How Much Should You Spend On Groomsmen Gifts

How Much Should You Spend On Groomsmen Gifts? Guide

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Finding the perfect gift for your groomsman can be an overwhelming challenge. Your goal is to show your appreciation, all the while keeping within your budget.

But how much should you spend on groomsmen gifts? 

Don’t fret. Our team will provide you with some factors to consider and helpful tips to ensure that you give the perfect gift to each of your groomsmen without breaking the bank. 

Groomsmen Gifts: How Much Should You Spend?


Generally, most grooms will spend between $35 and $45 on each groomsman. 

But when deciding how much to spend on groomsmen gifts, there are a few factors to consider. 

First, you should consider the relationship between you and your groomsman. If you have been friends for a long time, consider spending more on the gift. 

Second, consider how much money you have set aside for the wedding and how much you can spend on each groom’s gift.

For example, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still find great groomsmen gifts that are both thoughtful and affordable. 

Ideas such as personalized wood cutting boards, flasks, or pocket knives can all be purchased for under $50. 

Or, if you want to throw a large wedding party, you may want to spend on the lower end of the price range. 

And if it’s a small wedding party, you can spend more. Finally, think about the type of gift that would be most meaningful to your groomsmen [1]. 

But how much should you spend on bridesmaid gifts?

Is It Customary To Give Groomsmen With Presents?

Yes, giving presents to groomsmen is a time-honored tradition that shows your appreciation for their support and friendship on your special day. 

It’s a beautiful way to express gratitude to the men who have stood by your side throughout the wedding planning process. 

They will appreciate being recognized for their essential role in your wedding and will love having a reminder of your special day. 

Choosing a unique gift will make it even more special, as your groomsmen will be able to treasure it for years to come.

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Should All Groomsmen Receive The Same Present?

Yes, all groomsmen should receive the same present. But it would be preferable if they were personalized with the recipient’s name or monogram. 

It creates a sense of camaraderie and shows the groom’s appreciation for his groomsman. 

“It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.”

Robert Frost, American Poet

On the other hand, if the groom has a significant relationship with one or two of his groomsmen, he may opt to give them a slightly more personalized or expensive gift. 

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When Is The Best Time To Give Gifts To Groomsmen?

Groomsmen opening gift

The best time to give gifts to groomsmen is typically at the rehearsal dinner [2] or wedding day. 

It’s essential to give the gifts before the wedding day is over so that the groomsmen can appreciate them and feel appreciated for participating in the wedding. 

Some couples choose to give their groomsmen gifts during the wedding ceremony. 

Still, waiting until the reception or rehearsal dinner is usually better to avoid any distractions from the main event. 

Ultimately, the timing of when to give gifts to groomsmen is a personal preference. 

Still, it’s important to make sure it’s done in a way that is thoughtful and considerate of everyone’s schedules and emotions.

What Are Practical Gifts For Groomsmen?

A great practical gift could be a personalized flask, which they can use for a night out or to keep in their pocket and show off. 

Another practical gift is a pocket watch with a custom engraving. It’s a timeless piece they can use for years and will always remind them of your special day. 

A set of matching cufflinks is also a practical gift and will be a great reminder of the special occasion. 

These can be personalized with the groomsmen’s initials or a special message. 

Plus, another practical gift for groomsmen is to get personalized drinking glasses. It can be anything from whiskey glasses to pint glasses.

 Lastly, a personalized cigar humidor is also a great practical gift and perfect for groomsmen who love to relax and enjoy a good smoke.

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Who usually pays for the groomsmen’s outfits?

Generally, the groom is responsible for purchasing the groomsmen’s outfits for the wedding. 

The groom may choose to cover the entire cost of the groomsmen’s attire or split the cost with the groomsmen.

Who buys gifts for the groomsmen?

The groom’s family or simply the groom typically buys gifts for his groomsmen as a token of appreciation for their support and friendship. 

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What things shouldn’t the groomsmen do?

Groomsmen should show up on time to the wedding. And they should not wear inappropriate or disrespectful clothing to the bride and groom.

What does the groom toss to his groomsmen?

The groom typically throws something small and symbolic, such as a garter, at his groomsmen. 

Some believe that if a single member of the groomsmen catches the garter, he will soon be the next to tie the knot.

Bottom Line

Groomsmen gifts are a great way to show gratitude to your groomsmen for being a part of your special day. 

The amount you choose will depend on your budget and the significance of the gift. 

Consider what your groomsmen would appreciate most, and include a heartfelt thank you note to make the gift even more meaningful. 

Whatever you choose to spend will make your groomsmen feel appreciated and honored to be a part of your wedding.


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