Graduation Cake Ideas

7 Best Graduation Cake Ideas (Updated)

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Planning for a graduation party in the near future? Make the event special with a standout graduation cake! A store-bought cake might be the norm, but have you considered shaking things up with these stunning graduation cake ideas guaranteed to impress.

Our team created exclusive content about some amazing graduation cake ideas, so feel free to scroll down this post! 

7 Graduation Ideas You Need To Try 

7 Graduation Ideas You Need To Try 

1. Use A Tassel Design

Graduation is something to be celebrated because it only happens a few times in your life [1]. Since it’s a dream come true, getting an elegant graduation cake is a perfect way to celebrate it. 

A celebration will not be completed without a cake, and one of the graduation cake ideas you can try is using a cake tassel design. Colors vary depending on the degree, so you can check the internet for ideas.

2. Create A Graduation Hat

Create A Graduation Hat

If you are attending college (college-bound grad), one way to celebrate your high school grad is by getting an elegant graduation cake with a grad hat. You can bake a cake in the shape of a grad hat or ask the local bakeshop to customize the cake. 

In addition, you can get a traditional tiered cake with a grad hat topper if you want a simple yet elegant grad cake. There are adorable store-bought cakes with elegant designs for inspiration if you want to make a cake for the celebration.

3. Write A Sweet Message

From the beginning, family members give support and encouragement in your endeavors. Now that someone finally got the diploma, one of the graduation cake ideas you can try is dedication cakes in school colors. 

If you prefer traditional cake, you can celebrate grad with a simple and elegant cake with a sweet message on top. Most parents love this idea because they can show through the graduation cake that they are proud of you and honor your achievement in life. 

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4. Use A Personalized Avatar Topper

Avatar Topper

Nothing is much cuter than a customized avatar cake topper on the top of an elegant grad cake. You can visit baking shops for an adorable avatar cake topper or purchase a customized cake topper online.

A customized avatar topper is one of the graduation cake ideas you can try because it fits the celebration and will highlight the graduate. Also, you can ask for clever poses for your avatar to make it more fun and elegant. 

5. Put The Date & Class Batch

If you are on a tight budget but still want to get a graduation cake for your daughter or son, one of the graduation cake ideas you can try is a simple cake with a date and class batch. Graduation cakes do not need to be expensive because it is the thought that counts. 

Moreover, baking minimalist graduation cakes are a hit right now, so they would still look elegant, as simple as it is. Just make a sheet cake, then put the date and class batch as a design. For added fun, try to make cupcakes that you can send as giveaways.

But what should you write on a high school graduation card?

6. Create A Gift Cake

Gift Cake

Do you know that graduation cakes can be a gift too? A grad cake as a gift is now a trend, so you can bake a sheet cake and design it like a gift. In addition, working with fondant is adorable and easy. 

If you plan to create a gift cake, fondant is a perfect decoration for the grad cake. It creates a wow factor on the feed, plus the crowd will be amazed at how you pull off such cakes. In addition, you can ask for matching cupcakes and use them as giveaways or food for the party. We think a gift cake is also perfect for 21st birthdays!

7. Flaunt Your College Course

College grad is one of the most celebrated events in a teen’s life, so one of the graduation cake ideas you can try is flaunting the college course. A college grad party will brush away the stress, and the party is made to honor the hard work you endured to get the diploma.

Whether you bake the cake or buy a ready-made one, feel free to top it off with the college degree you completed. The newly grad in town deserves recognition, so the college degree written on the cake is a perfect cake idea.  Find out how to transport cake pops here


How do you make a graduation cap for cupcakes?

To make a graduation cap for cupcakes, gather the supplies you need to make a fondant. Roll the fondant out and cut it into strips and squares. Flip and meet both ends of the strips, and it will look like a cylinder. Put the square on top, then roll out a small piece of fondant that will serve as the tassel.

How do you make a graduation cake topper?

To make a graduation cake topper, prepare the materials and print out free cut-out outlines. You can use fondant or cardboards in making cake toppers. Follow the outline and be creative with the design of the cake topper. For more inspiration, you can check out Pinterest. 

In Summary 

A diploma is not just a simple sheet of paper because it proves your hard work. Graduation is an impressive achievement that needs to be celebrated. Thus, grace the table with an elegant graduation cake and a cupcake that you can purchase or make on your own! 

Have you tried making your graduation cake? Post your comments below and let us know!


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