Hazelton's Gift Baskets Review

Hazelton’s Gift Baskets Review (Updated)

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Recently, gift baskets have become a favored way to show appreciation to someone.

Hazelton’s gift basket is just one example of the many that have emerged due to the trend’s widespread popularity. 

In this Hazelton’s gift basket review, let’s examine their product, overall value, and services to see if it’s worth your money. 

What Is Hazelton’s? 

Hazleton's gift baskets on a Table

Hazelton’s is a Canadian specialty store that provides luxury gifts and gourmet foods. 

Founded in 1985, the company is committed to providing customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. 

Gifts and gift baskets are available in various categories, including those catering to health-conscious consumers, beer and wine enthusiasts, those who observe a kosher diet, those who appreciate the beauty of nature, and animal lovers of all stripes. 

Hazelton’s has stores in Toronto and Canada, as well as an online store that ships its products worldwide.


  • It comes in a variety of options and is made with high-quality products
  • Customers have the option to customize their gift baskets
  • Suitable for different occasions


  • High price
  • Packaging may not be as visually appealing
  • Shipping delays or lost packages
  • Limited options for customization

Gift Basket Packaging 

Hazelton’s offers a variety of luxurious gift basket packaging that will impress. So we tried buying their Garden Champagne Shop Basket for about $70.

We quickly read the reviews and noticed many customers found the products fresh and well-packaged.

And based on our observations, how they arranged the items inside the basket is visually appealing, contributing to the gift basket’s overall presentation.

They also took precautions to ensure the champagne wouldn’t be broken in transit by wrapping it in sturdy packaging.

Meanwhile, the robust and long-lasting packaging guarantees that the basket’s contents remain undamaged throughout delivery.

Lastly, everything that you see on their website is exactly what you will receive, and up to this point, we have been pleased with the services that they have provided.

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What’s Inside The Hazelton’s Gift Basket? 

The basket typically includes a variety of gourmet foods, such as chocolates, cookies, nuts, and premium teas and coffees. 

It also contains a selection of artisanal cheeses, crackers [1], fresh fruits, and preserves. 

To round out the gift, Hazelton’s often includes a bottle of fine wine or champagne and elegant stemware. 

“The best gift you can give is a hug: one size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it.”

Marge Piercy, American Activist

Plus, the gift basket is elegantly presented, often with a beautiful bow or ribbon, making it a perfect choice for any special occasion.

So if you want to give your loved ones Hazelton’s gift basket, buy their custom gourmet gift basket, or if you want to be luxurious, you can buy their wine and cheese shop basket. 

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How To Order

We’ve seen that there is little difference between ordering gift baskets from Hazelton’s and any other online store.

But to give you an idea of how to order, you must first visit their website to view their selection of items. You can also order through telephone, live chat, or Email. 

Once you decide what items you want to purchase, add the items to your online cart. Then, you can proceed to the checkout page to enter your shipping and billing information. 

Lastly, you will receive an order confirmation email, and your items will be shipped. 

In terms of customer service, they provided an excellent experience for me because they were accommodating.

But one criticism we’ve heard from customers is that they found customer service representatives to be evasive and only provide vague answers.

How Does Hazelton’s Delivery Operate? 

Hazelton’s delivery operates through a streamlined process, allowing customers to place orders online or over the phone. 

Once an order is placed, the customer will be given an expected delivery date, and the delivery team will pick up the goods from the supplier and deliver them to their destination. 

All deliveries are tracked, and customers will receive email updates on their orders. And the shipping fee costs around $100, depending on your chosen shipping method. 

Hazelton’s standard delivery time for residential addresses is up until 8 pm and 5 pm for business addresses. And usually, the delivery will take 2-3 days to arrive. 

But some customers claim that the company needs to catch up on delivery times. It will take about two weeks to arrive, instead of three, and sometimes it will be delivered later.

How Much Are The Gift Baskets From Hazelton’s? 

Woman Holding Gift Basket

The exact cost of a gift basket from Hazelton’s varies depending on the basket’s contents, but most baskets range in price from $40-$200. 

Plus, each basket is beautifully put together and includes a selection of gourmet treats, snacks, and goodies. 

Is Hazelton’s Gift Baskets Legit?

Hazelton’s Gift Basket is a legitimate business that offers a wide variety of high-quality gift baskets for every occasion, and they have been in the industry for over 30 years. 

They offer a wide range of baskets for all occasions, from baby gifts to corporate gifts and everything in between. 

Their products are made with quality materials, and their attention to detail ensures that each basket is made to order, ensuring that the recipient receives a truly special gift. 

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What Do Customers Say About Hazelton’s? 

There are a lot of mixed reviews about Hazelton’s, and I’ve heard and seen mostly negative comments about shipment and products. 

Many customers complained that their orders took longer than expected to ship and finally arrived. Besides, they are only sometimes notified when their order is canceled.

Others have voiced concern that the delivered products have already passed their expiration dates and that the fruits [2] still need to be kept fresh. 

But we’ve found the process of purchasing and placing an order completely different at Hazelton’s. The quality of the gift basket sent to me completely surpassed our expectations. 

Not just that, we were able to monitor the courier’s progress in real-time, making for a seamless delivery experience.

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How much should you make from selling a gift basket?

Generally, aiming at least 30%-50% in selling a gift basket would be best. 

To achieve that goal, you have to triple your labor cost; for example, if your labor costs $10 per basket, you should ask for $30 in exchange for it.

How many things should a gift basket have?

The ideal number of items in a gift basket is between four and five, varying depending on the event and your budget.

How much do people charge for gift baskets?

Many people charge between $200 and $250 for gift baskets, with larger baskets costing more.

Is it profitable to sell gift baskets?

Yes, it can be very profitable to sell gift baskets. And the profit a gift basket service makes is equivalent to the daily volume of baskets sold.

Many customers appreciate the convenience of purchasing various items in one package, making it a desirable shopping option.

Should You Buy Hazelton’s Gift Basket? 

After reading and trying out Hazelton’s gift basket, we can attest that it is excellent and highly recommended.

However, given how pricey they are, it is more practical to go with a more classic gift basket.

We would recommend ordering a fruit basket only if you’re concerned that the fruit will spoil before you get a chance to enjoy it. 

You can choose wine with nuts or cheese but still, be wary of the prices. 

Overall, Hazelton’s Gift Basket is an excellent choice for any occasion. The selection of items is varied and thoughtful, and the quality of the products is top-notch.


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