How Much Is A Tent For A Wedding

How Much Is A Tent For A Wedding?

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Planning the ideal wedding involves numerous decisions, but the selection of the venue is frequently overlooked.

And a tent can be a game-changer if you wish for an outdoor celebration. Having personally organized my friend’s wedding in a tent, I know firsthand the magic it can bring to the occasion. 

But how much is a tent for a wedding? Today, I’ll shed light on the factors influencing tent prices, helping you navigate this essential aspect of your special day confidently and easily. 

How Much Does A Tent Cost For A Wedding?

Wedding Tent with Decor

A basic canopy tent for a small gathering may cost around $500, while a larger pole or frame tent with extras like flooring, liners, and lighting can quickly add up to $5,000 or more. 

But remember that the range of tent prices is based on size, style, materials, and setup location. 

You must also figure in the price of putting up and taking down the tent, in addition to any permit fees that may be required. But how much does it cost to rent a party tent?

How Big Of A Tent Do You Need For 100 People?

For 100 guests, a tent measuring 20 feet by 50 feet is the perfect choice. This site provides a minimum area of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet, offering a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. 

“It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”

Dave Barry, American Author

And the size may vary based on your seating arrangement, dance floor, buffet tables, and any additional features you are incorporating. 

What Size Tent Is Required For 75 People?

If you are hosting an event with 75 people and need a tent, you’ll need around 750 to 900 square feet. 

It could accommodate seating, a dance floor, and any other additional features you may need. 

Seek advice from a reliable tent rental company who can advise you specific to your requirements. 

How To Spruce Up A Wedding Tent On A Low Budget?

1. String Lights

Hang string lights from the top of the tent down to the edges. They can give your wedding a warm, romantic ambiance at a minimal cost.

2. Add Beautiful Drapes To The Ceiling

Hanging beautiful drapes from the ceiling create a stunning ambiance, and they also help protect your guests from the outside elements.

Drapes come in various sizes, colors, and shades of light and dark. And you can find something that goes with your style and theme. 

3. Put Bean Bags

These practical pieces of furniture save space and bring style to any event decor. 

Select fabric in rich colors to ensure they blend in with the existing decoration and won’t take away from the masterpiece-to-be. 

And choose a comfortable texture like cotton or velvet [1] for an affordable yet ultra-inviting option. 

4. Ribbon Streamers

Ribbons can be relatively inexpensive. Make gorgeous streamers in colors that complement your wedding’s palette, and hang them from the tent’s roof or drape them along its edges.

5. Decorate The Tent’s Entrance

Arrange beautiful blushing blooms, ribbons, and bows around the entrance. Fresh flowers are ideal, yet artificial flowers can also work well.

“A tent for a wedding is not merely an expense, but an investment in creating unforgettable memories and a canvas for love to unfold.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Then, hang fabric bunting around the entrance. Add paper lanterns for a glow of warmth. Lastly, draping a sheer fabric around the entrance provides a beautiful decorative touch. 

Check out these amazing outdoor party tent decorating ideas here.

6. Use Sashes For Chairs

Adding chair sashes to your wedding tent is easy and budget-friendly.

With a wide range of options, from silk and organza to metallic fabrics like silver, gold, and bronze, it’s a snap to find the perfect look for any budget. 

Burlap, raffia, and jute offer a more rustic vibe, while sheer and bold fabrics create a lavish appearance. 


How Long Will It Take To Set Up A Tent For A Wedding?

Man Installing Wedding Tent

Generally, it can take one to four days to complete the setup, including time for setting up and taking down. 

But it varies since the amount of time can depend on the size of the tent, how complex the setup is, and how many people are involved. 

Also, that estimation might change if you add interior decorations, lighting, or flooring to the tent. 

If you’re not experienced, you should expect to extend the time to complete the setup; I suggest beginning one or two days before your event to ensure everything is ready in time.


How big of a tent do you need for a wedding with 300 people?

The tent size needed for a wedding with 300 people should be at least 40′ x 60′ with 2400 square feet to provide adequate space.

Is a generator necessary for a tent wedding?

A generator is necessary for a tent wedding to provide power for lighting [2], sound systems, and other equipment. 

With a generator, a tent wedding can be properly illuminated, making it easier to see, and a sound system is achievable.

Are clear tents for weddings more expensive?

Yes, clear tents used for weddings are usually more expensive than tents used in other settings.

Expect a 30%-50% price range when you plan to use it for the wedding. But how can you start a wedding rental business?

Let’s Sum It Up

As someone who recently organized a friend’s wedding, I’ve seen wedding tent prices vary widely. 

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a lavish celebration, there’s a tent to suit every need. A basic canopy for a small, laid-back event might cost around $500. 

For larger occasions, expect to spend a bit more. A comprehensive package with a pole or frame tent and extras like flooring, liners, and lighting can easily exceed $5,000. 

However, remember that each wedding is unique, and finding the perfect tent for your special day is invaluable.


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