How Much Are Pumpkins At Pumpkin Patch

How Much Are Pumpkins At Pumpkin Patch?

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One of the highlights of autumn for me is visiting the pumpkin patch. I love strolling through rows of pumpkins, searching for the perfect one.

Then, surrounded by pumpkins of all sizes and shades, I wondered, “How much are pumpkins at pumpkin patch?”

Whether for carving a funny face or making a pie, I’ll share what I learned and researched about the prices of pumpkins, so be sure you’re ready for a fantastic fall experience without breaking the bank.

How Much Do Pumpkins Cost At Pumpkin Patch?

Load of Pumpkins

The prices for pumpkins can vary across different farms. At GoCedar Hill Farm, expect to find pumpkins priced between $1.25 and $41.50, depending on size.

Meanwhile, over at Bandy’s Pumpkin Patch, pumpkin prices range from $0.33 to $15, the cost being determined by either the pound or size of the pumpkin. 

“The pumpkin is a uniquely American plant, widely regarded as one of the most magical plants in all the world.”

Seth Adam Smith, Writer

If you’re in New York, Pumpkin Ranch offers pumpkins at approximately $0.49 per pound, while gourd prices range from $1.25 to $4 each, based on their size. 

Remember, costs can differ, so checking before shopping for pumpkins [1] is wise. But how much does Vala’s pumpkin patch earn annually?

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Pumpkin?

The United States Department of Agriculture reports that the typical retail price of a pumpkin per pound is $1.38.

So, a pumpkin weighing 10 to 14 pounds could cost around $14 to $20. This gives you a reliable idea of what to expect when shopping for pumpkins.

Find out the cost of a pumpkin patch here.

How Many Pumpkins Should A Person Have?

When planning your pumpkin purchase, consider the weight. Generally, ⅓ to ½ pounds of fresh pumpkin is a good rule of thumb for each person. 

Whether carving, decorating, or cooking, this guideline ensures you have enough without excess. 

Making your choice based on this weight range keeps the process simple and satisfying for everyone involved. But what does a pumpkin patch actually look like?

How Much Do Big Pumpkins Usually Cost?

When it comes to big pumpkins, the cost typically aligns with their size. On average, expect to pay around $2.00 per pound for these giants. But prices can vary based on their visual appeal. 

Particularly stunning pumpkins might carry a premium, while those with a unique or “interesting” appearance might be discounted. 

And here’s a tip: growers might be open to negotiating prices, so don’t hesitate to discuss.

How Much Do Pumpkins Cost At Costco?

At Costco, you can expect pumpkins priced at around $6.99. 

This competitive price point provides a seasonal staple and ensures you can bring the festive spirit to your home without straining your budget. 

“In the patch, pumpkins wear price tags like characters in a story, each with its value.”

Howkapow Gift Site

So, whether you’re planning to carve, decorate, or even whip up some pumpkin-inspired treats, Costco’s pumpkin offering has you covered at an affordable cost.

What Does An Average-Sized Pumpkin Cost?

Close Up Image of Pumpkin

The price of an average-sized pumpkin has seen an upward trend, surpassing the rates of previous years. 2022 you can expect to pay around $5.40 for the average pumpkin.

It marks an increase from the $4.83 price tag in 2021. This translates to a 12% rise in cost over a year.

This information helps you understand how much you might spend on a pumpkin for your fall activities this year. But when should you carve pumpkins for Halloween?

Why Are Pumpkins Prices So High?

Pumpkin prices have climbed due to several factors. Rising labor costs, increased water expenses, and elevated material prices have collectively driven production costs. 

Over the past two years, reports indicate that adverse weather conditions and a fungal outbreak have limited pumpkin availability in certain regions. 

This scarcity, especially affecting Jack-o’-lantern style pumpkins, has led to an extra seven percent price increase. 

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Is it profitable to sell pumpkins?

Selling pumpkins can be profitable, but earnings vary. A small pumpkin farm can yield around $30,000 in profits. 

But remember that success depends on location, pricing, and market demand. 

After Halloween, do pumpkins go on sale?

The period after Halloween is prime time for pumpkin bargains or sales. Prices hit their lowest point during this post-Halloween phase. 

If you want to score a deal on pumpkins for your autumn decor or culinary creations, this is your opportunity.

Check out these tips to dispose of your pumpkins after Halloween here.

What happens to unsold pumpkins?

The most common solution is composting [2]. Unsold pumpkins are chopped into pieces, placed in a compost area or garden, and then covered with leaves. 

This process ensures that the nutrients are returned to the soil, enriching it for future growth and sustainability.

How much money do farmers make from pumpkins?

On average, a small pumpkin farm can generate around $30,000 annually. But profits can differ significantly since farms vary in size, making each one’s earnings unique.

Find out how much pumpkin pie is eaten on Thanksgiving here.

In Summary

Ultimately, the pumpkins’ prices at pumpkin patches figuring out pumpkin prices at the patch is like a mini adventure. Here’s what I found: different patches have different prices. 

At GoCedar Hill Farm, pumpkins cost $1.25 to $41.50, depending on their size. Bandy’s Pumpkin Patch sells pumpkins for $0.33 to $15 based on weight. 

In New York’s Pumpkin Ranch, pumpkins are about $0.49 per pound, and gourds are $1.25 to $4, based on size. 

On average, people pay about $1.38 per pound. If you’re eyeing a big pumpkin, expect to pay around $2.00 per pound, but you can haggle with the farmers. 


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