How To Add A Gift Card To Dunkin' App

How To Add A Gift Card To Dunkin’ App: Resolved

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Are you a regular at Dunkin’? If so, you might already know about the fantastic Dunkin’ app that allows you to place your orders ahead of time and easily make payments for them.

But wait, do you know that the Dunkin’ Donuts app also allows you to add a gift card?

With that, our team will explain exactly how to add a gift card to Dunkin’ app so you can start enjoying the convenience of Dunkin’ even more.

6 Basic Steps In Adding A Gift Card To Dunkin’ Donuts App

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  1. Open the Dunkin’ app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” tab at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select the manage payments or manage cards (depending on what phone you are using – either iOS or Android)
  4. Tap on “Add Card” to complete the process.
  5. Fill in the spaces with the card number and PIN (if applicable).
  6. Finally, you can use the gift card to make purchases at Dunkin’ by scanning your phone at the store or entering the gift card information during checkout when ordering online.

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Can You Add More Than One Gift Card To Dunkin’ App?

Yes, you can add multiple gift cards to the Dunkin’ app. The Dunkin’ app allows customers to manage their gift cards easily, add money to existing cards, and add multiple cards. 

Once you have added a card, you can easily manage each one. You can view your balance, transfer funds between cards, and send a gift card directly from the Dunkin’ app. 

“A new study found that Americans are exercising more than ever but still not losing much weight. Not good in fact, it’s all I could think about on my jog to Dunkin’ Donuts.”

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Also, you can use your Dunkin’ app to locate nearby stores, order ahead and pay with a gift card, and get exclusive offers and rewards. 

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How To Combine Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards On The App?

Combining Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards on the app is a quick and easy process. First, open the Dunkin’ Donuts app and select “My Cards” from the home page.

Before you combine your Dunkin’ Donuts cards, you must check and update the balance on the card. Tap the two arrows in a circle icon to get your updated card balance.

Scroll down and click the “Merge Balance” button once the balance refresh is finished.

You will see some reminders there before you can combine your cards, so checking them out is essential.  

After that, select the cards you want to combine from the “Merge To” section and click done. Then if it’s confirmed, your balance transfer is now successful. 

Are Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards Reloadable?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards are reloadable. Customers can purchase and reload these cards online or in participating Dunkin’ Donuts stores. 

They can reload their cards at any amount they choose and check their balance and transaction history online. But the gift cards are reloaded only through cash, debit, or credit cards [1]. 

Is It Possible To Send A Dunkin’ Gift Card Using An iMessage?

Yes, sending a Dunkin’ gift card using an iMessage is possible. To do so, you must first download the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app. 

After installing the app, you can buy and send Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards directly to the recipient.

It lets you directly send the gift card to someone’s iMessage account. The recipient can redeem the gift card directly from the iMessage.

Advantages Of Adding Gift Cards To Your Dunkin’ Donut App

Adding Card on a Dunkin App

1. Convenience

By adding gift cards to the app, customers no longer need to carry a physical gift card or worry about losing it. 

The digital gift card is always accessible via the app and can be easily redeemed at any participating Dunkin’ Donuts location.

2. Faster Transactions

With the app, customers can quickly and easily redeem their gift cards without needing a physical card or manual input of card details. 

It can save time and streamline the checkout process, making it more efficient for customers and employees.

3. Increased Security

Digital gift cards are more secure than physical ones as they cannot be lost or stolen. 

Additionally, customers can protect their account with a password, and if they lose their device, they can deactivate the card from the app.

4. Easy Gifting

The app’s gift card feature makes it easy for customers to send gifts to friends and family. 

They can choose from various designs and denominations, add a personalized message, and send the gift card directly from the app.

5. Loyalty Rewards

Many retailers, including Dunkin’ Donuts, offer loyalty rewards programs tied to their gift cards. 

Customers can easily track and redeem their rewards in-store or through the app by adding gift cards to the app.



Can you get Dunkin Donuts for free on your birthday?

You can get a free treat at Dunkin Donuts on your birthday [2]. 

All you have to do is join their rewards program and become their DD perks member so that you will receive a coupon for a free item on your special day.

Do Dunkin gift cards ever expire?

Yes, Dunkin’ gift cards do expire. The expiration date is usually seen printed on the card’s back and can be anywhere from 12 to 24 months in length, depending on the card purchased.

Can a Dunkin gift card be used at the drive-thru?

Yes, it is possible to use a Dunkin gift card at the drive-thru. Dunkin stores accept gift cards at their drive-thru windows, and you can use your card to purchase any menu items.

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How to add purchases to your Dunkin’ rewards account?

If you’d like your Dunkin’ Donuts purchase to be credited to your account as reward points, you can contact customer service to have it done.

Or link your credit or debit card to your DD Perks account to add purchases to your Dunkin’ rewards account.

How much money are 200 Dunkin’ points worth?

200 Dunkin’ points are worth approximately $40 in store credit at Dunkin’.

Key Takeaways

Adding a gift card to your Dunkin app is a great way to reward yourself with a sweet treat while helping you save money. 

It’s handy and helps you keep better tabs on your spending and budget.

With these simple steps, you can easily add a gift card to your Dunkin app and enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks.


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