How Much Does It Cost To Inflate Balloons At Party City

How Much Does It Cost To Inflate Balloons At Party City?

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Are you planning a birthday party and want to make it extra special? What better way to add a festive atmosphere than with colourful, helium-filled balloons? 

But before you head to the store, you might be wondering – how much does it cost to inflate balloons at Party City? 

With that in mind, we’ll explore the cost of inflating balloons at Party City and the store’s other services. So keep reading to find out more. 

How Much Does Party City Charge To Inflate Balloons?

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Latex balloons cost $0.69 to 1.29 cents each to inflate, and mylar balloons cost between $1.19 and $2.99 each for standard 18-inch balloons. 

And if you’re getting larger mylar balloons, they will cost around $6.99 to $15.99. 

Thus, the fee for inflating any balloon is determined by the size and type of the balloon [1] and the cost of helium. But it may also vary by store location.

The cost to inflate balloons at Party City is typically much more affordable than hiring an outside vendor. 

In addition to the cost of helium and labor, vendors may also charge additional fees, such as travel costs, depending on how far they travel. 

At Party City, they may even offer a discount if you purchase a package of balloons. But what other places can you get helium balloons filled?

Can You Bring Your Balloons & Have Them Inflated At Party City?

Yes, you can bring your balloons and have them inflated at Party City for a small fee. It saves you money to get the clear balloons you want for your party. 

But when bringing your balloons, it is important to note that some stores limit the number of balloons that can be inflated at once. 

If you plan to bring many balloons for inflation, it is best to call ahead and check with the store for their policies. 

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Is It Possible To Return An Unused Helium Tank To Party City?

Yes, the retailer allows customers to return unused tanks for a full refund, provided the item is returned within 30 days and accompanied by a receipt. 

Customers should also ensure that the tank is in its original packaging and has not been opened or used in any way. 

“You lose your anonymity just like a helium balloon with a string. Therefore people are going to have their own opinion and they’re going to write in whatever clever manner they desire.” 

– Kim Basinger, American Actress

Returns of unused helium tanks can be made either in-store or by mail. Plus, the tank should be returned to the store where it was purchased.

Find out the number of balloons a helium tank can fill here.

Does Party City Provide A Hi-Float Balloon Treatment?

Yes, Party City provides a high-float balloon treatment that can extend the life of latex balloons. 

The treatment is applied by placing the balloons into a special solution container. It makes the balloons more buoyant, making them easier to transport and display. 

Plus, the solution contains special ingredients that help to reduce the possibility of balloons popping due to overinflation. 

The process for the high-float balloon treatment is simple and takes about 30 minutes, but it depends on the type and shape of balloons you use. 

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated Using Hi-Float?

foil balloons

Typically, an air-filled 11-inch round balloon will stay inflated for around two months using hi-float, while a helium-filled 11-inch latex balloon will last up to one-four weeks. 

Hi-Float is designed to help balloons last longer and stay inflated for a long time. 

The product is a water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable gel that is applied to the inside of the balloon before it is inflated. 

Once the balloon is inflated, the Hi-Float coats the inside, creating a barrier slowing deflation. So, the balloon lasts up to 25 times longer than a balloon without Hi-Float.

Does Party City Issue Refunds For Balloons?

If customers are not pleased with their purchase, they can return [2] the balloons to the store for a full refund. 

The store has a generous return policy that allows customers to return any item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, as long as the item is unused and in its original condition. 

And it will take 2-5 days to process your refunds. If the balloons have been opened and inflated, then they cannot be returned for a refund. 

In addition, any balloons that were purchased as part of a promotional deal or discount cannot be returned for a refund.


How do you discard balloons filled with helium?

The best way to discard helium balloons is to deflate them by gently squeezing the balloon until all the air has been released. Another way is to cut or puncture the balloon and let the helium escape before disposing of it.

Can helium balloons be filled at Target?

Unlike Party City, Target does not offer helium balloon-filling services. Usually, you’ll be given helium tanks and instructed to inflate the balloons on your own. 

Where can you fill balloons with helium for free?

You can often find helium tanks at party supply stores where you can fill balloons for free such as Walmart, CVS, and Dollar Tree. 

But how long can a balloon fill with helium last?

Key Takeaways

Balloons are a terrific way to get people in the party mood no matter what kind of event you’re going to throw. 

And with Party City’s convenient helium inflation services, getting the exact look, you’re going for has never been easier. 

Why not add fun to your next special occasion with colourful balloons?


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