How Far In Advance To Order Wedding Cake

How Far In Advance To Order A Wedding Cake: Explained

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The plethora of excitement and options involved in planning a wedding can be overwhelming.

Among the many choices, you’ll make, ordering the perfect wedding cake deserves special attention. Having been through the process, I can confidently tell you that timing is crucial. 

Today, I’ll share my firsthand experience and offer insights on how far in advance to order wedding cake to ensure a sweet and stress-free celebration. 

Wedding Cake: How Far In Advance Should You Order?

Floral Buttercream Wedding Cake

You should order the wedding cake four to six months before your wedding day. 

This might seem early, but the best cake designers and bakers are often in high demand. 

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If you place your order for the cake plenty of time in advance, you will boost your chances of collaborating with highly skilled specialists who can put your idea into reality. 


How Can You Keep The Wedding Cake Fresh Before the Wedding?

  1. Cool Down: Allow your cake to cool completely before you ice or wrap it. Warm cakes can generate steam which will make your cake soggy.
  2. Crumb Coating: After cooling your cake, apply a thin layer of frosting known as a ‘crumb coat.’ Doing so will prevent the cake from becoming dry and create a flat surface for the final coating of icing.
  3. Proper Wrapping: If you need to serve the cake immediately, wrap each layer in multiple layers of plastic wrap. Ensure the wrap is tight, but be gentle to avoid damaging the cake.
  4. Freezing: Consider freezing the cake if the wedding takes a few days [1]. After you have wrapped it in plastic wrap, give it an additional layer of protection against freezer burn by wrapping it in aluminum foil. Freeze each layer individually.
  5. Thawing: When you’re ready to assemble and frost the cake, move it from the freezer to the refrigerator to let it thaw slowly. Rapid temperature changes can result in a soggy cake.
  6. Assemble the Day Off: Assemble and add the final frosting and decorations to the cake on the wedding day. This ensures everything looks fresh and perfect.
  7. Keep it Cool: Keep the cake in a cool area away from direct sunlight until it’s time to serve it.
  8. Transport Safely: Ensure safe transport of the cake to the wedding venue. Ensure it’s level and secure so it won’t shift or topple during transit.

How Long Can A Wedding Cake Stay In The Refrigerator?

A properly stored wedding cake in the fridge can typically last three to five days. But this is only sometimes the case and might change depending on the cake’s ingredients and style. 

Wrapping it in plastic wrap or placing the cake in an airtight container are good ways to ensure it will remain edible for as long as possible. 

Freezing the cake for longer is a good option if you plan to keep the cake for longer. But how long can a chocolate cake stay in the fridge?

Is It Safe To Leave A Wedding Cake Out Overnight?

If you plan to leave a wedding cake out overnight, it is not recommended due to the potential risk of compromising its freshness, texture, and overall quality. 

This is especially true for cakes with perishable ingredients like cream cheese, custard, or dairy-based products. 

“Planning a wedding is a whirlwind, but ordering your dream cake in advance allows you to savor the sweet anticipation without any last-minute stress.”

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However, cakes with more stable ingredients like buttercream or fondant may be left out temporarily in a cool, dry environment. 

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What Are The Best Flavor For A Wedding Cake?

slicing lemon wedding cake

1. Lemon Cake

A refreshing and citrusy option, perfect for a summer or outdoor wedding. Lemon-flavored cake with lemon curd or buttercream offers a delightful tangy sweetness.

2. Almond Cake

For a nutty and aromatic flavor, an almond cake is a popular choice [2]. Pair it with almond-flavored buttercream or fillings for a harmonious and delicate taste.

3. Chocolate Cake

A rich and indulgent flavor that many people adore. 

From chocolate cake with chocolate ganache to pairing it with complementary flavors like raspberry or salted caramel, there are various ways to incorporate chocolate into your wedding cake.

4. Vanilla Cake 

A timeless choice that appeals to a wide range of palates. Vanilla cake with buttercream or filling is a classic combination that always stays in style.

5. Cardamom Cake 

If you want a cake to be served at a wedding, one made of cardamom is worth considering. 

This cake flavor is unique and delicious – sweet, citrusy, and subtle notes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of all guests.

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What is the most common filling for wedding cakes?

The most common fillings for wedding cakes often include pastry cream, vanilla, or chocolate due to their versatility and crowd-pleasing nature.

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What is the most traditional type of wedding cake?

The most traditional type of wedding cake is a multi-tiered vanilla cake covered in white fondant or buttercream icing. 

Final Thoughts

Based on my experience and insights, ordering your dream wedding cake should be a priority in your wedding planning checklist. 

Aim to start the process around four to six months before the big day to secure the best cake designers and bakers. 

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to ensuring a fresh and delectable cake. Keep it in the fridge or freezer if possible; otherwise, a cool, dry spot is best. 

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to savoring a perfectly fresh wedding cake that will delight both you and your guests on your special day.


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