How To Ask For Gift Cards On An Invitation

How To Ask For Gift Cards On An Invitation: Full Guide

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Asking for gift cards in an invitation requires a delicate approach.

You want to ensure that your guests know that you value their attendance and appreciate their gift, but you want to avoid coming across as greedy or demanding. 

But don’t worry; with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can gracefully ask for gift cards on your invitation. 

We’ll guide you on how to ask for gift cards on an invitation in a respectful and considerate way.

6 Simple Suggestions To Request For Gift Cards On An Invitation

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1. Be Clear & Specific 

When asking for a gift card, include the amount requested, the store or business from which the gift card should be purchased, and the purpose for which the gift card should be used.

Plus, being polite when asking for a gift card is essential. Make sure to thank the person for considering the request and express gratitude for any gift they may choose to give. 

“May no gift be too small to give nor too simple to receive which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.” 

John Logie Baird, Scottish Inventor

Include a statement of appreciation and a reminder that the gift card can be used to purchase exactly what is needed. 

For example, “Thank you for considering our request for a gift card. Any amount you choose to give will be greatly appreciated and will help us purchase a new computer.”

2. Give A Hint

You can be subtle and let your guests know what type of gift card you’d like without being too direct. 

For example, include a phrase like “A gift card for a day out at the movies would be greatly appreciated.” 

This lets your guests know what type of gift card they’d like without being too specific. 

Also, include photos or illustrations of the type of gift card you’d like, such as a picture of a movie theater or a store logo. 

It gives your guests an idea of what gift card to get without them feeling like you’re demanding a specific gift. But how can you put adults only on a wedding invitation?

3. Offer Alternatives 

One way to ask for a gift card on an invitation is to offer alternatives. 

This can be done by providing guests with a selection of options to choose from. 

For example, you can offer a variety of gift cards to local stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. 

This way, your guests can pick the gift card that is most meaningful to them. Find out what you can do with extra wedding invitations here.

4. Word Of Mouth 

Requesting a gift card as a present on a party invitation through word of mouth [1] is an excellent strategy. 

It allows people to spread the word about the invitation to their friends and family. 

This can lead to more people than just those invited receiving the request, which increases the chances of getting a gift card. 

Plus, word of mouth can be beneficial when the group of people invited is large and diverse. 

It ensures that the request can reach a larger variety of people interested in contributing a gift card.

But how will you tell someone they are not invited to your party?

5. Include In Your Gift Registry 

Including gift cards in your gift registry is an easy and convenient way to ask for a gift. It allows guests to select a gift card from their favorite stores or online retailers. 

This makes it easier for guests to purchase gifts for the newlyweds without researching what the couple may like. 

And the couple can choose to save the gift cards for a rainy day or use them immediately for something unique.

Check out these polite messages to say “No Gifts” on an invitation here.

6. Be Creative 

One approach is to include a fun, creative phrase in the invitation that hints at the gift card. 

For example, “Saying ‘Yes’ to a night out with friends is a lot less difficult when you have a gift card to show for it!” or “Let’s make it simple and skip the gift wrap – gift cards are the way to go!” 

This will let your guests know that a gift card is an acceptable choice and will likely make them feel more comfortable making this selection.

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Why Do People Rather Have Gift Cards Than Cash?

Visa Gift Card on a Table

For the recipient, the flexibility of a gift card to spend the money however they like at a single retailer or chain is a significant advantage over a lump sum of cash [2].

They eliminate the difficulty of choosing something the recipient may not like and the hassle of returning the item. 

Check to see how much a gift card weighs here.

Are Gift Cards Considered Thoughtful?

Yes, gift cards are a thoughtful way to give a present to someone special. 

They give the receiver the freedom to choose something specifically tailored to their interests while still offering the giver the satisfaction of knowing that they have provided something meaningful. 

Besides, it is convenient because they can be sent electronically, making them an excellent choice for long-distance relationships.

What’s Good & Bad About Gift Cards?

The most significant advantage of giving a gift card is that the recipient can choose how they want to spend it. 

Gift cards can also be used to keep track of a budget, as they are usually pre-loaded with a set amount of money. 

Meanwhile, there are several disadvantages to gift cards. They often have expiration dates and fees associated with them, so checking these before purchasing the card is essential. 

The funds may be difficult to recover if the card is lost or stolen. Lastly, gift cards can be a source of temptation, as they may encourage people to buy items they don’t need.


Is a $25 gift card too cheap?

It depends on the recipient, as $25 could be too cheap for some people and just right for others. 

If you’re trying to decide if a $25 gift card is suitable, consider the recipient’s hobbies and way of life first.

Are gift cards a sloppy present?

Gift cards can be an easy way to give someone a present, but they may only sometimes be seen as thoughtful gestures. 

While some people may appreciate the convenience of a gift card, it may not be the most memorable present for the recipient.

What gift cards do most people like to receive?

Most people like receiving gift cards from their favorite department stores, restaurants, and online retailers.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has given you a few ideas to make a polite, thoughtful request for gift cards on your invitations. 

Remember to keep it simple and to the point, and thank your guests for their generosity. 

And express gratitude for their presence, regardless of whether they bring a gift. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy being part of your special day.


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