How To Blow Up A Long Balloon

How To Blow Up A Long Balloon: Complete Guide

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Blowing up a long balloon might be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right equipment.

If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to blow up a long balloon for a special occasion, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, we’ll be sharing the various methods for blowing up a long balloon and some tips and tricks to make the process easier. 

So if you like to know how to blow up a long balloon, keep reading.

2 Easy Methods To Blow Up Long Balloons

hand holding long balloon

1. Using A Pump 

  • You will need a pump designed for inflating balloons. And you can find these pumps at party supply stores or online.
  • Insert the opening of the balloon onto the nozzle of the pump.
  • Hold the base of the balloon with one hand to stabilize it while using the other hand [1] to pump air into the balloon.
  • Start pumping the air into the balloon by pushing and pulling the pump handle.
  • Hold the base firmly with one hand as the balloon inflates and pump the air into the balloon with the other hand.
  • Be careful not to over-inflate the balloon, which may cause it to burst.
  • When the balloon is at the right size, carefully take it away from the nozzle.

Check out these steps to blow up foil balloons with helium here.

2. With Your Mouth

  • Before inflating, stretch the balloon by gently pulling it in opposite directions. This will help to make it easier to inflate. Or use a pump, inflate it to the end, and take the air out so the balloon will get soft. 
  • Using your fingers, pinch the balloon tightly just below the part in your mouth to prevent air from escaping.
  • Begin to blow air into the balloon and stretch it to form a little bubble. Try to blow slowly and steadily.
  • Fill the balloon with air and blow hard until it is the right size. Just remember to stretch it while inflating. 
  • Once the balloon is inflated to the desired size, pinch the neck of the balloon to keep the air inside and tie a knot in the neck to seal it off.

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What Is The Secret Of Inflating Long Balloons?

The trick is to start by stretching the balloon a bit before blowing into it. It allows the long balloons to become more pliable and easier to inflate. 

Next, take a deep breath and blow into the balloon steadily and firmly. It’s important not to blow too quickly or forcefully, as this can cause the balloon to burst. 

“Man moves in all modes, by legs of horses, by wings of winds, by steam, by gas of balloon, by electricity, and stands on tiptoe threatening to hunt the eagle in his own element.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist

Instead, take your time and blow consistently until the balloon reaches the desired length. With some practice and patience, you’ll be a pro at blowing up long balloons in no time. 

But how will you make the balloons float without helium?

Why Is It So Hard To Blow Up A Long Balloon?

Man Holding Yellow Long Balloon

Blowing up a long balloon can be a difficult task due to the length and shape of the balloon. It produces a lot of pressure, so blowing them with your mouth is hard.

Long balloons tend to be much thinner and more flexible than regular balloons, requiring more air pressure to inflate. 

Hence, it is more difficult to blow up a long balloon than a regular balloon because the air needs to be pushed further and harder to inflate the balloon. 

Besides, long balloons are more prone to popping or tearing due to their shape and size. 

It’s because a larger surface area is exposed to the pressure of the air, which can make the balloon more vulnerable to bursting.

Is It Possible To Fill Long Balloons With Helium?

Yes, it is possible to fill long balloons with helium. Since it can lift and suspend objects in the air, helium creates a visually captivating display if you use it for long balloons. 

Unfortunately, not all long balloon items should be inflated with helium. It depends on several factors, like the product’s brand, size, and types of balloons. 

How Long Do Long Balloons Last After They Are Inflated?

Balloons can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks if filled with air instead of helium. 

But it still depends on the type of balloon and how they are stored. For instance, latex balloons, the most common party balloons, are filled with helium and can float for 18-24 hours. 

Mylar balloons, made of plastic, can last for several weeks when filled with air and appropriately stored. Mylar balloons can float for up to a week when filled with helium. 

If filled with helium, foil helium balloons will remain inflated for about 2-5 days. 

What Makes Long Balloons Pop?

Long balloons pop when they are too full of air and can no longer withstand the pressure of being stretched so tightly. 

This usually happens when the balloon is filled with too much air or left in a hot environment for too long, causing the air to expand. 

Besides, balloons that are rubbed against a rough surface are more likely to pop than those that are not.


Which balloon is more difficult to fill?

Filling a large balloon is more difficult because of the increased air needed to inflate it. 

But inflating a smaller balloon at a higher pressure will be more difficult than a slightly larger one. 

Is there more pressure in larger balloons?

No, if the size of the balloon is bigger, the pressure will be reduced by one-third, while the balloon’s surface area will increase by nine times.

What happens when a balloon is overinflated?

When a balloon is overinflated, the pressure inside it will increase significantly, causing it to expand to its fullest capacity.

What can you use at home to blow up a balloon?

A balloon can be inflated through a chemical process using baking soda and vinegar [2].

Key Takeaways

Blowing up a long balloon doesn’t have to be a chore. 

It only takes a few steps to turn your long balloons into works of art and use them to make all sorts of shapes and decorations.

So, now that you know how to blow up a long balloon, you can get creative and create something unique and fun. 


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