Best Harlem Nights Theme Party Ideas

8 Best Harlem Nights Theme Party Ideas (Updated)

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Organizing a party inspired by timeless and memorable films can be a fantastic idea, as it will bring a one-of-a-kind atmosphere to the event.

Do you want to party like it’s the 1920s with all the bells and whistles of that bygone era? Have your party themed after a famous movie called Harlem Nights. We’ve got some of the best Harlem Nights theme party ideas here. 

Top 8 Harlem Nights Theme Party Ideas To Try

1. 1920s Harlem High Society Look

1920s Harlem High Society Look

Fashion during the 1920s was about clean looks. Clean suits for men, while gorgeous dresses with eye-catching accessories for women.

Both genders will flaunt their beauty and looks to the public while maintaining an air of classiness and mystique in themselves and their actions.

2. Harlem Nights Outfit & Hairstyle

Men often wear the high-cut American or Italian suit, usually composed of a matching suit jacket, waistcoat (vest), a dress shirt underneath with a bowtie, and trousers. Common hairstyles are the clean-cut and slick back (ducktail).

Women often wear elegant dresses in bold colors. To match her outfit, she can bring additional accessories. The following can be a cocktail hat, fringe, and lame fur.

The common hairstyle was the wave bob pixie cut. Know what to wear to a Vegas pool party here

3. Harlem Nights Table Setting

Harlem Nights Table Setting

Since it’s all about the Hollywood-like glitz and glamour in the 1920s, having a matching table decor to your Harlem Nights theme party.

Often, tables are covered with elegant linens with a black-and-white color palette. Napkins are colored in a light tone of pink, and mini-floral arrangements are set on the table.

Other elements are added to complete the look, such as white ostrich feathers placed in tower glass vases. But what do you wear to a Blacklight Party?

4. Harlem Nights Themed Invitation

Sending a themed invitation card to your guest will further help boost the party’s theme. Add some Harlem Nights theme to your invitation cards using a black or darker color tone. Use the ST Harlem Nights Font to create your invitation’s message.

Using catchy colors for your invitation message will make it stand out. Use colors such as red with lighter highlights on a black background. Or use a darker color tone with a bold font.

5. Harlem Nights Appetizers, Drinks, & Desserts

Harlem Nights Appetizers, Drinks, & Desserts

Foods and drinks served in a Harlem Nights theme party should be eye-catching and tasty.

Commonly served food is those of bite-size variety, such as deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail. Drinks served should be bar drinks based on iced tea with lemonade, such as gin fizz and mint julep. You can also find some TikTok cake ideas here

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6. 1920s Harlem Nights Backdrop & Photo Booth

Have a professional photographer take commemorative photos and videos of your event. Have him placed in a dedicated photo booth themed after the party itself.

Have the photo booth be designed as a backdrop similarly used by Hollywood celebrities when taking a photo. Make sure to give the photos to your attendees for a party remembrance.

7. Harlem Nights Jazz Music

Harlem Nights Jazz Music

Jazz was a prominent music genre during the 1920s [1]. It is best used as your party’s music to push its theme further. Have your attendees relax in the music of an era where exploration and growth were commonly associated.

Listen to soft and calming music made by various musical instruments that creates a unique tone and music that would be music to your ears (no pun intended).

8. Harlem Nights Party Favors

Give themed party favors to your guest in the closing section of your party. Please provide them with mini-memorabilia from the 1920s, such as a vintage time capsule tin can popular during that era.

You can include more themed gifts inside the tin can, such as mini wine or champagne bottles (preferably brands that existed during that time), candies, and chocolates themed after famous brands like Oh Henry Chocolate bar.


Is the Harlem Nights theme party great for all ages?

Not really. A Harlem Nights theme party is not great for all ages, as younger adults might find the theme boring and lackluster.

Older adults in their 50s and above might be able to enjoy such parties better than other age groups.

Can men use the Harlem Nights theme for their parties?

Yes, men can use a Harlem Nights theme for their parties, as men have also been active in their respective societies during that time.

Most jazz players and composers were men, and those who performed jazz music at bars and parties were mostly men, as well. 

Final Thoughts

Throwing in a Harlem Nights-themed party is one way of celebrating something with a blast. The music, fashion, and history of that era have been preserved through its music and memory. 

You can make a successful one by having your guests wear time-appropriate clothing. Meanwhile, using that era’s signs, colors, and designs can help boost your party’s overall theme.

Serve your guests with authentic meals that have existed since the 1920s. And let them enjoy the jazz music prevalent during that age in Harlem.

Thanks to the romanticization of that through pop culture, you can experience Harlem Nights as a theme for your night party. 


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