How Much Is Golden Corral On Thanksgiving

How Much Is Golden Corral on Thanksgiving? Feast Pricing

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The Thanksgiving celebration at Golden Corral is a heartwarming gathering that unites families with a budget-friendly, endless array of delicious food.

Last Thanksgiving, I dined there, and the experience was delightful. The buffet featured all the classic holiday dishes, from succulent turkey to creamy mashed potatoes and stuffing. 

But how much is Golden Corral on Thanksgiving? 

Today, I’ll provide you with the lowdown on the Thanksgiving prices at Golden Corral so you can enjoy a delicious holiday meal suitable for your budget. 

How Much Is The Golden Corral Buffet On Thanksgiving?

Family Eating at Golden Corral Restaurant

The cost of indulging in the Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet varies across different restaurant locations. Adults can expect to pay between $12 to $18 on average.

Children under 12 usually dine at approximately half the cost of adults. 

“Thanksgiving dinner is not an all-you-can-eat buffet. Fill your plate half with vegetables, one quarter with a lean meat, and the rest with a starch of your choice. Eat slowly and stop when you are full.”

Joshua Rosenthal, Writer

Besides, some Golden Corral establishments extend discounts to seniors, military personnel, and first responders, making it an even more budget-friendly option for these groups.

While the price may initially seem pricey compared to a homemade Thanksgiving spread, the allure of convenience and various dishes has established the Golden Corral buffet [1] as a favored choice for countless families this holiday season.

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What Exactly Is The Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet?

The Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet is a special meal they serve only on Thanksgiving Day. They put out a big spread with holiday favorites like turkey, ham, and beef roast. 

They also have all the classic side dishes like mashed potatoes, corn pudding [2], and stuffing.

The special thing about it is that you can eat as much as you want. So, you can return for more of your favorite dishes as often as you like. 

It’s a great choice for a big Thanksgiving meal with many different foods and the freedom to fill your plate repeatedly.

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How Many Locations Of Golden Corral Are There?

In the United States, there are a total of 396 Golden Corral restaurants. 

These restaurants are spread out across the country, so you can likely find one nearby if you’re looking to enjoy their delicious buffet. 

This extensive presence ensures that many people have easy access to their all-you-can-eat dining experience, whether for a special occasion like Thanksgiving or a regular meal.

If you’re interested in dining at Golden Corral, you’re likely to find a location not too far from where you are in the United States.

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Who Is Golden Corral’s Biggest Franchisee?

The title of Golden Corral’s biggest franchisee belongs to the 1069 Restaurant Group, which operates a remarkable total of 33 Golden Corral buffet restaurants. 

This substantial enterprise is solely owned by Eric Holm and his wife, Diane. 

They oversee their Golden Corral operations through various subsidiaries, with many of them located in the sunny state of Florida. 

Eric Holm and his team have significantly expanded the Golden Corral brand, making it available to more people in various places. 

Their dedication and success in managing many restaurants demonstrate their important contribution to the Golden Corral franchise.

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Where Is The Largest Golden Corral In The United States?

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

The biggest Golden Corral restaurant in the United States is located in Branson. 

This place is a real giant among Golden Corrals, with room for more than 650 people to sit down and enjoy a meal. You’ll find it right in the heart of Branson, Missouri. 

“Fill your plate and your heart at Golden Corral on Thanksgiving, without emptying your wallet.”

Howkapow Gift Site

So, if you’re in the mood for a big meal and want to be surrounded by many folks, this Branson Golden Corral is the place to be.

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How Much Does It Cost To Establish A Franchise of Golden Corral?

Becoming a Golden Corral franchise owner demands a substantial investment. To set up a Golden Corral franchise, you’re looking at a total cost ranging from $2.2 to $6.6 million. 

This includes the franchise fee of $50,000, but there are many other expenses like building and running the restaurant.

Aside from that, prospective franchisees must have a net worth of at least $2.5 million and at least $500,000 in liquid assets.

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Do people tip at Golden Corral?

At Golden Corral, tipping isn’t obligatory. The restaurant operates on a self-service model where people get food and find their seats. 

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Is it impolite not to tip at a buffet?

Not really, as the traditional percentage of the bill doesn’t determine tipping. While it’s not as strict as in full-service restaurants, leaving a tip at a buffet is polite.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral does not currently accept Apple Pay. However, you have alternative payment options available. 

You can settle your bill with a credit or debit card or cash or utilize other mobile payment platforms like Google Pay or Samsung Pay to savor their delectable offerings.

Does Golden Corral always serve the same food?

Golden Corral sometimes serves different food. They offer a diverse and ever-changing menu. 

Plus, they provide a wide range of quality, freshly prepared dishes throughout the day.

To Wrap It Up

The cost of the Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet can vary depending on where you dine. 

On average, you can expect to pay between $12 to $18 for adults, with children usually eating at half the price. 

Also, they provide discounts for seniors, military members, and first responders. But its bountiful offering truly sets the Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet apart. 

You’ll find all the Thanksgiving classics, from turkey and ham to a delightful assortment of sides. 

The beauty lies in its all-you-can-eat format, allowing you to savor these dishes to your heart’s content. 


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