How Do You Say Happy Thanksgiving In Spanish

How Do You Say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish?

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, numerous individuals eagerly anticipate spending time with their loved ones and acknowledging the things they are grateful for.

And in a world with many different cultures, it’s good to appreciate all the different traditions and their languages, especially if you have Spanish-speaking friends and relatives. 

But how do you say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish? 

Well, fear not; whether you’re planning to host a bilingual Thanksgiving feast or want to extend your good wishes in another language, I’ll guide you on how to say that heartwarming phrase. 

How To Say “Happy Thanksgiving” In Spanish?

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To convey “Happy Thanksgiving” in Spanish, you have two commonly used options: “Feliz día de acción de gracias” and “Día de Dar Gracias.” 

While both expressions are understood and appreciated, “Feliz día de acción de gracias” is the more widely recognized choice. 

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” 

Henry Van Dyke, American Writer

It’s a simple and respectful way to extend your warm wishes to Spanish-speaking friends and family this holiday season. 

So, whether you’re sending a greeting card or sharing your gratitude around the Thanksgiving table, these phrases will help you connect and celebrate in Spanish.

But how will you say “trick or treat” in Spanish?

Do People In Spain Have Thanksgiving?

No, people in Spain do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the same manner as Americans. However, Spaniards value gatherings and quality time with loved ones. 

Whether it’s a holiday or not, Spaniards are known for their enthusiasm for coming together, 

sharing good times, and savoring delicious food in the company of family and friends, especially for Thanksgiving. 

So, while Thanksgiving as a formal holiday may not exist, the spirit of togetherness and appreciation transcends borders, making any occasion a reason to celebrate in Spain.

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When Do Hispanics Celebrate Thanksgiving?

In Mexico and many other Hispanic communities, Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional holiday, but you can find people observing it on the third Thursday in November. 

While it may not be as widely celebrated as in the United States, you’ll still come across individuals and families carving turkeys, expressing gratitude, and hosting gatherings as a way to embrace the spirit of giving thanks, even if the formal holiday isn’t a part of their cultural traditions.

What Kind Of Food Do People In Spain Eat On Thanksgiving?

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1. Onion Soup (Sopa de cebolla)

This warm and comforting soup is often served as a starter. It features caramelized onions [1], broth, and sometimes a crusty layer of cheese on top.

2. Red Cabbage With Pine Nuts, Raisins, & Apple

This colorful side dish combines the crunchiness of red cabbage with the sweetness of raisins and apples, creating a vibrant and tasty addition to the Thanksgiving spread.

3. “Asturian” Bean Stew (Fabada asturiana)

Hailing from the Asturias region of Spain, this hearty bean stew includes white beans, sausages, and sometimes pork belly or ham. It’s a staple of Spanish cuisine, especially during colder months.

4. Spanish Roast Chicken

A succulent roast chicken is seasoned with a blend of Spanish herbs and spices, infusing it with robust and aromatic flavors.

But what kind of turkey do you usually eat on Thanksgiving?

5. Spanish Stuffing With Pancetta, Fried Eggs, & Grapes

This unique stuffing combines savory pancetta, fried eggs, and sweet grapes, resulting in a delightful blend of flavors and textures.

6. Chicken & Chorizo Stew

This rich stew features tender chicken and spicy chorizo sausage, creating a savory and hearty main course.

7. Papas Arrugadas con Mojo

Translating to “wrinkled potatoes with mojo,” this dish consists of small, salted potatoes [2] that are boiled until their skins wrinkle. 

“It doesn’t matter which language you speak; the sentiment of Thanksgiving remains the same.”

Howkapow Gift Site

They are served with mojo sauce, a flavorful condiment typically made with garlic, paprika, and olive oil.

How Do Mexicans Celebrate The Thanksgiving Holiday?

Mexican Thanksgiving celebrations revolve around the harvest season, embracing autumn-inspired decorations like fall leaves, pumpkins, fruits, regional flowers, and warm color palettes. 

Families enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal combining Mexican and American influences, featuring turkey and beloved Mexican dishes like tamales and mole. 

This blend of cultural traditions reflects the Mexican appreciation for the holiday’s spirit of gratitude and togetherness, creating a unique and flavorful Thanksgiving experience.

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Who else besides the United States celebrates Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated in other countries, such as Liberia, Saint Lucia, Canada, and Grenada.

And it’s informally observed in countries like Brazil and the Philippines. Thanksgiving is also commemorated in the Dutch town of Leiden and the Australian territory of Norfolk Island.

What is the primary meal of the day in Spanish?

In Spanish culture, the primary meal of the day is called “Almuerzo” or “Comida.” 

How do you say “Happy Thanksgiving” in the best way?

For a heartfelt expression of Thanksgiving wishes, consider saying, “May your Thanksgiving be filled with abundant reasons for gratitude” or “Sending you a harvest of blessings.”

These heartfelt expressions capture the essence of gratitude and goodwill, making them ideal for conveying the spirit of Thanksgiving in the best way possible.

But how do you say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Italian?

What country observes Thanksgiving on a different date?

Liberia, located in West Africa, observes Thanksgiving on a different date. 

They celebrate it on the first Thursday of November, setting it apart from the traditional Thanksgiving date observed in the United States.

But how can you say “Happy Thanksgiving” in German?

Key Takeaways

Expressing “Happy Thanksgiving” in Spanish can be done using phrases like “Feliz día de acción de gracias” or “Día de Dar Gracias.” 

These phrases are a warm and respectful way to extend your well wishes this holiday season, allowing you to connect with Spanish-speaking friends and family.

While Thanksgiving is not traditionally celebrated in Spain, it highlights that the spirit of togetherness and appreciation transcends borders. 

Spaniards are known for their love of gatherings and sharing moments with loved ones, emphasizing the universal value of gratitude and quality time with family and friends.


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