Homemade Day Of The Dead Costume Ideas

8 Best Homemade Day Of The Dead Costume Ideas (Updated)

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When the Day of the Dead arrives, you will discover a vibrant world filled with joyful music, vivid hues, and captivating attire to immerse yourself in.

But what are some of the Homemade Day of the Dead costume ideas?

As someone who loves this special cultural celebration, I’ve discovered the joy of making my Day of the Dead costumes. So, I’ll share some of my favorite ideas to inspire you.

8 Handcrafted Costume Ideas For The Day Of The Dead

1. Skeleton Bride

skeleton bride

Skeleton bride costumes are easy to create with basic materials and a few fun accessories. 

You will need a white or black long-sleeved shirt and pants to start. Black fabric paint is then used to draw on the skeleton features such as rib cages and bones. 

To complete the look, you can add accessories such as a veil, a bouquet of skeleton flowers, and a skeletal mask. 

Add a white or black lace dress or skirt to make it more authentic.

And if you want to make it even more eye-catching, you can add colorful skulls, glitter, and tulle to your ensemble. 

2. Sugar Skull Warrior

You can easily make the sugar skull warrior costume with only a few inexpensive items. To recreate the look of a Sugar Skull Warrior, start by painting a white face mask with dark purple, pink, and black paint.

Once the paint has dried, add details to the mask with black glitter and colorful gems.

For the rest of the costume, pair a black long-sleeved shirt and pants with a white sash and a purple cape.

Accessorize with a sparkly silver and purple headband, silver jewelry [1], and plenty of colorful, sparkly face paint.

Finish your look with a pair of black boots and a large feathered headdress.

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3. Rainbow Calavera

This costume combines the traditional Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos with a splash of vibrant colors. 

To start, you will need to purchase a white Calavera mask, colorful face paint, and a variety of colorful fabric scraps. Begin by painting your mask with face paint in various colors. 

“How people die remains in the memory of those who live on.” 

Dame Cicely Saunders, English Nurse

Once the mask is dry, attach the fabric scraps with hot glue. You can create a colorful border around the edge of the mask or add unique designs, such as flowers. 

Finish the look with a colorful dress and a pair of festive shoes. But what should you wear to a Halloween party?

4. Dia De Los Muertos Catrina

Traditional Catrina Makeup

The Dia de Los Muertos Catrina is an iconic symbol of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. 

Its bright and colorful costume can easily be constructed home with simple materials and a few work hours. 

To make a Catrina costume, you’ll need a white face mask, gloves, a black dress, a colorful scarf, and a pair of large paper mache skulls. 

Then follow these steps to have the best Dia de Los Muertos Catrina costume: 

  • Paint the face mask and gloves white, and decorate the skulls with vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Take the black dress and wrap the colorful scarf around the waist to create a skirt. Paint the skulls to match the scarf, then attach them to the dress with safety pins.
  • Put on the face mask, gloves, and dress, and you’re ready to go. 

5. Aztec Warrior

To make the Aztec warrior costume, start with an off-white or light brown tunic and use fabric paints or markers to draw intricate Aztec warrior designs on the fabric. 

Next, add a feathered headdress and a pair of sandals. Use brown and black fabric to make a belt and arm cuffs. Use a long cloth or rope to make a sash for the waist. 

Finally, accessorize with jewelry and a shield. To complete the look, use face paints or makeup to make a traditional Aztec warrior face. 

“Through your own hands, bring the essence of the Day of the Dead to life in a homemade costume that celebrates the beauty of life and the power of remembrance.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Use gold, black, and brown face paints and draw a tribal pattern around the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

6. Marigold Angel

As marigolds are traditionally used to decorate shrines of the dead, dressing up as a marigold angel is a beautiful way to pay homage to the Day of the Dead. 

To create the look and costume, you must have a long white [2] dress, a colorful headpiece made of marigolds, and a pair of wings. 

The dress can be found at any thrift store or costume shop, and the headpiece and wings can be crafted with fake marigolds and cardboard. 

Add some face paint and colorful accessories like feathers, jewelry, and a sash to complete the look. 

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7. Skeleton Mariachi

Skeleton Mariachi is an excellent choice as it is easy to assemble with a few basic items, such as black pants and a white shirt. 

A sombrero and a black bow tie will complete the look. For the skeleton effect, you can use black face paint to create the skull shape and white paint to accentuate the facial features. 

To accessorize the look, consider adding a guitar and a mariachi hat for a more authentic costume.

8. Luchador

man wearing luchador costume

Of course, we cannot forget one of the greatest costumes that most people wear during Halloween or the Day of the dead, the luchador. 

To make the costume, you will need a few basic materials, including spandex fabric, scissors, glue, and a needle and thread. 

Start by cutting the spandex into the shape of a bodysuit and then sew the pieces together. 

Glue on any embellishments you would like and attach straps to the back of the bodysuit to make it easier to put on and take off. 

Finally, make the mask. You can find plenty of tutorials online to help you make a luchador mask.

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What color do you typically wear for the Day of the Dead?

People typically wear bright colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, representing marigolds, to celebrate the Day of the Dead. 

Marigolds are often seen as a prominent color during the Day of the Dead festivities, representing the cycle of life and death.

What is the most inappropriate Day of the Dead costume?

Wearing a costume that mocks or trivializes the Day of the Dead is highly inappropriate and disrespectful. 

Some examples are those that portray negative stereotypes of Mexican culture or make light of the holiday’s traditions.

But is it possible for you to sit while wearing an inflatable costume?

Is it OK to dress up for the Day of the Dead?

It is generally acceptable to dress up for the Day of the Dead as long as the costume is respectful and culturally appropriate, plus the makeup should not be disturbing to look at.

So, it’s essential to understand the holiday’s significance and avoid appropriating or mocking the associated traditions.

But what’s the difference between Halloween and Dia de los Muertos?

Do Mexicans dress up for the Day of the Dead?

Yes, Mexicans often dress up for the Day of the Dead, especially the revelers in Mexico City.

They wear colorful traditional clothing, such as elaborate costumes or dresses adorned with skulls and flowers like Calavera Catrina, to honor their deceased loved ones.

Key Takeaways

In my search for an amazing Halloween costume, I came across some fantastic ideas for homemade Day of the Dead costumes.

There’s a skeleton bride that looks stunning, a sugar skull warrior that looks fierce, and even a rainbow Calavera bursting with vibrant colors.

These costumes show off the imagination and skill of those celebrating this Mexican holiday.

Making your Day of the Dead costume lets you add your personal touch and honor a rich cultural tradition.

So, ready your paints, feathers, and flowers, and let your creativity soar as you bring these iconic characters to life.


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