How Do You Say Happy Thanksgiving In Italian

How Do You Say Happy Thanksgiving in Italian? Full Guide

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While enjoying a meal with my loved ones at a charming Italian villa, the scents of succulent roasted turkey and rich gravy wafted through the air.

It was Thanksgiving Day, and my family and I found ourselves in the heart of Italy, far from our homeland, yet equally grateful for the moment.

To break the ice and share the spirit of the occasion with my newfound Italian friends, I needed to convey the warm sentiment of “Happy Thanksgiving” in their native language.

And if you’re wondering this question, “How do you say Happy Thanksgiving in Italian?” 

Well, I’ll show you how to express this phrase in Italian, making your Thanksgiving celebration a cross-cultural experience to remember.

How Can You Say “Happy Thanksgiving” In Italian?

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In Italian, conveying the heartfelt sentiment of “Happy Thanksgiving” is beautifully expressed as “buona festa del ringraziamento” or “Felice Ringraziamento.” 

These phrases translate to “Happy Feast of Thanksgiving” or “Happy Thanksgiving Holiday,” respectively. 

“Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.” 

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Whether you find yourself in Italy during this special time or wish to share the spirit of gratitude with Italian-speaking friends and family, these expressions serve as a delightful bridge between cultures, emphasizing the universal theme of thankfulness.

But how can you say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Spanish?

Do Italians Have A Thanksgiving Celebration?

Italians do not have a Thanksgiving celebration similar to the North American tradition. 

Instead, they have numerous occasions referred to as “La Festa del Ringraziamento” or the “Festival of Thanks.” 

These events are tied to various religious holidays held throughout the year, primarily dedicated to honoring patron saints. 

While Italy does not observe Thanksgiving like the United States and Canada, its rich cultural tapestry includes many regional festivals and feasts, each with its unique significance and culinary delights.

What Do Italians Say When They’re Celebrating?

When people celebrate birthdays or holidays in Italy, they often say “Auguri.” It’s like wishing someone good luck or best wishes. 

They use it during Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, and when it’s someone’s birthday. It’s a simple way to show they care and want good things for the person they’re celebrating with. 

So, when Italians are having a good time and want to share their happiness, you’ll hear them saying “Auguri” to make the moment even more special.

What Do Italians Have For Dinner On Thanksgiving?

An Italian Thanksgiving celebration in North America blends the rich traditions of both cultures, often incorporating antipasti, pasta or soup courses, and various traditional sweets into their Thanksgiving dinner. 

5 Tasty Dishes That Italians Have During Thanksgiving

Ricotta spinach filling

1. Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms

Italians often begin their Thanksgiving feast with these delectable appetizers. 

Plump mushrooms are generously filled with creamy ricotta cheese, herbs, and a hint of garlic [1], creating a savory and satisfying start to the meal.

2. Spiced Pumpkin Soup

A warm bowl of spiced pumpkin soup is a delightful addition to the Italian Thanksgiving menu. 

Rich and velvety, this soup blends the earthy flavors of roasted pumpkin with an irresistible mix of spices, making it a comforting choice for the autumn celebration.

3. Italian Turkey Meatballs

While Italians may not roast a whole turkey like their North American counterparts, they savor the flavors of turkey in the form of succulent meatballs. 

“Saying ‘Felice Ringraziamento’ in Italy is like offering a slice of pumpkin pie to your soul – warm, sweet, and filled with gratitude.”

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These seasoned morsels served with a savory tomato sauce, offer a taste of tradition with a unique Italian twist.

4. Tortellini With Zucca

Thanksgiving dinners in Italy wouldn’t be complete without pasta, and “Tortellini with Zucca” fits the bill perfectly. 

This dish combines delicate pasta parcels filled with roasted pumpkin, creating a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that pay homage to the fall season.

5. Tiramisu

To round off their Thanksgiving meal on a sweet note, Italians indulge in the classic dessert, Tiramisu. 

Layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, dusted with cocoa powder [2], offer a delightful and indulgent conclusion to the Italian Thanksgiving dinner.

Is It A Good Time To Visit Italy Around Thanksgiving?

Visiting Italy around Thanksgiving, in November, is a good time for travelers seeking a more relaxed and authentic experience. 

During this period, Italy welcomes visitors with smaller crowds, which means you can explore iconic attractions without the usual tourist hustle and bustle. 

Plus, the weather is milder than the scorching summer months, making it ideal for sightseeing. Lower costs for accommodations and attractions further sweeten the deal. 



Does Florence have a Thanksgiving celebration?

Yes, Florence has a Thanksgiving celebration. 

It offers a variety of options for celebrating Thanksgiving on November 24th, particularly to accommodate the international community, ensuring that those who wish to observe the holiday can do so in the heart of this beautiful Italian city.

What’s the most popular Italian greeting?

The most widely used Italian greeting is “Ciao.” 

It is a versatile and casual way to say hello and goodbye in Italian, reflecting Italian culture’s friendly and approachable nature.

Find out the translation of “Happy Thanksgiving” in German here.

What is the French word for Thanksgiving?

In France, Thanksgiving is known as “le Jour de Merci Donnant.” 

In A Nutshell

Conveying “Happy Thanksgiving” in Italian is a warm and meaningful way to embrace the spirit of gratitude during this cherished holiday. 

While Italians in Italy do not have a Thanksgiving celebration mirroring North America, they have their unique “La Festa del Ringraziamento” tied to various religious holidays honoring patron saints. 

To say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Italian, you can use either “buona festa del ringraziamento” or “Felice Ringraziamento.” 

These phrases cover the essence of gratitude and togetherness, whether you’re celebrating with Italian-speaking friends or family. 

This linguistic bridge connects two cultures, emphasizing the universal value of giving thanks and celebrating the blessings in our lives.


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