comfort of your home. 

Making a difference doesn’t involve spending much money but can begin with a simple social media post showing support or donating to a local group. 

Also, you can interact with others and get your voice heard by participating in virtual Pride events.

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How do you tell a 7-year-old about Pride Month?

When explaining Pride Month to a 7-year-old, keep it simple and age-appropriate. 

Since kids love colors, show them the pride flag and talk about universal and family values that could relate to Pride Month. 

Find out how you can explain LGBTQ to a child here.

What to post on social media for Pride Month?

Post messages of love and acceptance, memorable quotes, insightful research, and thought-provoking stories centered around Pride Month.

Final Words

Celebrating Pride Month at home is a joyous and meaningful experience. By adorning your living space with vibrant decorations, you create an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance. 

Watching LGBTQIA+ films and series allows you to immerse yourself in diverse stories and experiences, fostering empathy and understanding. 

Additionally, supporting LGBTQIA+ artists and authors by purchasing their work or sharing their creations amplifies their voices and contributes to a more inclusive artistic landscape. 

These actions, combined with educating yourself about LGBTQIA+ history, hosting virtual events, and spreading love and acceptance, empower you to make a difference from the comfort of your home.


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