How Much Is Bob Evans Thanksgiving Dinner

How Much Is Bob Evans Thanksgiving Dinner? An Overview

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I made the decision to forgo the pressure of preparing a large meal at my house for Thanksgiving and instead chose to enjoy the ease of having Thanksgiving dinner at Bob Evans restaurant.

It was a lifesaver for our busy household, but its affordability surprised me the most. So, how much is Bob Evans Thanksgiving dinner? 

Today, I’ll share my experience by explaining Bob Evans’ Thanksgiving offerings.

What Is The Cost Of Thanksgiving Dinner At Bob Evans?

Box of Bob Evans

The price of Thanksgiving dinner at Bob Evans varies based on your choice from their menu. Here’s a breakdown of Bob Evans’ Thanksgiving menu, along with their corresponding prices:

Menu ItemPrice
Farmer’s Choice (Original)$11.39
Homestead (Farmer)$12.39
Farmer’s Choice (Double-Meat)$13.79
Celebration Platter (Holiday)$15.99
Hot Family Meal (Holiday)$85.99

These prices give you various options to suit your budget and appetite for a delightful Thanksgiving dinner at Bob Evans.

But how much does the Thanksgiving dinner from Publix cost?

What Time Does Bob Evans’ Thanksgiving Dinner Start?

Bob Evans opens its doors on Thanksgiving Day from 8 am to 7 pm, ensuring a wide window for guests to enjoy their special holiday offerings.

“Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.”

Joan Didion, American Writer and Journalist

But what’s cool is that they open early in the morning until dawn, so even if you like eating your Thanksgiving meal early, you can do that. 

With that, they want to ensure everyone can have a yummy meal on Thanksgiving, whether you’re an early bird or a late eater. 

Find out what time Starbucks closes on Thanksgiving here.

How Much Does The Average Thanksgiving Meal Cost Per Person?

A traditional Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes [1], and all the fixings, comes at an average cost of approximately $6.50 per person.

This estimate considers the expenses of purchasing ingredients, such as the turkey, vegetables, various side dishes, and dessert. 

“This Thanksgiving, let Bob Evans handle the cooking, and you’ll discover that deliciousness doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Remember that prices vary based on location, menu choices, and whether you cook from scratch or buy pre-made dishes. 

Planning and budgeting wisely can help ensure a delightful Thanksgiving celebration without spending too much.

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How Much Did The Priciest Thanksgiving Dinner Cost?

Well, in New York City, there’s a place called Old Homestead Steakhouse that serves the priciest Thanksgiving meal in the entire country, costing around $181,000.

That’s more money than most people make in a whole year. This special dinner is like a treat for rich people who want to go all out for Thanksgiving.

They get the fanciest food and drinks you can imagine, making it the most extravagant Thanksgiving meal money can buy. 

It’s a reminder that Thanksgiving can be celebrated in many different ways, from simple to incredibly fancy.

Is Ordering Thanksgiving Food Cheaper?

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes, choosing to order food for Thanksgiving can sometimes be a more budget-friendly option. 

It’s because grocery prices rise yearly, making cooking a traditional meal at home more expensive.

When you dine out or order a pre-made Thanksgiving meal, you avoid the rising ingredients costs and don’t have to worry about buying excess food that might go to waste. 

And it can save you time and effort in the kitchen. But remember, the cost can still depend on where you go or order from and how many people you feed.

Why Does The Thanksgiving Meal Cost So Much?

The price of Thanksgiving food is going up for a few reasons. First, there are problems with how the food gets from the farms to the stores. 

There need to be more workers, it costs a lot to transport the food, and rules about trading with other countries can make things tricky. 

Also, sometimes the weather messes up the crops. Another reason is something called “inflation.” 

This means everything is getting more expensive, like when the prices at the store go up.


How many calories are in a turkey dinner from Bob Evans?

If you’re curious about the calorie content of a turkey dinner from Bob Evans, it typically ranges from 680 to 1300 calories [2].

The classic family dinner includes Slow-Roasted Turkey & Dressing, chicken gravy, cranberry relish, two family-size sides, and a dozen freshly baked rolls.

Do turkeys cost less before or after Thanksgiving?

The best turkey deals are typically available before Thanksgiving. So, shopping for your turkey before the holiday is a good idea if you want to save on your Thanksgiving feast.

How much turkey should you get for each person for Thanksgiving?

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast requires one and a half to two pounds of turkey per guest.

This should ensure you have enough delicious turkey to satisfy everyone’s appetite and provide some leftovers for the days following the feast.

How many sides should there be at a Thanksgiving meal?

The number of sides to serve at a Thanksgiving meal depends on the number of guests. For four people, consider 1-2 appetizers and three sides.

For larger gatherings with 16 people, plan for 2-3 appetizers and three or more sides to ensure a hearty and satisfying meal.

Final Say

As I sat down for Bob Evans’ Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn’t help but appreciate the options they offered and the convenience they provided. 

The cost of the meal varied based on what you chose from their menu, with prices ranging from $11.39 for the Farmer’s Choice (Original) to $85.99 for the Hot Family Meal (Holiday). 

These options catered to different budgets and appetites, making them accessible to everyone. 

Even better, Bob Evans was open from 8 am to 7 pm on Thanksgiving Day, so you could have your special meal early or later.


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