How Tall Should A Wedding Arch Be

How Tall Should A Wedding Arch Be?

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If you are organizing a wedding and want to set a perfect atmosphere for the ceremony, the wedding arch is a key element that captures everyone’s attention.

As a seasoned event planner who has orchestrated countless weddings, I’ve learned that the height of the wedding arch can make all the difference. 

So, how tall should a wedding arch be? Today, I’ll share my first-hand insights on finding the ideal height for your wedding arch, ensuring your special day is magical.

How Tall Should The Wedding Arch Be?

floral wedding arch

Generally, a height range of 7 to 8 feet works best for most weddings. This height allows the arch to be a captivating focal point without removing the other elements in the space. 

When deciding the ideal height, it’s essential to consider factors such as the venue size, the couple’s height, and any decorations or design elements that will be included. 

How To Make An Arch For A Wedding?


  • Four pieces of 2×4 wood for the frame (8 feet tall for the sides and 6 feet wide for the top)
  • Four smaller pieces of wood (2 feet each) for added support
  • Screws and a screwdriver
  • Saw & Drill
  • Decorative materials like flowers, fabric, or lights

1. Prepare Your Materials

Determine the height and width of your arch. You will need three wooden planks: two for the bottom and one for the top. 

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For a basic arch, you may want it to be around 8 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide, but adjust these measurements to your preference. Cut your wood to the appropriate lengths if necessary.

2. Construct The Base

If the wood still needs to be cut to size, use your saw to cut four long pieces (two 8 feet long, two 6 feet long) and four smaller 2 feet pieces. 

Using two 8-feet pieces and two 2-feet pieces, create two rectangles. These will be the bases of your arch. Use screws to secure the corners together.

3. Attach The Top & Add Support

Screw the two 6-feet pieces to the top of your bases. This should create a basic arch shape. 

Attach the remaining 2 feet pieces diagonally across the corners of your rectangles for added support.

4. Decorate The Arch

This is the fun part. Use flowers, fabric, and lights [1] to decorate your arch. You should use a staple gun or floral wire to attach these, depending on what you’re using. 

“A wedding arch should stand tall, but not overpowering, like love itself—gracefully embracing the couple, while leaving room for their dreams to soar.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

Consider the overall theme and colors of your wedding while doing this. But how long do balloon arches last?

5. Set Up Your Arch

Once your arch is decorated, carefully move it to where the ceremony will be held. Make sure it’s level and stable. Secure it with stakes if it’s on soft ground or sandbags on a hard surface.

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What Fabrics To Use For A Wedding Arch?

Chiffon is a popular option as it is lightweight and provides a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. Organza has a similar flow and sheen, while lace and burlap can add a rustic or vintage feel. 

Satin and velvet can give a more luxurious look, while tulle is ideal for layering with its sheer and airy feel. 

Which Is Better: The High Or Low Wedding Arch?

Wedding Arch Decor

A high wedding arch is better as it creates a more grand and elegant feel, especially in bigger spaces. 

It adds a touch of drama and works well for formal or extravagant weddings. But you can still choose a low wedding arch, as it makes the setting feel more intimate and cozy. 

It allows for closer interaction between you and your guests and is great for smaller venues or outdoor locations.

What To Do With The Wedding Arch After The Ceremony?

There are a few options to consider. One idea is to reuse it as a backdrop for your reception, placing it behind the sweetheart or cake table to keep the beautiful ambiance going. 

Another option is to lend or donate it to friends or family members planning their weddings so that they can enjoy its charm. 

If you’re sentimental, you could even repurpose it as a trellis in your garden [2] or a decorative piece in your home. 

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What does the wedding arch represent?

The wedding arch symbolizes a connection between God and man, representing the circle of life and as a bridge between the present and the future. 

What is the height of the entry arches?

The entry arches are typically around 8 feet in height. But its exact height can vary depending on the architecture of the building.

How many flowers will you need to decorate a wedding arch?

Generally, wedding arches may have at least ten boxes of flowers to achieve the desired effect.

Bottom Line

As an experienced event planner, a height range of 7 to 8 feet works well for most ceremonies. 

This range allows the arch to be visually prominent without overwhelming the space or obstructing sightlines. 

Select sturdy materials such as metal or wood to build your wedding arch. Secure the arch firmly in the ground or use weighted bases for stability. 

Then, adorn it with floral arrangements, drapery, or other decorative elements that complement your wedding theme. 

Remember to consider the arch proportions of the space and the couple’s height to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result.


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