How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Video Back

How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Video Back? Solved

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Planning a wedding is exciting, and capturing those beautiful moments on video is a top priority for many couples. 

But how long does it take to get the wedding video back?

Having been through the process, I know how eager couples are to relive those heartfelt vows and joyous celebrations.

Let’s explore the average timeline for receiving your wedding video and provide insights to ease your anticipation.

How Long It Takes To Receive The Wedding Video?

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Receiving your wedding video typically takes between eleven to twelve weeks. This ensures that the footage is carefully edited and finalized to capture the essence of your special day. 

Remember that each videographer [1] may have their timeline and workload, so discussing expectations upfront is key.

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Although the wait can be tiresome, this extra time guarantees a high-quality video that preserves your wedding memories.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Edit A Wedding Video?

Creating a wedding video requires effort and skill. It typically takes fifteen to twenty-five weeks to get the edit right. 

It includes watching and picking out the highlights, crafting a coherent story, enhancing colour and sound, and adding special effects or transitions. 

Editing is a lengthy process, but with patience and creativity, it’ll be worth it. You’ll end up with an amazing video that truly captures and celebrates the beauty of the special day.

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How Much Should A Wedding Video Cost?

On average, couples should be prepared to budget between $1,000 and $2,500 for a professional video package. 

You must note that a wedding video’s cost can vary significantly based on several factors. 

Locations, duration of coverage, the experience and expertise of the videographer, and other services requested can all influence the overall price.

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While the numbers are just a basic estimate, research and compare different videographers to get exactly what matches your vision and budget.

Why Do Couples Have to Wait So Long for Their Wedding Videos?

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1. Backlog Of Work

Videographers, especially highly sought after, often have a backlog of projects. 

They work on multiple projects simultaneously, which may increase the time needed to finish each project.

2. Seasonality

Videographers will be busier and have more work to complete if your wedding happens during peak wedding season. It extends the time it takes for them to deliver your video.

3. Post-Production Process

This can be a labour-intensive task. Videographers often spend hours on editing, colour correction, sound mixing, and other post-production work. 

They must carefully review all footage to ensure every special moment is included.

4. Multiple Videos

Sometimes, videographers provide not just one but several videos, such as a highlight reel, ceremony, and reception videos. Creating multiple videos takes more time.

5. Quality Over Speed

Good videographers prioritize quality over speed. They take their time to ensure each video is as perfect as possible. 

Rushing through the editing process could lead to mistakes or missed opportunities to highlight special moments.

6. Attention To Detail

Wedding videos are keepsakes that last a lifetime. Every detail matters, from how the scenes are cut together to the transitions and colour grading. 

The time invested in these elements might easily add up. 

7. Feedback & Revisions

Some videographers include a review phase, where couples can provide feedback and request changes. 

This process can add extra time, especially if numerous or complex changes are needed.

How Important Is The Wedding Video?

The wedding video is more than just a collection of memories – it’s a wonderful way to build a legacy for your children and a treasure trove of happy memories for you and your partner. 

After the celebration, you can look back on this keepsake and feel all the happiness, laughter, and pride you felt that day.

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How long does the videographer usually stay at a wedding?

Generally, the videographer stays for eight or more hours of coverage, from the ceremony’s start to the reception’s end. But what do you say in a wedding video?

How many cameras are needed for a wedding video?

A wedding video should typically use at least two cameras to ensure all parts of the ceremony and reception are captured. 

How come wedding videos cost so much?

Wedding videos require highly specialized labour, such as experienced editors and cameramen, and expensive equipment, contributing to the high cost.

Not only must wedding videographers capture all the details of the day, but they must also go through hours of footage and compile it into a storyline which is both time-consuming and costly.

Final Words

The anticipation of receiving your wedding video can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Drawing from my experience, I can confidently say the process takes time. 

On average, you can receive your wedding video within eleven to twelve weeks after your big day. 

But remember that the editing process, which involves selecting, arranging, and enhancing the footage, typically takes fifteen to twenty-five weeks. 

While the wait may seem lengthy, it is crucial to remember that this time allows for careful craftsmanship [2] and attention to detail, ensuring that your wedding video becomes a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of your special day.


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