How Long Is A Christening

How Long Is A Christening? Full Guide

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As I witnessed the heartfelt ceremony within the tranquil church, I found myself wondering: what is the typical duration of a christening ceremony?

Having attended numerous baptisms over the years, I know how critical it is to be clear about this.   

Today, I’ll draw from my own experiences to shed light on the typical duration of a christening, explaining the event for curious souls like yourself. 

So let’s embark on this enlightening journey together.

How Long Does A Christening Last?

Christening of a Baby

On average, the event typically lasts from twenty to thirty minutes and may include activities such as baptism, readings, prayers [1], hymns, and a sermon or message. 

If the christening is part of a larger church service, it could take longer, up to two hours. But how long do Catholic wedding ceremonies last?

Is Getting A Baby Christened A Big Deal?

Having a christened baby holds immense importance and sentimental value for numerous families, so it’s really a big deal. 

It signifies a significant milestone in the child’s spiritual journey and formalizes their entry into a religious community. 

Besides, it’s a heartfelt event with deep religious and cultural meaning, symbolizing the commitment to raise the child within a specific faith tradition.

Christening & Baptism: Are They The Same?

In many Christian churches, “christening” and “baptism” are often used interchangeably to describe a special ceremony that marks a person’s initiation into the faith. 

Both involve the application of water to the individual, as well as a naming ceremony. 

“Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.” 

Kate Douglas Wiggins, American Educator

Although similar, “baptism” is more commonly used among different denominations, while “christening” is often used in Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox churches. 

Some people may even use the term “christening” to refer to the naming part of the ceremony, especially when it comes to babies. But both words refer to the same religious sacrament.

How To Organize It?

1. Decide On The Church

Choose a church where you want the christening to take place. 

It will typically be a church where you or your family are regular attendees or members, although different churches may have different requirements.

2. Speak To The Minister/Priest/Pastor

Make an appointment to speak with the religious leader of the church. 

“A christening may last only moments, but its significance and blessings will ripple through a lifetime.”

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They will guide you through their specific christening process, including the ceremony’s theological and practical aspects.

3. Choose A Date & Time

After consulting with the church, decide on a suitable date and time for the ceremony. Remember, this might be during a regular church service or at a separate time.

4. Select Godparents

Choose the godparents for your child. This role is traditionally seen as a spiritual guide and mentor, so selecting individuals who are willing and capable of fulfilling this role is essential.

Check out these outfit ideas to wear as a guest for a Catholic baptism here.

5. Organize The Reception

Plan a post-christening reception or celebration. This could be a simple gathering at your home, a reserved section in a restaurant, or a rented event space. 

Consider the menu, decorations, and potential entertainment.

6. Prepare A Thank You Note

After the christening, it’s customary to send thank you notes to the attendees, especially to those who brought gifts.

7. Capture The Moment

To capture the memories of the ceremony and reception, you may hire a professional photographer or have a trusted guest do so.

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What Do You Bring To The Christening?

Woman Holding Gift

When going to a christening, bringing a few items is polite. First, bring white clothing for the baby, traditionally worn during the ceremony. 

A baptismal candle can be given as a special keepsake. Adding a bible [2] or rosary beads can be meaningful, showing the child’s spiritual path. 

Finally, a small gift or token of congratulations is a nice way to celebrate the occasion.

How Much Money To Give For A Christening?

Close family members like grandparents, godparents, or aunts and uncles may give more significant gifts or monetary amounts, ranging from around $100 to $150 or more. 

Meanwhile, friends or more distant relatives might decide to give smaller amounts, such as about $50. 

But everyone should give a gift within their means that feels appropriate to them. But how much should you give for a baptism?


How much does a christening cost at a Catholic church?

Some Catholic churches do not charge a fee for this sacrament viewing it as part of their mission and service to their members, but others may ask for a donation.

How many godparents can one child have?

One child can have up to two godparents, traditionally one godmother and one godfather. However, some families choose to have more than two godparents for their children.

Is it possible for a godparent to miss the christening?

Yes, it is possible for a godparent to miss the christening, depending on their circumstances. 

If a godparent cannot attend the christening due to distance, other arrangements can be made to fulfill their role.

Key Takeaways

Ultimately, a christening ceremony typically ranges from 20-30 minutes, depending on various factors such as religious traditions, the number of participants, and individual preferences. 

To ensure a well-organized event, consider contacting the church or officiating clergy beforehand to discuss the schedule and any specific requirements. 

Remember to bring items such as a white garment for the child, bible or rosary beads, a candle for the baptismal candle ceremony, and perhaps a small gift to commemorate the occasion. 

With that, the best way to experience this joyful and significant religious occasion is to be well-informed and well-organized.


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