How Long Does It Take To Get A Wedding Ring

How Long Does It Take To Get A Wedding Ring? Explained

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A wedding ring represents everlasting love like nothing else. But, how long does it usually take to get a wedding ring?

After going to different jewelry stores, looking at all the different designs, and waiting for customizations, the answer is flexible and can vary based on different things. 

But fear not. Through careful investigation and personal experiences, I’m excited to share my findings with you. Let’s dive in. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Wedding Ring?

Groom put a wedding ring on bride hand

Acquiring a wedding ring may take different amounts of time, depending on the specific circumstances, but it generally takes around two to three months to arrive. 

Regular jewelry stores or online sellers can provide you with a ready-made item within a few days, as long as it does not need any adjustments like engraving or resizing. 

Suppose you choose a custom-made piece; in that case, you should expect a longer timeline since this process usually involves several steps, like meetings, design selection, and actual production, which can take weeks or months to complete.

How Do You Get Your Wedding Ring Quickly?

There are three tips to get your wedding ring fast; first, try connecting with local precious stone dealers to ask about any readily accessible rings they may have in store and ready to deliver via courier. 

Another option is to investigate online jewelry stores that provide sped-up delivery times. 

This way, you can look through their selection, pick a ring, and bring it to your doorstep immediately. 

“A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.”

– John Mayer, American Singer-Songwriter

Plus, contemplate opting for a pre-assembled ring from an esteemed jewelry store. 

By choosing from their already available collection, you can avoid the wait time associated with custom orders. But how much do you spend on a man’s wedding band?

How Much Should It Cost For A Wedding Ring?

Usually, couples put up around $6,000 for a wedding band, but you can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars. 

A study from The Knot shows that, on average, men spend about $550 for a wedding ring, and women spend about $1,100 – but this varies from person to person. 

It’s all up to your preference and budget, so feel free to go beyond what you’re comfortable with.

Besides, the price of a wedding ring depends on a few different things – the material the band is made from, any stones added, the complexity of the design, and where you’re buying from. 

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How Much of A Man’s Salary Should He Use To Buy A Wedding Ring?

Traditional customs may suggest allocating two to three months’ salary [1], though each individual’s financial circumstances and priorities are unique. 

And there’s no definitive formula or rule regarding an appropriate percentage of salary that should be allocated.

Establishing a budget that accounts for current income, expenses, savings, and other financial obligations is better than focusing on a particular percentage or amount. 

Careful consideration of your finances should help you decide how much you feel comfortable investing in a wedding ring. But why does a man wear a black wedding ring?

How Early Should You Purchase An Engagement Ring?

Wedding Rings

Six weeks or more is a good amount of time to research different styles, compare prices, customize the ring, and wait for the item to be delivered – if needed. 

Doing this allows the process to go smoothly and provides an opportunity to consider your partner’s preferences. Plus, if desired, you can even discuss details with them too. 

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How Long Does It Typically Take To Get The Engagement Ring?

On average, it can take up to a few months, depending on the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the workload of the jeweler. 

Creating a custom engagement ring [2] involves multiple steps, from design consultation to selecting the right materials and creating a final product prototype.

“Patience is the secret ingredient in acquiring a wedding ring. Like a precious gem formed under pressure, the time it takes to obtain this symbol of love only adds to its significance.”

Howkapow Gift Site

So, you have to communicate openly, and allowing enough time will ensure a stunning engagement ring that meets all your expectations and is truly one-of-a-kind.

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What’s the general rule for getting a wedding ring?

Generally, the groom is expected to purchase the ring for the bride, and vice versa, as a symbol of their commitment to one another. 

And the traditional rule is to spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring, although this amount can vary depending on personal circumstances.

But when should you stop wearing the wedding ring?

How long does it take between purchasing a ring and proposing?

The time between purchasing a ring and proposing varies greatly, as it depends on personal circumstances and plans for the proposal, but it’s recommended to buy the ring at least six weeks before the proposal. 

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When is the very worst time to shop for an engagement ring?

The worst time to shop for an engagement ring is right before or during peak buying seasons, such as just before Valentine’s Day or during the December holiday season, as demand is typically high, potentially leading to higher prices and limited selection.

On A Final Note

After my exploration of the timeline involved in obtaining a wedding ring, I can confidently share that it typically takes 2-3 months to acquire one. 

But if you’re seeking a quicker option, don’t fret; drawing from my personal experience, I recommend contacting local jewelry stores and inquiring about any readily accessible rings they may have in stock. 

Doing so allows you to bypass the waiting period and have your desired ring delivered promptly via courier. 

Remember, proper planning and communication with jewelers can be the key to swiftly obtaining the symbol of everlasting love and commitment that is your wedding ring.


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