How To Ask For No Toys At A Birthday Party

How To Ask For No Toys At A Birthday Party: Answered

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Are you looking for ways to reduce the number of toys your child gets at birthday parties?

With more and more toys finding their way into our homes, it can be challenging to keep up with the number of new items your little one receives. 

Asking for no toys at a birthday party is a great way to reduce the clutter in your home and keep the party’s focus on the birthday child. 

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss how to ask for no toys at a birthday party politely and provide tips for a successful gift-free celebration.

Top 5 Ways To Ask Guests Not To Give Toys For Birthday

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1. Make It Clear on the Invitations

Make sure to include a note on the invitation that no toys are allowed at the party. It will help ensure that guests know the policy before the event and can plan accordingly. 

2. Explain Why

If you’re not allowing toys at the birthday party, it’s important to explain why. This could be anything from wanting to keep the focus on the birthday girl or boy, to keep the room uncluttered, to avoiding clutter at home. 

3. Send Reminders

Remind all guests a few days before the party that toys [1] are not allowed at the party. It ensures that all guests are aware of the policy and will give them time to make other arrangements if they had planned to bring a toy. 

4. Give Alternatives

Suggest alternative activities or gifts instead of toys, such as art supplies, books, or gift cards. So, all guests have something to bring, which will also give them something to do during the party. 

5. Make It Fun

It’s important to ensure that the birthday party is still fun, even without toys. Make sure there are plenty of other activities that the kids can enjoy.

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How To Tell No Plastic Toys As A Birthday Gift For Your Child?

By including a letter in the invitation, parents can politely request that their guests refrain from bringing plastic toys as presents for their child’s birthday party. 

“As men get older, the toys get more expensive.”

Marvin Davis, American Industrialist

This note should be direct but friendly and explain the reason for your request. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the request is followed up with a reminder before the event. 

You can do that in a friendly email or text to the guests or provide a list of non-plastic gift ideas your child would enjoy, such as books, craft supplies, and educational games. 

Doing so will help to ensure that your child’s birthday is not only fun but also eco-friendly. 

Consequently, it is important to thank the guests for considering this request and remind them that other gifts are welcome. But how can you ask for no boxed gift at your party?

How Can You Entertain Children Without Toys?

Creative activities such as painting, drawing [2], or coloring can keep children occupied for hours. 

Games like hide and seek, Simon Says, and charades can also be great ways to keep children entertained. 

Other ideas include reading stories, having a pretend tea party, or playing outdoor games like tag. 

Finally, cooking or baking together can also be a fun way to keep children entertained and learning.

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What Do You Bring To A Birthday Party If Toys Are Not Allowed?

You can bring craft supplies such as markers, crayons, construction paper, and glue. 

This gives the children the opportunity to create something special and unique to take home as a reminder of the party. 

Additionally, depending on the party’s theme, you could bring decorations that match the theme. 

It includes streamers, balloons, or even a piñata that the children can take turns whacking with a stick. 

Another fun activity to bring to a child’s birthday party is a game. For instance, a board game, a card game, or even a fun guessing game. 

The possibilities are endless, but this activity can be a great way to get the children involved and have fun. 

However, if the children are a bit older, you could bring a game that encourages them to think creatively and use their problem-solving skills. 

How Can You Ask For Another Gift Other Than Toys?

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Asking for another gift other than toys can be a great way to give your child something that has a longer-lasting impact. 

When asking for gifts, it is important to be specific and explain why you ask for something else. 

Explain that the gift you are asking for can give them an educational opportunity, a new experience, or something to remember for the future. 

For example, if you ask for a gift other than toys, you could explain that the gift could be used to take a cooking, dance, or painting class. 

These gifts can help your child develop new skills, learn a new hobby, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Check out some best Christmas gifts for a nine-year-old boy here.


Is it considered rude not to bring a gift to a birthday party?

It is generally polite and thoughtful to bring a gift to a birthday party; however, it is not necessarily rude if someone doesn’t bring it. 

Everyone is different, and some people may not have the means to purchase a gift for the birthday person.

How to tell grandparents not to bring toys to my child’s birthday party?

Begin by thanking them for their kindness, and then gently break the news that your child’s birthday will not receive any toys this year.

For instance, you may say, “We truly appreciate your generosity. However, since we only have a limited amount of space in our house, we kindly request that you do not bring any toys to the birthday party for my child; instead, any gift will suffice.”

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Final Thoughts

With that, asking for no toys at a birthday party can be a great way to cut down on clutter and encourage conversations and more meaningful interactions between your little one and their guests. 

Through thoughtful planning and a few creative ideas, you can create a memorable and enjoyable party that focuses on quality time and memories rather than physical gifts.


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