How Much To Rent A Party Tent

How Much To Rent A Party Tent: Full Guide

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Organizing an event outdoors and keen on avoiding a washout due to rain? Or hosting a gathering in your backyard and aiming to create a vibrant atmosphere?

Renting a party tent can be a great way to make your event successful.

But how much to rent a party tent? Well, let’s find out. 

How Much Does It Typically Cost To Rent A Party Tent?

Assembling Party Tent

Generally, prices for a single day’s rental can be anywhere from $200 to $395 for events with 20-40 guests and around $750 to $1,250 for events with 100-150 guests.  

Thus, the cost of renting a party tent depends on the size, style, and type of tent you want to rent. 

You can get a discounted rate if you need it for multiple days. Other fees, such as delivery and setup, may be tacked on, too. 

“Anyone who has spent a few nights in a tent during a storm can tell you: The world doesn’t care all that much if you live or die.”

Anthony Doerr, American Author Of Novels

Besides, if you’re looking for a long-term rental, get a quote that includes all fees to get the best deal. But how much does it typically cost to rent a party bus?

What Size Of Tent Do You Need To Fit 50 People?

A 20×30-foot tent should be the ideal choice for a group of 50. It will provide plenty of room for everyone to fit comfortably and enough headroom for even the tallest attendees. 

Plus, there will still be plenty of space for activities like dancing and games. But how much does it cost to rent a tent for weddings?

What Size Of Tent Do You Need For 100 Guests?

If you’re hosting a dinner or reception for 100 people, a 20′ x 50′ tent should do the trick. This size tent provides enough room for guests to mingle and move about.

But if you plan to put a bar or a buffet table, you’ll need to consider a larger tent size, such as a 30′ x 40′. 

Plus, it will give your guests ample room to move and accommodate additional activities.  But how much does it typically cost to rent a party boat?

How Many Guests Can A 10×10 Tent Accommodate?

A 10×10 tent is a good option for small gatherings as it can easily accommodate around eight guests if there are round tables and chairs, but if it’s a stand-up party, it can hold about 15 guests. 

Hence, this tent size makes it ideal for birthday parties, baby showers, or small family events.

Although keep in mind these are rough estimates and can change depending on the size of your guests and any other party extras, like a dance floor or bar area.

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How Many People Can Fit Into A 20×20 Tent?

20x20 Popup Tent With Walls

A 20×20 tent is spacious enough to host a crowd of up to 48 people if used for seating. With additional aisles for ease of movement, you can even fit more when people are standing. 

So, if you’re planning an outdoor party such as a graduation or birthday party, this size tent could be your go-to for plenty of room for your guests. 

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How Many People Are Needed To Set Up A Party Tent?

Usually, a small tent for an intimate gathering needs a team of two to four people, while a more elaborate tent, like those used at weddings or corporate events, requires six to ten people or more.

As such, the number of people required for a successful setup depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the tent, the level of experience of the individuals involved, and the manufacturer’s specific assembly instructions.

How To Assemble A Large Party Tent?

  1. To ensure a safe and stable setup, find a flat, spacious area free from obstructions, such as rocks, trees [1], or power lines.
  2. Spread the tent fabric on the ground, aligning it in the desired position. Ensure the doors and windows face the right direction and the fabric is free from wrinkles or folds.
  3. Connect the pole sections according to the tent’s manual, creating a strong, sturdy frame. Typically, you’ll have a combination of vertical support poles and horizontal poles for the roof structure.
  4. Starting with the corners, attach the tent fabric to the poles using the provided attachments, such as hooks, loops, or clips. 
  5. With the help of your team, lift the tent frame, keeping it balanced and upright. Ensure the poles are firmly positioned on the ground and the fabric is stretched evenly.
  6. Use stakes, ropes, or weights to anchor the tent firmly to the ground. Drive stakes into the soil at an angle, away from the tent, and attach the ropes to the stake and tent corners. Tighten the ropes, maintaining even tension to keep the tent stable.
  7. Now that your large party tent is successfully assembled, you can set up tables, chairs, lighting, and other decorations, creating a fantastic space for your event.

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How can a party tent stay warm in the winter?

Use a propane or space heater to warm the inside of the party tent, but keep any flammable items away from the heater [2]. 

Or you can place a tarp over the top of the tent and secure it with weights or poles to help retain the heat.

How long does it take to put up a tent for 20 people?

It typically takes around 20 minutes to set up a tent for 20 people. But this time can vary depending on the size of the tent and the number of people available to help with the setup.

How many tables will fit in a 10×20 party tent?

A 10×20 party tent can comfortably accommodate up to 4 tables. 

How many tables fit under a 20-by-30-foot tent?

The size of the tables will determine how many can fit under a 20-by-30-foot tent. For example, if you want to place a big 60″ round table, the tent should have at least six tables. 

Bottom Line

So, there you have all the information you need to know about how much to rent a party tent. 

Now that you know the cost, type, and size of the tent you need, it’s time to get out there and start planning your outdoor event. Get ready for the perfect party under the stars. 


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