How To Add Gift Card To Apple Wallet

How To Add Gift Card To Apple Wallet: Full Guide (2023)

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Are you tired of carrying a physical gift card for your favorite store? Well, you’re in luck! 

With the Apple Wallet app, you can add your gift cards to your phone to access them whenever you need them. 

But how to add a gift card to Apple Wallet? Don’t panic; we’ll back you up. 

Our team will walk you through the steps of adding a gift card to Apple Wallet and start using them in no time.

5 Easy Steps To Add A Gift Card To Your Apple Wallet

Apple Gift Cards to Wallet App on your iPhone

1. First, check that your device is running the most recent version of iOS, and then launch the Wallet app on your Apple device.

2. Tap the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select the option to Add a Gift Card

4. Inspect if there’s a QR code [1] in your gift card, scan it, or manually enter the card number. 

5. Tap Add after the card information is entered and verified.

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How To Use A Third-Party App To Add A Card To Apple Wallet?

1. Download and install the third-party app from the App Store that supports Apple Wallet. 

2. Scroll down and look for the button where it says “Wallet” under the list of “Supports.” 

For example, if you’re using Starbucks as a third-party app, navigate to the “Support” button to see if Apple Wallet supports it.  

3. Once downloaded and in the app, you’ll need to register an account and provide the necessary details.

4. Next, you can add your card by scanning the card’s details or manually entering your card details. 

You can manage your payment settings and check and edit the details of your cards within the app.

5. To add the card to Apple Wallet, tap the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button within the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve completed the process, your card will be added to Apple Wallet, and you’ll be able to use it for secure, convenient payments. 

What Gift Cards Are Supported By Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet supports various gift cards from popular retailers and restaurants such as Target, Domino’s [2], Macy’s, and others. 

It makes it easy to shop for a gift card and use it right away in-store or online. 

“We at Apple had forgotten who we were. One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are.”

– Steve Jobs, American Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Apple

Additionally, Apple Wallet supports prepaid cards like Paypal and Visa, allowing users to manage their funds from their devices. 

What Types of Cards Can You Add To Apple Wallet?

adding card on a an apple wallet

Apple Wallet can store your credit and debit cards, rewards cards; boarding passes, tickets to events, and more, allowing you to access them quickly and securely on your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

You can set up Apple Pay, a secure and convenient way to make purchases with your Apple devices. 

Besides, you can add loyalty cards, student ID cards, employee ID cards, and gift cards. 

With Apple Wallet, you can store all your cards in one secure place and access them quickly and easily whenever you need them.

Does Apple Wallet Update Cards Automatically?

Yes, once your cards expire, or you purchase a new card, it will update automatically. 

This feature allows you to keep your cards up to date without manually entering the information. 

Plus, it ensures that you always have the latest information associated with the cards, such as new expiration dates and updated security codes. 

The automatic update feature can also help users keep track of their balances and payment history. 

It’s especially useful for those who have multiple cards with different issuers. 

How Do You Add Money To Itunes Using Apple Wallet App?

First, open the Wallet app on your iOS device. Then, select the “Add Funds” option. You can choose the amount you want to add to your account. 

After selecting the amount, enter your Apple ID and password, then confirm your payment. 

The funds will then be added to your iTunes account, allowing you to make purchases on iTunes. 

Using the Apple Wallet app to add funds to your iTunes account is a great way to keep your finances secure and organized. 

With just a few steps, you can quickly and easily add funds to your iTunes account and enjoy all iTunes offers.

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Can a Walmart gift card be added to Apple Wallet?

Yes, Walmart gift cards can be added to Apple Wallet. To add a Walmart gift card to Apple Wallet, open the app and select the Walmart app from the list to purchase the gift card.

Find out how to transfer a Walmart gift card to your Cash App here.

Is it safer to use Apple Pay than a credit card?

Apple Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay online because it uses tokenization, which prevents your card details from being shared. 

Plus, it provides fraud protection, so you can be sure that your data is safe when making purchases.

How many cards can you store in an Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet can store up to eight cards allowing users to keep their most important cards and payment information in one convenient place.

Final Thoughts

When you add a gift card to Apple Wallet, you’ll always know where it is and won’t forget to use it. 

Plus, you can even set up automatic redemption of your gift cards when you reach a certain balance. 

With the ease of use and convenience that Apple Wallet provides, you can easily keep track of your gift cards and get the most out of them.


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