How To Celebrate A Remote Employee's Birthday

How To Celebrate A Remote Employee’s Birthday: Explained

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When a remote team member’s birthday is coming up, you might ponder on ways to mark this special occasion. Planning celebrations can seem tough when the individual isn’t present in the office with you.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We will share with you some fun and easy ways to celebrate a remote employee’s birthday.

8 Birthday Celebration Ideas For A Remote Employee

1. Give A Birthday Gift Box

diy gift box idea

Birthday gift boxes come in wide varieties, from themed options such as snacks or candies to customized sets with items dedicated to the recipient. 

It also allows you to choose gifts that cater specifically to the interests of the individual receiving them. 

Best of all, birthday gift boxes are typically delivered directly to their door, so you don’t have to worry about shipping or delivery issues. 

Consider providing a birthday gift box as part of your next remote employee [1] birthday celebration – they can add fun and meaningful touches that show genuine care and appreciation.

2. Send Birthday Treats

Sending personalized birthday treats, like gift cards and note cards, is a great way to ensure your employee feels special on their big day. 

Consider also having an interactive activity that employees can do from home as part of the celebration, such as having each person share their favorite memory from the past year or putting together a group slideshow highlighting everyone’s accomplishments that year. 

Birthday treats are a thoughtful way to recognize your remote workers and show them how much you care about their contribution to the team.

3. Make & Sign An E- Birthday Card 

Making an e-birthday card is one creative way to make them feel extra special on their special day. 

“Your birthday is the beginning of your own personal new year. Your first birthday was a beginning, and each new birthday is a chance to begin again, to start over, to take a new grip on life.” 

Wilfred Peterson, American Author

Birthday cards made electronically can be as meaningful as those purchased from a store. 

Create a personalized message for the celebrant with thoughtful words and friendly images – it takes hardly any time yet shows how much you care about them as an employee. 

Your remote employee will surely appreciate the effort, and their birthday will be extra special due to your kindness.

4. Start A Birthday Program For Remote Employees

Birthday programs can take on many forms, from personalized deliveries of celebratory treats to celebratory cards and video calls – the endless possibilities.

By investing in birthday programs for your remote employees, you’ll demonstrate that distant employees still matter just as much as those in the office. 

Not only does this show appreciation for your staff, but it will also create an atmosphere of solidarity for all team members who might be geographically apart. 

5. Give The Celebrant A Company-Wide Shout Out

Give the celebrant a company-wide shout-out which includes posting gratitude and appreciation on your organization’s messaging platform or delivering a speech in an online meeting. 

For extra festivity, organize a video call with the entire team where they can sing ‘Happy Birthday and give their best wishes.

Companies can also offer personalized gifts like gifting apps and online subscription services or allow employees to purchase anything of their choice up to a certain amount.

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6. Create A Customized Spotify Birthday Playlist 

spotify playlist

With a custom-made birthday playlist on Spotify, you can bring a memorable and thoughtful touch to your remote employees’ birthdays. 

This is an easy, fun way to make your employee feel celebrated from anywhere in the world. 

Invite coworkers to contribute songs that remind them of your employee, from throwback jams to current chart-toppers. 

Plus, make sure to leave plenty of room so their friends can join in the festivities too. 

Let your employee know that you took the time to create something special for them on their birthday – it will always be appreciated regardless of where it’s coming from.

But what exactly should you say in a video birthday greeting?

7. Fulfill The Celebrant’s Wishlist

To fulfill the birthday celebrants’ wishlist, you can start by asking what they would like to do on their special day and create a wish list. 

A great start could be some one-on-one time with their supervisor or leader in the office as a form of “happy birthday” recognition. 

Another idea is sending them a surprise online gift, such as a Netflix premium membership or Amazon Prime subscription.

 It’s also meaningful to send personalized Birthday cards and other small gifts – this will help make the celebrant feel appreciated despite being separated by distance. 

Lastly, gather all colleagues remotely and have an online party discussion. 

A few songs, jokes, stories, and a cake virtually shared among colleagues will make for an unforgettable birthday celebration.

8. Discounts On Their Favorite Restaurant

Waiter Hand Putting Food plate on fancy restaurant

For those looking to moderately splurge on their remote team members, offering discounts at their favorite restaurant is one way to send some extra birthday cheer without breaking the bank. 

Birthday coupons can turn a regular dining experience into something more special and help create further loyalty between the employer and employee. 

While searching for the perfect spot to present such incentives, consider dietary restrictions [2] and budget requirements in addition to the restaurant’s popularity among the employee’s social circle.

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How To Make Someone’s Birthday Feel Special Online?

Start by wishing your loved one a happy birthday in a heartfelt way, whether through a post on social media or a creative video message. 

Share fond memories of the person, and it helps to incorporate individualized touches like childhood photos or references specific enough to make them feel valued. 

Another idea is to organize an online party via Zoom or another virtual platform. 

Plan some form of entertainment, so they don’t have to chat with people all day, such as ‘birthday bingo’ or even a themed dress-up hour. 

Lastly, for something extra special, send an online gift card that allows them to purchase something tangible when the pandemic subsides.

But how do you throw a virtual Super Bowl party?


How can you uniquely celebrate a birthday?

You can uniquely celebrate your birthday by doing something special that is meaningful to you. 

Even the simplest activities, such as taking a stroll around the park or visiting with loved ones, can help. 

Or, you could do something more adventurous like skydiving or white water rafting.

How can a virtual birthday celebration be entertaining?

You could have a virtual party with your friends, where you all chat and play games online. 

Or you could post videos or photos of your birthday celebration on social media so your friends and family can see what you’re up to.

You could also write a blog post about your birthday or make a video or slideshow.

Additionally, you can create a unique website or landing page to commemorate your special day.

Final Thoughts

If you have remote staff, there is no reason to let them down on their birthday; there are many fun and unique ways to show appreciation for them. 

You only need to make a small effort to demonstrate how much you care about them. 

From gifts and cards to Zoom parties and social media shout-outs, there are many options for celebrating a remote employee’s birthday.


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