How Many Cookies To Give As A Gift

How Many Cookies To Give As A Gift: Solved

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A universally cherished present is a collection of freshly baked cookies. Yet, determining the quantity to gift poses a challenge.

As someone who loves cookies and enjoys giving presents, I’ve learned some things that can help you figure out the right amount.

Today, I’ll share my insights on determining the ideal number of cookies to give as a gift. Keep reading. 

How Many Cookies Should You Give As A Present?

Hand Holding Freshly Baked Cookies

When giving cookies as a present, starting with four cookies [1] is a good idea for one person. 

But if you’re planning to give a gift basket or a bigger package, it’s best to have around two dozen cookies. 

This is a good amount – not too few, not too many – that will make the recipient happy without overwhelming them. 

Remember, it’s not just about how many cookies you give but also the quality and thought you put into the gift. But how can you display cookies at a party?

How Many Cookies Will You Need For 20 Guests?

If you’re expecting 20 guests and want to serve cookies, bake around half a dozen cookies per person. But you can give each person 3-5 cookies if you throw a short gathering. 

“Baking cookies is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite-sized and personal.” 

Sandra Lee, American Chef

This way, there should be enough cookies for everyone to enjoy without going overboard. It’s all about balancing having plenty to go around and not wasting any extras.

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How Do You Give Cookies To Someone As A Gift?

Start by wrapping the cookies individually in plastic wrap to maintain their freshness. Then, stack them neatly in wax paper [2] or plastic bags and seal them tightly. 

For an extra special touch, tie the bag with a bow. If you’re giving crispy cookies, consider using a cookie tin. 

Not only does it add a festive flair, but it also helps keep the cookies fresh. By packaging your cookies with care, you’ll ensure that your gift is both delicious and visually appealing.

How Do You Gift Wrap A Dozen Cookies?

1. Use Empty Foil Containers

An empty foil container is one effective approach for wrapping a dozen cookies. 

These versatile containers, commonly used for cooking and storing food, offer a practical and inventive solution for packaging your delightful treats. 

Place the freshly baked cookies inside the container, ensuring they are neatly arranged. 

The durable construction of the foil container ensures that the cookies remain secure and intact during transport. 

2. Mason Jar

Mason jars make an excellent choice for wrapping a dozen cookies. Arrange the cookies neatly inside the jar for an appealing presentation. 

The transparent glass showcases the treats and adds elegance. Add a decorative ribbon or tag for visual appeal. Mason jars provide a secure seal, keeping the cookies fresh. 

This packaging option is convenient for transportation and can be reused. 

3. Cellophane Bag With Ribbon

Elevate your gifting experience with a cellophane bag and a beautifully tied ribbon to wrap a dozen cookies. Place the cookies inside the transparent bag to showcase their allure. 

Then, tie a vibrant ribbon around the top, creating a captivating presentation. This enchanting packaging option teases the recipient with a glimpse of the delicious contents. 

4. Brown Paper Bags

Brown paper bags offer a simple and charming solution for wrapping a dozen cookies as a gift. Their natural appeal and practicality make them an excellent choice. 

Place the freshly baked cookies inside the bag, allowing their enticing aroma to waft. You can add a personal touch with a handwritten note or a decorative tag. 

5. Cookie Tin

Choosing a cookie tin is an excellent way to wrap a dozen cookies as a gift elegantly. The tin’s durability and appealing design make it an ideal packaging solution. 

The tin provides protection and a sense of anticipation for the recipient, ensuring the cookies remain intact during transport. 

“When it comes to gifting cookies, it’s about more than just the cookies themselves. It’s about creating an experience. Find the sweet spot, where each bite tells a story of warmth and delight, leaving them yearning for more.”

Howkapow Gift Site

With its secure closure and attractive appearance, the cookie tin keeps the cookies fresh, ready to be enjoyed.

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Are Cookies A Good Thing To Give As A Gift?

Cookies on a Can

Certainly, cookies are a fantastic choice when it comes to gift-giving. One of their standout advantages is their convenience and portability. 

Whether attending a party or sending a heartfelt surprise by mail, cookies are easy to transport and share with others. What sets them apart is their ability to be savored over time. 

Unlike many perishable items, cookies have a longer shelf life, allowing both the giver and the recipient to enjoy them at their own pace.


What kind of cookies lasts the longest?

Cookies with lower moisture content, such as shortbread or biscotti, tend to last longer. These types have less tendency to become stale quickly compared to soft and moist cookies.

Is it less expensive to make or purchase cookies?

Generally, making cookies from scratch can be more economical, especially for larger quantities, but store-bought options provide convenience for smaller quantities or specialized varieties.

Let’s Sum It Up

To recap, when it comes to giving cookies as a gift, there are a few key points to consider. 

For individual gifts, starting with four cookies is a good number to ensure a thoughtful gesture without overwhelming the recipient. 

And if you’re planning to give a gift basket or a larger package, aim for about two dozen cookies to provide a substantial treat. 

When determining the number of cookies for a group of guests, a general rule is to bake around half a dozen or 3-5 cookies per person, adjusting based on factors like the length of the event. 

Lastly, be creative with your packaging using mason jars, foil containers, or cellophane bags with ribbons to add a touch of charm. 


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