How Long Does It Take To Get Your Gift Card From Fetch Rewards

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Gift Card from Fetch Rewards?

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While anticipating the arrival of my Fetch Rewards gift card, I couldn’t help but feel like a child eagerly waiting for a surprise in the mail. After registering for Fetch Rewards, I anxiously awaited my gift card.

But, it’s essential to understand that the time it takes to receive your reward can vary depending on several factors. So, how long does it take to get your gift card from Fetch Rewards?

Today, I’ll share my experience with Fetch Rewards and shed light on how long it typically takes to get your hands on those gift cards. Keep reading. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Gift Cards From Fetch Rewards?

Redeeming Rewards from Fetch

The wait time is crucial when you’ve earned those valuable gift cards from Fetch Rewards [1]. Fetch Rewards typically takes 72 hours to process and deliver your gift card. 

This means that once you’ve accumulated enough points for your desired reward, you can expect to receive it within a few days. 

“The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.” 

Ted Engstrom, Author

It’s important to remember that this timeframe can vary slightly depending on factors like the volume of requests and any potential verification processes. 

So, rest assured that your gift card is on its way, and you’ll be enjoying your rewards in no time. But how can you redeem a Facebook gift card?

Why Does It Take Fetch Rewards Three Days To Process?

Fetch Rewards takes approximately three days to process your gift card reward for an essential reason: security. 

During this processing period, the platform conducts necessary checks to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of your account and rewards. 

Doing so safeguards Fetch Rewards against fraudulent activities [2], protecting your rewards and the community. 

Once the processing is complete, your well-deserved gift card reward will be seamlessly added to your account. 

How Can Fetch Rewards Gift Cards Be Used?

  1. Access the Reward Section: Open the Fetch Rewards app and head to the reward section. You can do this by clicking the rewards tab at the bottom of the screen or by tapping on your points balance at the top.
  2. Choose Your Gift Card: In the reward section, various gift card options, like retail and restaurants, are categorized by type.
  3. Check for Eligibility: Look for gift cards marked with a gold circle. This indicates that you have enough points to redeem those specific cards.
  4. Search for Specific Rewards: If you’re looking for a particular reward, use the search field at the top of the reward section to quickly locate it.
  5. Request Your Reward: Click the “get my reward” button after selecting a reward. Expect to get a security code sent to you by Fetch Rewards via text or email.
  6. Enter the Security Code: Input the security code you received into the designated field and click the validate button to confirm your selection.
  7. Gift Card Creation: Fetch Rewards will generate the gift card for you, and you can easily monitor your rewards within the app.
  8. Utilize the Gift Card: To use the gift card, click on the reward, copy the code provided, and then paste it on the relevant website, such as Amazon.

Check out these simple steps to use your Macy’s gift card online here.

How Does Fetch Rewards Provide Gift Cards?

Gift Cards

Fetch Rewards provides gift cards by allowing users to earn them straightforwardly. To start, users must download the Fetch app and scan their receipts. 

It includes physical paper receipts from in-store purchases and e-receipts from online shopping. 

By doing so, Fetch Rewards calculates a percentage of the purchase amount, which is converted into gift cards. 

“It’s not about the speed; it’s about the satisfaction. Fetch Rewards takes its time to ensure your gift card is delivered securely.”

Howkapow Gift Site

And users can enhance their earnings by connecting their email to the app, enabling automatic scanning for e-receipts. 

Accumulated points can be easily exchanged for assorted gift cards valid at various retailers and restaurants, providing users with valuable rewards as they shop.

Do Fetch Rewards Points Expire?

No, Fetch Rewards points do not expire as long as you actively use your account. Ensure your points are secure and redeemable for gift cards or other rewards. 

Be mindful that a lack of account activity for 90 days or more could lead to the expiration of your points.

To ensure the longevity of your hard-earned points, stay engaged with the Fetch Rewards app, regularly scan your receipts, and enjoy the benefits of your accumulated points without worrying about expiration.

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How can you get 10,000 points on Fetch Rewards?

To accumulate 10,000 points on Fetch Rewards, check the app for Special Offers when shopping or creating a shopping list.
The app offers several special monthly offers, which can significantly boost your points. 

Besides, turn on location services within the app and sort your Offers from highest to lowest point values to maximize your earning potential effortlessly.

What are the best ways to make more money on Fetch?

To increase your earnings on Fetch, use your Fetch account regularly and stay active on the app. 

Secondly, focus on shopping at participating retailers to earn points. Refer your friends to Fetch, as this can lead to extra rewards. 

Final Words

Fetch Rewards offers a user-friendly way to earn and redeem gift cards. 

Regarding processing time, Fetch Rewards typically takes 72 hours to process and deliver your gift card, ensuring a relatively quick turnaround.

Not just that, it’s crucial to understand the platform’s security measures. 

The three-day processing period exists to maintain the security of your account and rewards, ensuring a safe and trustworthy experience for all users.

Lastly, you must remain active on the app to prevent your points from expiring. Your earned points may expire if your Fetch account remains inactive for 90 consecutive days.


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