Homemade Teddy Bear Centerpieces For Baby Shower

10 Homemade Teddy Bear Centerpieces For Baby Shower

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The onset of celebrations for the arrival of a new baby is always brimming with excitement. Loved ones, including family and friends, often wish to partake in the joy. Organizing a baby shower with a teddy bear theme is a wonderful idea.

Teddy bear centerpieces can make your baby shower more fun. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your baby shower stand out, homemade teddy bear centerpieces for a baby shower can be a great idea. 

Top 10 Ideas For Homemade Teddy Bear Centerpieces (Baby Shower)

Top 10 Ideas For Homemade Teddy Bear Centerpieces (Baby Shower)

1. Teddy Bear Hot Air Balloon

Teddy bear hot air balloons are the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower. You can make your hot air balloon by covering a large piece of fabric with balloons and then adding ribbons, bows, and other decorations. Attach the balloons to the strings and to a basket where the teddy bear is placed.

This idea will require more balloons if you don’t want to use a big one, but it’s worth trying if you want something different than just filling vases with flowers!

2. Sitting On A Boxed Gift

Sitting On A Boxed Gift

This teddy bear centerpiece idea would be perfect for a baby shower decoration because it’s so easy to make, and you can customize it however you’d like. You can use a boxed gift for the bear to sit on. You can use any box, as long as it’s the same size as your teddy bear.

The first step is to take a box and wrap it in wrapping paper or ribbon. You can also use a bow if you like. Get creative with the other decorations—you can even write letters on the boxes!

3. Flying Teddy Bear

This centerpiece idea of a flying teddy bear balloon is similar to a teddy bear hot air balloon. The only difference would be that the teddy bear is flying (floating) in the air while holding balloons. 

This idea is quite simple, but it’s also pretty awesome. It would be best to have a balloon, a teddy bear and some string. Tie the string around the neck of the bear and hang him from the ceiling or a doorframe. Then blow up your balloon and tie it to his hand before letting him go! It’s like having your flying teddy bear!

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4. Teddy Bear Candle

Teddy Bear Candle

You can place a teddy bear on a table as a centerpiece for a simple but elegant centerpiece. Add two glasses of water, one with wine and the other with juice. Place a lit candle in front of the teddy bear, and you have an instant centerpiece!

You can also use this idea for any occasion you want to add some whimsy to your table setting. Aside from a baby shower, you can try it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even as part of an Easter brunch setup!

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5. Teddy Bear & Flowers In A Vase

It’s time to take your teddy bear decorating to the next level by including one of the most popular items in your adult ceremonies: flowers [1]. Not only will this look make a great centerpiece that gives a sweet vibe, but it also adds a nice pop of color that can match any theme occasion. This centerpiece is a great idea if you want to decorate without spending much money. 

Plus, you can use this idea for many different occasions, so it’s not just limited to baby showers!

6. Topped On A Cake

Topped On A Cake

It’s an adorable idea to use a teddy bear on top of the cake and as a centerpiece for a baby shower. The teddy bear can be placed on top of the cake. It would be best to use a small teddy bear so it won’t be heavy on top of the cake.

If you wish to get more creative with this idea, consider placing something edible in front of your teddy bear so that it looks like he has been eating it at his party! But what should you write on a baby shower cake?

7. Wrapped In A Blanket

Another great idea is a teddy bear wrapped in a blanket as a centerpiece for a baby shower. You can make a teddy bear centerpiece by wrapping a blanket around the bear. You can use any blanket color for this, but try to match it to the color of your teddy bears. For example, choose a white towel or washcloth if you have white teddy bears. Wrap this around the bear and tie it with a ribbon to stay in place.

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8. On A Diaper

On A Diaper

Another idea for a baby shower is to use a diaper to make a teddy bear centerpiece. You can use any size diaper, but it’s best to have the larger ones that fit newborns. For example, you can use an actual baby’s diaper and place it on a plate. Or you could use a pink or blue diaper, whichever color works best with your theme. Then add some flowers around the edge of the plate and put your adorable teddy bear in front of it.

9. Baby Bottle Hugger

Wrapping a bear in a blanket is a great way to create an adorable centerpiece for your baby shower. You could also use this technique to make a teddy bear with a bottle in its mouth, or you can wrap the bottle and then have the bear hold it.

Another option is to wrap the bottle and have the teddy bear’s arms wrapped around it. Or, if you want something more fun, use two teddy bears when you’re having twins. Try wrapping both arms of your teddy bears around one another while they hug each other!

10. With A Basket of Goodies

With A Basket of Goodies

A basket of goodies is a great way to keep your teddy bear centerpiece from looking like unique than just another stuffed animal. It’s also the perfect way to add more meaning to your bear centerpiece and make it more personal than something generic.

For example, you could fill a basket with things that have special meaning for you or your family—like framed photos of loved ones and friends or knitted baby booties that you made [2] or by your mom.


How do you make a teddy bear holding a balloon centerpiece?

To make a teddy bear holding a balloon centerpiece, you can take a stuffed bear and put a balloon using hot glue. Decorate the balloon with a ribbon, if desired. Take a piece of paper and glue it to the balloon. Place this inside the bear’s paw for added realism.

Are homemade teddy bear centerpieces gender-neutral?

Yes, a homemade teddy bear as a centerpiece is gender-neutral. A teddy bear is a beloved symbol of childhood, making it gender-neutral for any usage.

They are not decorated with anything specific to one gender. Also, a teddy bear theme is even for other occasions such as a birthday party. 

Wow Your Guests With Teddies!

Almost all of us are always attached to the cuteness of a teddy bear when we see one. So, no doubt, using a teddy bear as a centerpiece for a baby shower can make your guests feel the wow factor, especially if you put creativity into making these centerpieces.

The best way to get started is to select a centerpiece design that suits your personality and the type of event you’re planning. It’s worth pointing out that making a teddy bear centerpiece yourself is not difficult; all it takes is a little creativity and some patience. 


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