How Much Do Haunted House Actors Make

How Much Do Haunted House Actors Make?

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Picture yourself entering a dim and eerie haunted house, where each ghostly apparition and creature is attempting to terrify you.

If you’re easily frightened, you’ll recognize that the actors are good at what they do. But how much do haunted house actors make? 

I’ve researched this question and can now show how much these actors make. So, hold on tight; it will be an eerie ride.

How Much Do Actors Working In Haunted Houses Earn?

Person Wearing Creepy Costume  with Haunted House on the Background

In the United States area, a Haunt Actor can expect an estimated annual pay of approximately $35,540 -$37,757.

“It’s easy to become very self-critical when you’re an actor. Then you get critiqued by the critics. Whether you agree with them or not, people are passing judgment on you.” 

Keanu Reeves, Canadian Actor

These figures encompass the eerie world of haunted attractions, highlighting the financial rewards of embracing the art of scaring.

How Can You Become A Haunted House Actor?

Becoming a haunted house actor demands professionalism, enthusiasm, and keen awareness. 

Though diverse roles await, these haunted house actors exude outgoing energy, punctuality [1], quick-wittedness in character, and adeptness in navigating the physically demanding attraction environment. 

So, this spooky genre calls for those who can mix scares with a friendly demeanor, offering a unique way to thrive in the haunting business.

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How Old Must You Be To Become An Actor In A Haunted House?

To become a haunt actor, individuals must reach a minimum age of 18. This ensures a level of maturity essential for the role’s demands. 

A positive attitude, team spirit, and a commitment to excellence are prerequisites, underscoring the collaborative and dedicated nature of the haunted house acting experience.

But how old you must be to go to a haunted house?

How Much Do People Who Act In Horror Nights Get Paid?

Regarding Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, the numbers are in. Scare actors who make the scares happen earn around $17 per hour. 

“From blood-curdling screams to thrilling paychecks, haunted house actors prove that fear can be an exciting endeavor.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This salary acknowledges their crucial role in delivering spine-tingling experiences. 

It’s a testament to these performers’ impact in creating memorable and hair-raising moments for visitors. But how can you work at a haunted house?

Do Scare Actors Ever Feel Scared?

Scary Clown

Yes, scare actors aren’t immune to feeling scared even as they work their craft in horror movies. 

While they grasp the rationality behind the scene—knowing it’s a scripted film, on a set, amidst a crew and fellow actors—their emotional reality lies in the present. 

Acting isn’t a mental process; it’s an in-the-moment experience where fear can genuinely take hold, regardless of the intellectual understanding.

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Is It Fun Being A Scary Actor?

Being a scary actor offers its share of enjoyment, yet it involves much more than slipping on a mask. Beneath the chilling façade lies a world of long hours and demanding makeup routines. 

Scare actors devote years to honing their craft, perfecting the art through rigorous training. 

This role’s appeal lies in creating scares and the dedication needed to turn fear into an exciting and captivating experience.

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Who is the most well-paid horror actor?

According to an article, The Numbers, Milla Jovovich takes the crown with an impressive total of $204,908,375 in earnings. 

Her substantial income underscores the remarkable financial potential within the genre of horror entertainment.

What skills do scary actors have?

Scary actors exhibit exceptional expertise in voice modulation, specialized body movements, and impactful facial expressions to evoke strong audience reactions. 

They display impeccable timing in actions and dialogue, collaborating seamlessly with sets and fellow actors for maximum dramatic impact.

How much does the horror genre earn?

Recent data from Comscore reveals that in 2022 the horror genre commanded a significant presence, accumulating approximately $700 million in domestic ticket sales. 

This statistic underscores the enduring popularity and monetary success of horror films.

How do you get ready for an audition to play a scary role?

To audition for a scary role, you must arrive punctually, memorize your lines, delve into your character’s background, and maintain professionalism [2] with fellow actors. 

Whether it’s a horror film or a haunted house, directors seek capable and professional performers. So, aim to embody both traits to shine in auditions.

Why do horror films earn the most money?

The explanation may seem straightforward: horror films yield larger returns because, on average, their production costs are lower. 

And this financial dynamic plays a pivotal role in driving the genre’s economic success.

In A Nutshell

The financial picture becomes clear as I wrap up haunted house actors’ earnings. These performers, who bring spooky tales to life, earn around $35,540 annually in the United States. 

But expect these earnings with effort. Being a haunt actor requires professionalism, enthusiasm, and a readiness for physically demanding and creatively engaging tasks. 

Remember, you must be at least 18, but age isn’t the only requirement. It’s about having a positive attitude, working well with others, and striving for excellence. 

So, if you’re considering this eerie path, remember: passion, determination, and a talent for turning fear into success pave the way.


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