How Do You Make A Veteran Feel Loved

How Do You Make a Veteran Feel Loved? Heartfelt Actions

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Establishing a genuine bond with a veteran is a sincere way to show gratitude. Through my experience interacting with veterans, I have personally seen the powerful effect of genuine care and support.

But how do you make a veteran feel loved? 

Making a veteran feel loved doesn’t require grand gestures or elaborate plans. It’s often the small, heartfelt actions that can make all the difference. 

Here, I’ll share meaningful ways to express your appreciation and make a veteran feel cherished and valued.

10 Heartfelt Ways To Make A Veteran Feel Loved

1. Visiting A War Memorial

War Memorial

Visiting a war memorial is a powerful way to show love and care to a veteran. It’s a chance to honor their sacrifice and remember those who have passed away. 

Being there, reading the names on the memorial, and feeling the solemn atmosphere can bring up a lot of emotions. 

It helps the veteran feel like they’re not alone, that their service is appreciated, and that others share their respect and thankfulness.

2. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

One way to make veterans feel loved is by supporting businesses [1] they own. 

By buying products or using services from these businesses, you contribute directly to helping these brave individuals who have served our country. 

“Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history.” 

Mary Roach, American Writer

This support allows them to show their talents and skills in the civilian world and find stability after their service. But what essential items that veterans need the most?

3. Share A Coffee Moment

Sitting together, drinking coffee, and chatting creates a space for connection and conversation. 

It allows veterans to share their stories and experiences and lets them know they have support and understanding. 

Taking the time to enjoy coffee together demonstrates that their sacrifices are valued and not forgotten.

4. Advocate For Veterans’ Rights

Advocating for veterans’ rights shows them that they are loved and valued. It means standing up for their needs and concerns as they have sacrificed for their country. 

By supporting laws that improve veterans’ healthcare and mental health services and promoting job and education opportunities, we can demonstrate our gratitude and create a more supportive society. 

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5. Deliver A Homemade Dinner

Pasta on a Pot

Delivering a homemade dinner is a simple act that can make a big impact. By preparing and delivering a meal, you offer a personal touch and show that you care. 

The delicious food nourishes their body and warms their heart, reminding them that their service is deeply valued. 

6. Volunteer For Veteran Causes

Volunteering their time to support veterans through various activities like helping with healthcare services, organizing events, or simply being there as companions sends a clear message that their sacrifices are recognized. 

Volunteering creates a sense of togetherness and support. 

“Love for veterans isn’t bound by words; it’s proven through our actions of support and gratitude.”

Howkapow Gift Site

It’s about honoring their service and ensuring veterans get the care and assistance they deserve, ultimately strengthening our communities.

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7. Employ Veterans

Veterans bring valuable skills, discipline, and dedication to the workplace. 

Employing them acknowledges their sacrifices and helps them transition to civilian life with stability and a sense of purpose. 

By offering veterans meaningful job opportunities, we allow them to use their unique talents and contribute to society in a new way. 

8. Initiate Service Projects With Veterans

Collaborating on service projects with veterans benefits the community and creates a sense of unity and purpose among veterans. 

By working together on projects that make a positive difference, we show our gratitude practically. 

Getting involved in service projects with veterans acknowledges their contributions and reinforces that their skills and commitment remain valuable long after their time in the military. 

9. Showing Some Love & Gratitude

Simply showing love and gratitude is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a veteran feel loved. 

A sincere “thank you” or a genuine expression of appreciation can significantly impact recognizing their sacrifices and service to our country. 

10. Listen Actively

Old Man

Veterans often carry meaningful stories from their service; giving them the chance to share those experiences can be important. 

By showing a genuine interest in their stories and being there to listen, we honor their journey and provide a space for them to express their feelings.


What do veterans have the most difficulty with?

Veterans often face various challenges upon returning from their service. One of the most prevalent difficulties is coping with physical and mental health issues. 

Common problems include posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), problematic alcohol use [2], depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. 

What’s so special about veterans?

Veterans are extraordinary individuals who exemplify resilience, dedication, and talent. They are the guardians of our freedom, ensuring our security and preserving our history.

And they selflessly risk their lives for the sake of people they’ve never met.

Wrapping Up

Making a veteran feel loved is a deeply rewarding endeavor that requires sincerity and thoughtfulness. 

My experiences have revealed that two simple yet profound gestures can go a long way. 

Visiting a war memorial together offers a shared reverence and connection, acknowledging their sacrifices and service. 

Likewise, sharing a cup of coffee while engaging in genuine conversation fosters a sense of companionship and understanding. 

These acts and the other ways I have shared collectively communicate a heartfelt message of gratitude and appreciation.


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