Havana Night Theme Party Ideas

8 Havana Night Theme Party Ideas (Updated)

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Do you appreciate the music and culture from the 1980s and seek to indulge in the festivities characteristic of that period? If so, a party themed around Havana Nights could be a perfect fit, offering a true taste of the time’s magnificence and refinement.

This party theme idea is perfect for those hosting an outdoor beach birthday party or in a tropical resort. Check out our list. 

8 Awesome Havana Night Theme Party Ideas

8 Awesome Havana Night Theme Party Ideas

1. Havana-Inspired Invitations

A proper invitation to the party is in first-order as it would be the key for your guest entering your party. Invite your guests by sending them a proper invitation card you can purchase online.

Alternatively, you can make the card look like a postcard directly coming from Cuba, complete with iconic Cuban imagery such as their flag [1] or national flower.

2. Turn The Venue Into A Hacienda

Turn The Venue Into A Hacienda

The best place to hold your Havana night theme party would be in a Cuban-inspired Hacienda, which is basically a large estate that serves as a vacation home for wealthy individuals in Spanish-speaking countries.

There are many Haciendas that are available for rent, which you can rent out for your night theme party for you and your guests to enjoy.

3. A La Cubana Party Food

Having a themed party means everything else within it should be matched, including the food served to your guests. Serve them authentic Cuban foods, such as the famous Arroz a la Cubana, which is a full meal perfect for the party theme you are aiming for.

Serve your partygoers with traditional Cuban foods and dishes to further emphasize the theme.

4. Dress A La Havana

Dress A La Havana

Like any themed party, there would be a specific dress code to follow, and the Havana night theme is no different. Men and women should follow the party’s theme to fully experience it.

Men should wear “nice and comfortable,” such as light pants and a cotton shirt. Meanwhile, women are encouraged to sweater dresses, rugby sweatshirts, taffeta paired with pouf dresses, and baby doll dresses paired with Capri leggings.

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5. Havana Theme Tablescape

It is best advised to set your event’s tablescape to a tropical theme with the usage of rustic and tropical items. One such example would be the usage of a burlap topper for a neutral base for your tables.

Usage of wooden kitchenware and utensils that are made from Cuban trees such as coconuts can help accentuate the Havana night theme further for your party.

6. Havana-Themed Cake

Havana-Themed Cake

Commonly at parties, cakes are served as a form of dessert to the guests. And, of course, a Havana night party isn’t complete without one itself. A Havana cake is the best dessert to end a full and delicious Cuban meal taken at such parties.

Mainly composed of milk and hazelnuts, this sweet and fluffy dessert will satisfy your guests’ tummies.

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7. Havana Fun Party Games

After having their stomachs full, guests would surely like to spend that accumulated energy on something fun and relaxing. Party games are one of the events many guests are looking forward to, especially those with kids and teenagers alike.

You can host a Conga line game activity while playing classic and vintage Cuban music. Also, a limbo contest is a must-have as a fun party game at a Havana night party.

8. Send Out Party Favors

Send Out Party Favors

To make the closing moments of your party more memorable, you can provide your guests with Cuban-themed souvenirs and small gifts. Pack those gifts in a Cuban cigar box filled with traditional sweets and candies such as excelsior and chocolate cigar bars for kids

For adults, gift them mini rum bottles and match books with mints that they can consume in their homes upon arrival. 


What do you wear to a Havana theme party?

You can wear light and comfortable clothing of your choosing to a Havana theme party. Light clothing is preferred on most occasions.

Men can wear light pants and a cotton shirt of any color they want. Women can wear sweater dresses, taffeta paired with pouf dresses, and baby doll dresses paired with Capri leggings.

When should you host a Havana night theme party?

The summer season is the perfect time to host a Havana night theme party. This is to match the tropical weather that Cuba has, in order to make the party more authentic.

Additionally, nights during the summer season are the best time to host an open-space party like a Havan night party since it would be cooler and comfortable outdoors, where most Havana night theme parties take place.

Party A La Cubana!

Experiencing what is like to have a night party in the ’80s is now possible thanks to party themes such as a Havana night theme party. Relieve the glitz and glamour in that era with Cuban music, food, clothing, activities, and scenery with your family, relatives, friends, and guests alike. 

Make sure to host the party in an actual Hacienda or Hacienda-like property to authenticate the whole night party experience. Better still, host your party on a tropical island near the beaches to further push the party feeling to everyone attending.


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