17 Best Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

17 Best Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers (Updated)

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Saying farewell is always tough, particularly when it involves a colleague who has played a pivotal role in your tasks and overall development.

It’s only fitting you give them a send-off present they will cherish for life.

Don’t worry! We got you.

We’ve listed our best goodbye gifts for your co-worker so that they remember the memories and laughter you guys shared for a long time.

Top 17 Farewell Gifts for Co-workers

It’s hard to say goodbye to loyal and dependable co-workers, but it’s harder to find the right gift to send off to your coworker.

A good luck gift card won’t probably cut it. That’s why in this list, we provided the best choices that you can pick as your goodbye gift to your coworker.

1. ‘Thank You’ Candle

A candle is a simple and thoughtful gift for everyone. It’s cute, simple, and sends a sweet message.

Moreover, it says ‘Thank You’ on both the candle and the box-perfect for showing appreciation and love for what they’ve given you.

Not to mention, it’s a scented candle. Your coworker can relax and relieve the pressure with the aroma of roasted chestnuts and vanilla with this candle after a stressful day at work. 

What’s more memorable and funny is that there are many options you can choose from when it comes to messages with these candles.

You can have sentimental messages and funny messages written on the candle and the box.

Whatever the type of candle you choose, we’re sure that your departing colleague would love a scented candle placed on their desk.

2. Coffee Mug

It may not be a grand gift, but the message and practicality of a coffee mug make it one of the best and most affordable farewell gifts for a departing co-worker.

Yes, its primary reason is to hold your hot or cold beverages, but a coffee mug does MORE than that.

A coffee mug is an exciting and long-lasting gift for your co-worker because of its customization and decorative features. You can even engrave a fitting retirement quote to emphasize the message you’re trying to send.

Not to mention, you can easily turn the mug into a pencil holder or a case on your desk.

This specific coffee mug has a quote saying, ‘Bye traitor.’ It’s the perfect gag gift to leave a lasting impression on your co-worker.

Your retired co-worker will surely enjoy sipping her hot beverage in this funny and memorable mug.

3. A Couple of Cigars

Why not consider cigars? They are well-known luxurious gifts and will impress your coworkers and will let them remember your thoughtfulness whenever they taste them.

Available in a variety of strengths, tastes, and price points, Cuban cigars offer something for everyone. For the experienced smoker, Camacho cigars offer full-bodied cigars with bold flavors.

For those who are new to smoking, a variety of milder cigars such as Rafael Gonzalez, are perfect for exploring the world of cigar smoking. And for those who want the best of both worlds, Davidoff cigars will offer a selection of medium-bodied cigars with a balance of flavor and strength. No matter what your taste, there is a cigar that is sure to please.

4. Gift Card

Let’s be honest! We all LOVE a FREE gift card, especially when we’re on the receiving end.

It might not make you feel warm and from the heart, but we all love paying for our coffee or our shopping spree without getting any cash from our pockets.

A gift card might be a little underwhelming compared to other gifts, but trust us, a gift card can go a long way when it comes to giving your co-worker a happy transition to their new job.

Surprise Retirement Party

What better way to send off your co-worker to retirement life than with a BIG BLAST?

Who doesn’t like fun and games, some whiskey and wine, plus a last get-together with amazing team members and friends for a farewell gift?

To make it more dramatic and a special farewell gift for your coworker, surprise her with the set-up and party that you’ve been planning for her last day of the job.

Not only will it be a blast, but it will also remind your leaving coworker of the good times she experienced during her time in the office.

5. Personalized Wall/ Collage Art

Remember the time when graduating students sign each other’s yearbooks and school uniforms as a reminder and remembrance?

A personalized wall art replicates that EXACT feeling and moment for your co-worker.

Team members, managers, and even colleagues would write personal messages on the board for your departing co-worker.

A tearjerker would be adding a personal picture to the artwork. If this doesn’t remind your coworker of the memories you’ve built inside the office, then I don’t know what will.

This going-away gift is the perfect way to bring sentimental tears of joy to your coworker leaving the company.

6. Planner

A planner isn’t a big bonanza of a farewell gift for your co-worker.

However, it’s more valuable than you think it is.

If your departing co-worker is organized, this is a perfect gift. This will help them keep notes or write down daily thoughts that will help them in the future.

They won’t have any trouble writing down the priorities they need to do on the next step of their life.

Your coworker will appreciate this wonderful gift that you gave her.

7. Mug Warmer w/ Phone Charger

Everybody loves smart gadgets as a gift, because what’s there not to love?

A smart gadget can be a great convenience in your life. It will lessen your workload and give you a better quality of life.

When it comes to your departing coworker, nothing speaks better than a warm farewell gift like the mug warmer with a phone charger.

Not only does it warm their mugs, but why not have their phone charge on it as well? It’s a 2-in-1 excellent gift that anyone would want on their desk.

Your coworker will surely appreciate the message and convenience you just gave them for the next job or retirement.

8. Foot Rest

Foot Rest

Sitting all day in a chair is definitely not the most comfortable thing to do, especially if you’re a field worker.

For your coworker that’s leaving, this can be a great farewell gift for their new job.

Why not make their chair-sitting activities more comfortable after leaving the office with this Under Desk Foot Rest?

It features an ergonomic design built to give your feet the comfort and rest it deserves after a long day of walking and running around.

If your co-worker plans to go on an adventure outside of the country, this will become even more invaluable for his departure. It’s a nice gift for a 50-year old man

9. Self Care Box

Whether your co-worker is starting a new job or enjoying relaxation during retirement, be sure to remind them to take care of themselves.

What better way to say it than getting them a self-care box?

This box contains EVERYTHING your coworker needs for her self-care day. 

  • Spa set
  • Aromatherapy bath bombs
  • Lip care
  • Soap made from natural ingredients

Moreover, this self-care box is also applicable to men. Who says men can’t have a relaxing spa day on their own?

Whether it’s a new job or taking a break, your co-worker will surely enjoy their retirement with this self-care box. 

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10. Gourmet Chocolate & Caramel Gift Basket

Gourmet Chocolate & Caramel Gift Basket

Getting your coworker a gift basket can never be the wrong move for a thoughtful gift.

A gift basket has a personalized message and thoughts scattered all over it.

You can buy hundreds of different varieties of gift baskets for your coworker. They include long-lasting items, sweets, and even bath treatments.

This specific gift basket contains a variety of gourmet caramels and chocolates, just enough to indulge your coworkers’ sweet tooth for months.

This great gift will indeed send a ‘sweet’ message to your coworker leaving the office.

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11. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Nothing beats a hot day and an extreme workout routine than fresh fruit juice.

This item is a great gift to give to your health-conscious coworker.

The Zulay Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the best choice we got for you when it comes to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Its non-spill and shatter-resistant make it a must-have for any getaways or gym days for your co-worker.

This water bottle comes with a mixer and cleaner for hassle-free scrubbing. These help you fully enjoy the convenience and quality of the product.

It’s a great goodbye gift for your co-worker who’s always on the go and living an active lifestyle.

12. LYFE Levitating Pot

This modernized plant pot will make a difference in your coworker’s living room.

Plants make a difference inside a room; it radiates a relaxing vibe and naturally makes the environment more organic and refreshing.

This LYFE levitating pot amplifies the effects of those house plants.

It uses magnets to suspend the pot in mid-air, creating a more sophisticated and futuristic look for your average gardening.

This is probably ONE OF THE BEST going-away gifts for your coworker who has a green thumb.

13. Tabletop Punching Bag

Leaving a workplace can be stressful for your coworker, but transferring from their old job to a new one can be more stressful and draining.

Why not alleviate those burdens from your coworker with a simple yet effective stress release device on your desk?

This Tabletop Punching Bag works wonders when the going gets tough.

With a simple punch to this punching bag, your coworker will momentarily forget every inch of stress and pressure of their new life.

This tabletop punching bag will be a funny reminder to relax and release the daily stresses.

14. Dundie Award

This going-away gift is a one-of-a-kind gag gift that will serve as a fun reminder of their time in ‘The Office“.

This Dundie Award goes out to coworkers who excel in many aspects inside the office environment. 

You can give this to your coworkers or even to your managers for being an excellent leader all year round.

What makes this funnier is that you can customize the special message written in the award.

  • Best salesman of the year?
  • Best Manager?
  • Lunch eater?
  • Morning grouch?

Pick any award name you want as long as it matches your coworker.

This going-away gift is DEFINITELY worth the laughs and joy of your coworker’s office moments that will make them miss the office space.

15. Retirement Mug

Retirement is mostly when employees relax after a long stretch of years working and working without any proper rest.

Nothing beats a good morning other than a nice hot cup of coffee on your patio.

Make it warmer and better for your coworker’s morning with this funny mug as a retirement gift.

This mug is hilarious as it contains a weekly schedule of activities and the message is “DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.”

This going-away gift will surely motivate your coworker to DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

16. Personalized Bobblehead Figurine

Personalized Bobblehead Figurine

If you’re looking for a unique farewell gift, then we got just the choice for you.


Yup, that’s right, Bobbleheads, because why not? They’re funny and represent another you.

This type of bobblehead is unique because you get to make one with your co-worker’s silhouette and facial features.

How do you do it? It’s simple.

Just send your favorite photo of your co-worker, and the company will do the rest. If you want, you can designate special instructions to add other details to ramp up its realness factor.

Whether they place it on their dashboards or desk, your co-worker won’t get enough of this funny gift.

17. Personalized Wine Tumblers

What’s cute, comes in different colors, and is a great fix after a long office day? Personalized Wine Tumblers!

If your coworker often misses happy hours during work, these handy wine tumblers will bring back the good ol’ days.

You can even customize it further by changing the fonts, including your coworker’s name, and mixing the color for an exciting wine night.

Your coworker will miss the happy hour and fun moments with colleagues with these cute tumblers.

18. ‘We Will Miss You’ Notebook

Just on the name of the notebook, your coworker will INSTANTLY miss the moments you guys spent together back in the office.

This notebook does wonders for your coworker’s life.

They can doodle, create to-do lists, or even write motivational quotes. In short, anyone can express themselves in this notebook.

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3 Farewell Gifts for Your Boss

We all have our love-hate relationship with our bosses. They can be sometimes pushy, but again, they help you grow as a professional.

Regardless, a show of appreciation for their hard work with your team members will go a long way to their next job.

These are our best gift ideas for your bosses.

1. Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar

Spruce up your boss’ holiday countdown timer with a vino-inspired calendar.

This advent calendar contains 24 bottles of the most exclusive wines with their matching dates.

24 bottles. 24 days. 24 opportunities to change your manager’s holiday countdown into new and exciting experiences.

Your manager will remember this farewell gift for a long time as they sample their way through new flavors each night. It’s a perfect gift for your 70-year old boss. 

2. Whiskey Box Set

Whiskey Box Set

Again, why give gift cards or a bottle of wine for your boss’ farewell party when you can get them an exclusive and classy whisky box set?

This whiskey box set is just the gift your boss will love. The box contains:

  • 2 whiskey glasses
  • Natural granite whiskey stones
  • 2 Slate and sleek coasters
  • Ice Tong and a black carry bag

Whether it’s date night, barbecue weekend, or a long ride with the sunset, this whiskey set is excellent for all occasions.

3. Personalized Poster

A great way to show appreciation and love for your boss is to give them a personalized poster with a customized message.

When you order this poster, it comes with different materials you want it to be in, like a metal print, canvas print [1], or photographic paper print.

This specific poster has a canopy of different colors that represent a tree. The message below is written for your leader’s hard work and dedication to your personal growth.

To add your personalized touch, you can even add a personal message for your mentor.

This going-away gift will be sentimental for your mentor after all the advice, tips, and learnings you’ve been through together.

How Do You Select Gift Ideas for Coworkers?

It’s challenging to find gifts for coworkers as there are PLENTY of options..

We’re here to help you out by giving you tips on how to select the perfect going away gift for your coworker.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Ask yourself, “What would I want when I leave the office?“.

By doing so, you can think of a general idea that you would want to receive when you leave. Narrow it down to specific categories such as: 

  • Practicality
  • The interest of the person
  • Price of the gift
  • Sentimental reasons.

Create Balance Between Being Sentimental and Funny

When a person contributes to your holistic growth as a professional and individual, you’ll get them a farewell gift for their hard work and effort.

If we’re talking about a co-worker, it could be a ballpark as you don’t know much about their personal life nor even their interest in things.

ALWAYS look to get them a gift that allows them to be funny, sarcastic, and sentimental.

If you pick the right gifts, your coworker will have a fun and memorable goodbye from your office.

Flexibility and Usage

We’ve mentioned before that the item should be practical or of many uses for your coworker

It shows more commitment and thoughtfulness in your gift than in other plain objects. Plus, they can use it for many reasons.


Are there gift ideas for my female colleague?

Yes. Any of the gifts in the list above would suit your female coworker. Gifts don’t really have genders, so feel free to pick anything from the list for your coworker.

However, if you’re looking for a specific gift to give her, then understand her as a person. What kind of gifts would she like? Does she like sentimental or fun gifts?

Asking these questions will help you pick out going away gifts perfect for her lifestyle and interest.

Are there gift ideas for my male colleague?

Yes. Again, it’s the same with a female coworker; the list above would still suit going away gifts for your male coworker.

If you’re not close with your male coworker, then ask the same questions from before.

Always make sure it’s general and has many uses for your coworker.

What are good inexpensive going away gifts to give?

Most of the items we listed are not that expensive, BUT if you’re looking to save more cash while still having a great gift on your hands, we suggest going for overall and flexible choices.

You can never go wrong with mugs and cups for great going away gifts you can give to your coworker when tight on a budget. They can be an additional accessory or compartment on their desk.

They can also act as gag gifts or sentimental ones due to their infinite customization availability.

There are also other choices such as books, trinkets, and even sticky notes that your coworker will surely appreciate.


Saying goodbye to your fellow coworker is one of the hardest pills to swallow.

What’s harder is that you don’t have the appropriate gift to send them off onto their next chapter in life.

That’s why we created this list to help you narrow down your choices and pick the best goodbye gift you can give to your coworker.

All you need to do is scroll down the page and choose whatever will satisfy your departing colleague.


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